Blacks and Many Other Americans are Being Played For Suckers!

Blacks and Many Other Americans are
Being Played For Suckers!

© David Burton 2020

Blacks Being Played for Suckers

NOTE: Bold text in direct quotations are this writer's means of emphasizing, and does not imply emphasis by the quoted source.

     “What would we do without virtue signalers instructing us about how hopelessly racist America is?
     “They’ve been out in force even more than usual since the tragic death of George Floyd and the riots that followed. It’s hard to escape their false narrative, peddled by CNN, the major networks, every major newspaper and most politicians. They say America has made little or no racial progress in the last 60 years, that the police are all wannabe Bull Connors, that income inequality is enforced by ‘institutional racism,’ and that ‘America is a failed social experiment’ . . .
     “We’ve been at this for 400 years, according to The New York Times’ Marxist screed against America . . .
     “Have you noticed the absence of the word ‘riot’ in news coverage? Rock-throwing, window-smashing, arson, beating up shop owners and shooting cops is the work of mere ‘protesters.’ . . .
     “But not everyone agrees. The Looting Party has stoked hatred at every opportunity. . .
     “Federal officials are now investigating more than 800 arsons and 76 explosive devices used in the ‘protests.’ . . .
     “Wonder how the families of David Patrick Underwood and David Dorn feel about riots? Mr. Underwood, 53, was shot and killed in Oakland while working security during a ‘protest’ over Mr. Floyd’s death. Or the family of 77-year David Dorn, a retired police captain who was also killed during a ‘protest’ in St. Louis. These black victims don’t rate; they don’t fit the narrative.
      - - -
     “{Why can’t we} both respect our flag and treat other people with the dignity due them as beings created in the image of God? All-time great NFL quarterback Drew Brees found out . . . that we can’t.
     “Asked about the kneeling protests during the national anthem, he answered: ‘I will never agree with anybody disrespecting the flag of the United States.’ . . .
     “Now, he’s doing the equivalent of Maoist confessional self-shaming. All that’s missing is the dunce hat as he is paraded through the streets and spat upon.
     “Tens of millions of Americans love our country, live in peace with their neighbors of any race and revere the flag. But, if you feel that Colin Kaepernick’s taking a knee during the national anthem was ill-advised, {then the hysterical mob claims that} you want police to murder black men.
      - - -
     “The truly divisive people are those who are obsessed with race and focus on it relentlessly in order to, you know, get rid of racism. Think about what this does to children, who start out colorblind. It turns them into racists. The more that we divide people by race, the harder it is to just get along . . .
     “It’s especially hard when the media, the schools and corporate America preach constantly about our country’s shortcomings and their contrasting goodness. Lego, for instance, rushed to announce that it was pulling all ads for police-related toys amid the death of George Floyd nationwide protests. Lego sent a message to marketers to remove building sets, mini-figures and accessories from sites and marketing as soon as possible. The sets included police stations, fire stations, command centers, police cars, handcuffs, badges and a donut shop (which comes with police figures)." (Ref. 1)

     “One of the worst lies we’re told is how cops have it in for blacks. While there are undeniably racist cops out there who should be weeded out or prosecuted, the stats don’t back up systemic police racism.
     “ ‘In 2019, police officers fatally shot 1,004 people, most of whom were armed or otherwise dangerous,’ . . . ‘African-Americans were about a quarter of those killed.’ The police shot nine unarmed blacks in 2019 and 19 unarmed whites. ‘A police officer is 18-and-a-half times more likely to be killed by a black male than an unarmed black male is to be killed by a police officer.’
     “Blacks are vastly overrepresented as crime victims and perpetrators. It’s an ongoing outrage, fostered by the Looting Party’s socialist policies that have destroyed the black family and turned cities into crime zones. (Ref. 2)

     Let’s consider the “white privilege” narrative that has been foisted upon our nation. When a video of protesters yelling to do away with police at police stations in California, Colorado and Michigan was aired with the heading: “What would happen if protesters of color acted this way to police?”, a response was tweeted: “We’d all have been shot dead. Next question.”
     The profoundly ignorant tweet was enthusiastically endorsed by MSNBC talking heads and had more than 16,000 “likes” and thousands of retweets.
     What about the Facts?
     In response to a previous shooting of a Black man - a shooting that both a grand jury and the Justice Department found was justified - mostly black protesters raged off and on for months, torching dozens of buildings, shooting at responding firemen, looting stores and throwing rocks at the police. And yet - miraculously! - no protesters were “shot dead.” No protesters were even arrested, unless they committed felonies in open view of the police. To the contrary, two policemen were shot by a black protester.
     It was the same thing at Black Lives Matter protests across the nation — in Baltimore, Oakland, Dallas, Baton Rouge, Boston and so on. Cops stood mutely, as water was dumped on them, their patrol cars were set on fire, rocks were hurled at them and protesters screamed obscenities in their faces. Their marching orders: Do nothing unless you see a crime being committed in front of you — and not always even then.
     We’ve had Al Sharpton protests in New York City for decades. No protesters were shot dead. Can anyone produce examples of black people being billy-clubbed merely for protesting?
     Facts don’t matter because the “white privilege” craze is just a fashion statement. But talking about “white privilege,” “racist cops” and “systemic racism” will get you wild applause. Liberals are so mesmerized by racism fantasies that they don’t look at their own evidence.
     The mass delusion about “white privilege” and “systemic racism” has real-world consequences. At a Black Lives Matter protest in Dallas in July 2016, a black man, furious at “racist” police, murdered five white policemen in cold blood, wounded seven more and held the city hostage for hours. That year, Black Lives Matter inspired activists also murdered three police officers in Baton Rouge and two in New York City.[3]

     So, my message to Blacks: Find out the facts for yourselves. Don’t listen to the lies and propaganda being fed to you and the rest of America. Don’t let yourselves be played for suckers by those who don’t know the truth or who ignore the truth.

     The following appeared in an article by Walter E. Williams, a professor of economics at George Mason University. “While it might not be popular to say in the wake of the recent social disorder, the true plight of black people has little or nothing to do with the police or what has been called ‘systemic racism.’ Instead, we need to look at the responsibilities of those running our big cities.
     “Some of the most dangerous big cities are St. Louis, Detroit, Baltimore, Oakland, Chicago, Memphis, Atlanta, Birmingham, Newark, Buffalo, and Philadelphia. The most common characteristic of these cities is that, for decades, all of them have been run by liberal Democrats.
     “Some cities—such as Detroit, Buffalo, Newark, and Philadelphia - haven’t elected a Republican mayor for more than a half-century. On top of this, in many of these cities, blacks are mayors, often they dominate city councils, and they are chiefs of police and superintendents of schools.
     “In 1965, there were no blacks in the U.S. Senate, nor were there any black governors. And only six members of the House of Representatives were black.
     “As of 2019, there is far greater representation in some areas - 52 House members are black. Nine black Americans have served in the Senate, including Edward W. Brooke of Massachusetts, Carol Moseley Braun and Barack Obama of Illinois, Tim Scott of South Carolina, Cory Booker of New Jersey, and Kamala Harris of California. In recent times, there have been three black state governors.
     “The bottom line is that today’s black Americans have significant political power at all levels of government. Yet, what has that meant for a large segment of the black population?
     “Democratic-controlled cities have the poorest-quality public education despite their large, and growing, school budgets.
     “Consider Baltimore, Maryland. In 2016, in 13 of Baltimore’s 39 high schools, not a single student scored proficient on the state’s math exam. In six other high schools, only 1% tested proficient in math. Only 15% of Baltimore students passed the state’s English test.
     “That same year in Philadelphia only 19% of eighth-graders scored proficient in math, and 16% were proficient in reading. In Detroit, only 4% of its eighth-graders scored proficient in math, and 7% were proficient in reading. It’s the same story of academic disaster in other cities run by Democrats.
     “Violent crime and poor education is not the only problem for Democratic-controlled cities. Because of high crime, poor schools, and a less pleasant environment, cities are losing their economic base and their most productive people in droves.
     “When World War II ended, the population of Washington, D.C., was about 800,000; today, it’s about 700,000. In 1950, Baltimore’s population was almost 950,000; today, it’s around 590,000. Detroit’s 1950 population was close to 1.85 million; today, it’s down to 673,000. The population of Camden, New Jersey, in 1950 was nearly 125,000; today it has fallen to 74,000. St. Louis’ 1950 population was more than 856,000; today, it’s less than 294,000.
     “A similar story of population decline can be found in most of our formerly large and prosperous cities. In some cities, the population decline since 1950 is well over 50%, and that includes Detroit, St. Louis, Cleveland, and Pittsburgh.
     “Academic liberals, civil rights advocates, and others blamed the exodus on racism – ‘white flight’ to the suburbs to avoid blacks. But blacks have been fleeing some cities at higher rates than whites. The five cities whose suburbs have the fastest-growing black populations are Miami, Dallas, Washington, Houston, and Atlanta.
     “It turns out that blacks, like whites, want better and safer schools for their kids and don’t like to be mugged or have their property vandalized. And like white people, if they have the means, black people cannot wait to leave troubled cities.
     “White liberals and black politicians focus most of their attention on what the police do, but how relevant is that to the overall tragedy?
     “According to Statista, this year {2020}, 172 whites and 88 blacks have died at the hands of police. To put police shootings in a bit of perspective, in Chicago alone in 2020 there have been 1,260 shootings and 256 homicides with blacks being the primary victims. That comes to one shooting victim every three hours and one homicide victim every 15 hours. Three people in Chicago have been killed by police.
     “If one is truly concerned about black deaths, shootings by police should figure way down on one’s list - which is not to excuse bad behavior by some police officers.” (Ref. 4)

     Virtually every conservative in America knows that the statement: The Left Couldn’t Care Less About Blacks is true. Virtually every leftist knows it, too, but lying for the cause is what the left does (think “Russian collusion”).

     “And those liberals who have become increasingly indistinguishable from leftists know it’s probably true but won’t say so – lest they side with conservatives and, more importantly, be branded ‘racist’ by the left. How the left brands a person now determines many people’s moral and political positions.
     “If the left cared about blacks, leftists would work to raise blacks to universal academic standards, not lower and abolish standards as they have done for decades, most recently in abolishing the SAT exam at the University of California.
     “If the left cared about blacks, leftists would work to elevate all people, including blacks, not only to universal academic standards but also to universal personal/moral standards. Perhaps the most obvious of these is that women should marry before having children, and men should stay in the lives of children they conceived – ideally as the husband of their mothers, but at least as a father, mentor and breadwinner.
     “But when {a} University of Pennsylvania Law School professor . . . wrote a column advocating such ‘middle-class, bourgeois’ standards, leftists denounced her as a ‘white supremacist’ (as if those are ‘white’ values – a racist view if there ever was one) and ‘racist.’ Nearly half her Penn Law colleagues denounced her.
     “If the left cared about blacks, they would encourage a vibrant religious life in the inner city (and everywhere else, for that matter). What proportion of black (or non-black) murderers had attended church the Sunday before they committed murder? But the left despises traditional Judeo-Christian religions as much as it despises America.
     “If the left cared about blacks, leftists would increase – not lobby and demonstrate to decrease – police presence in black neighborhoods, where blacks are murdered, raped, and beaten in the thousands each year by other blacks – almost never by whites, whether policemen or anyone else. In 2016, {FBI data showed that} 2,870 blacks were murdered. Of those, 2,570 of their murderers were black; 243 were white.
     “A typical left-wing reaction to all this was written in June 2019 . . . ‘Today’s black so-called thugs/monsters are created by the evil American system that miseducates them, unemploys them, underemploys them, over-polices them, and over-incarcerates them. America is Dr. Victor Frankenstein.’ Note ‘over-polices.’
     “{The writer} is correct about one thing: Today’s blacks are often miseducated, which leads to their unemployment, underemployment, and other terrible consequences. Who has been running America’s schools for decades now? (Hint: Not the right.)
     “But that doesn’t cause violence. Black murderers and rapists are the only people in America told that no matter what they did, they are not responsible for it. America is. And the people telling them that are all on the left.
     “Why does the left do this?
     “First, because, as opposed to liberals, the left – everywhere in the world – hates America. And why does the left hate America? Because it is a living refutation of left-wing ideology. America is the most successful country while also being the most capitalist, most religious, and most nationality-affirming of all the industrialized democracies.
     “The left-wing mantra of ‘America is racist’ has little to do with caring for blacks; rather, it is indispensable to bringing America down.
     “Second, without a lopsided black vote for the left-wing party, no Democrat could get elected to national office. It is therefore imperative to repeat as often and as vociferously as possible how anti-black America is. The angrier a black person is at America, the more likely he or she is to vote Democrat. . .
     {A riddle:}
     “ ‘What do you call a happy black person?’
     “Answer: ‘A Republican.’

     “To the left, blacks are not real people as much as they are an electoral bloc. How else to explain Joe Biden’s recent comment, ‘If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black.’ The contempt for blacks – from the sentiment that one is ‘not black’ unless one is a Democrat to his use of the word “ain’t” – is obvious to any non-leftist.
     “Further proof that the left doesn’t care about blacks is that the left doesn’t care about any group in whose name it speaks. The left uses groups to attain power and to give themselves moral legitimacy.
     “The communists never cared one whit about workers, but they preached incessantly on workers’ behalf.
      - - -
     “Tears for George Floyd are universal and justified. Anger at what happened to him is universal and justified. But for leftists, that poor soul is little more than a weapon to be used in their ongoing rage against America, the police and white people. And to further enrage blacks against them.” (Ref. 5)

     A perfect example of looking to garner Black and liberal votes came as Boston’s Democratic mayor “declared racism to be a public health crisis” instead of addressing the real health crisis of Blacks killing Blacks, predominantly in Boston’s mainly Black neighborhoods of Dorchester, Roxbury and Mattapan. Two questions for Boston’s mayor: How many Blacks have been murdered in Dorchester, Roxbury and Mattapan? How many innocent Blacks have been killed by Boston police in all of Boston? Racism is not a health crisis in Boston. Blacks being killed by other Blacks is, and long has been, a health crisis (for Blacks) in Boston. The liberals and Democrats here in Massachusetts have done nothing to address this crisis. Today, in mid-2020, Massachusetts Liberals and Democrats are once more playing Massachusetts and Boston Blacks for suckers by ignoring the Black community’s major problems and throwing them a red herring to keep them in line, i.e., to continue voting them into political office.

     Around 2015, a report showed that, “more than two-thirds of the city’s murders were committed in Roxbury, Mattapan and Dorchester; and that black men were slain at 10 times the rate of white men.” (Ref. 6) In 2015, Roxbury, Mattapan and Dorchester were the predominantly Black neighborhoods of Boston – they still are. Listening to Boston radio news or watching the 11 o’clock television news for the past decades, I have heard and seen nearly daily reports of shootings and/or killings in these three predominantly Black neighborhoods of Boston - nearly 100% of those killed there are Blacks. At the same time, I have yet to hear one report of white policemen killing innocent Blacks in Boston.

     In spite of all these facts, on 13 June 2020, we read: “Mayor Martin Walsh is declaring racism a public health crisis and is aiming to transfer $12 million from the police overtime budget . . . immediately.
     “Walsh said {that} . . . Boston’s budget for the coming year will reallocate roughly 20% of the police OT allotment to programs for youth and other needs. . .
     “A new task force, chaired by former U.S. Attorney for Massachusetts Wayne Budd, will also review police force policies and equity issues in the department.” ”(Ref. 7) That, at least makes some sense!
     Blacks are repeatedly told that there is an ongoing epidemic of White Police killing unarmed Blacks – Black Lives Matter! But incontrovertible facts show that American Blacks are being lied to. As reported in 2016, “Data shows that 93 percent of black homicide victims are killed by other blacks.” (Ref. 8) There is no reason to believe the statistics in 2020 are any different. Still Blacks are told by white Liberals to protest and riot over one Black death at the hands of one white rogue police officers. In 2019, some 565 Blacks were killed by police, nearly all justifiably. [9] A 2014 report showed that, for every black killed by a white police officer in the U.S. every year, there are about 71 blacks killed by other blacks. Worse, if you take—on average—9,252 black-on-black murders every year for the past 35 years, you arrive at a staggering 323,820 blacks killed by other blacks on America’s mean streets in just three-and-a-half short decades. This very real problem, of course, will never be mentioned by Al Sharpton, the liberal media or any of the other race baiters out there, who are busy pointing the finger at “racist white policemen” killing “innocent, unarmed black children."[10]

     Just what are the real numbers concerning the killing of unarmed Blacks by white police? “Many say they are protesting against police treatment of blacks and racial discrimination. We might ask just how much sense their protest makes.
     “In Illinois, home to one of our most dangerous cities – Chicago - 18 people have been shot and killed by police this year. In the city itself, police have shot and killed 10 people and shot and wounded 10 others.
      - - -
     “Here are the Chicago numbers for the ignored deaths.
     “So far in 2017, there have been 533 murders and 2,880 shootings. On average, a person is shot every two hours and 17 minutes and murdered every 12 and a half hours. In 2016, when Colin Kaepernick started taking a knee, Chicago witnessed 806 murders and 4,379 shootings.
     “It turns out that most of the murder victims are black. Adding to the tragedy is the fact that Chicago has a 12.7 percent murder clearance rate. That means that when a black person is murdered, his perpetrator is found and charged with his murder less than 13 percent of the time.
     “Similar statistics regarding police killing blacks versus blacks killing blacks apply to many of our predominantly black urban centers, such as Philadelphia, Baltimore, New Orleans, St. Louis, and Oakland.
     “Many Americans . . . see the black NFL player protest of police brutality as pathetic, useless showboating. Seeing as these players have made no open protest against the thousands of blacks being murdered and maimed by blacks, they must view it as trivial in comparison with the police killings.
     “Most of the police killings fit into the category of justified homicide.
     “NFL players are not by themselves. How much condemnation do black politicians, civil rights leaders, and liberal whites give to the wanton black homicides in our cities? When have you heard them condemning the very low clearance rate, whereby most black murderers get away with murder?
     “Do you believe they would be just as silent if it were the Ku Klux Klan committing the murders?
      - - -
     “So what can be done?
     “Black people need to find new heroes. Right now, at least in terms of the support given, their heroes are criminals such as Baltimore’s Freddie Gray, Ferguson’s Michael Brown, and Florida’s Trayvon Martin {and now Minneapolis’ George Floyd}.
      - - -
     “What also needs to end is the lack of respect for and cooperation with police officers. Some police are crooked, but black people are likelier to be victims of violent confrontations with police officers than whites simply because blacks commit more violent crimes than whites per capita.
     “. . . if something good is to be done about {these facts}, we cannot fall prey to the blame games that black politicians, black NFL players, civil rights leaders, and white liberals want to play.
     “If their vision is accepted, we can expect little improvement of the status quo.” (Ref. 11)

     As more of our political elite join with the mobs in the streets to conflate the death of George Floyd with a general indictment of America as a racist and evil nation, black Americans, more than anyone, will suffer. Blacks in America are constantly being lied to and told that they are victims of “systemic racism.” This is happening to placate them and to divert their attention away from the real facts and issues that are plaguing Black communities throughout America! Dictators and despots throughout the world have long used the tactic of finding scapegoats for their failures in order to keep the masses from holding them accountable and deposing them.

     If there is a racism, "it is the racism of big-government liberals. Now we see some Republicans, many business leaders and some black conservative leaders signing on to this. It is racism that says black Americans cannot adhere to the same eternal truths, to the same law, as everyone else and take personal responsibility for their lives.
     “Let’s recall the observation attributed to George Orwell that says, ‘In a time of deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act.’ All Americans today sorely need to hear the truth amidst the deceit that is now rampant.
     “Why do racial disparities persist in America today?
     “Listen to . . . a professor of economics and director of the Center for the Economics of Human Development at the University of Chicago, and winner of the Nobel Prize in economics.
       - - -
     “. . . ‘The main barriers to developing effective policies for income and social mobility is fear of honest engagement in the changes in the American family and the consequences it has wrought. It is politically incorrect to express the truth and go to the source of problems. Public discourse, such as it is, cannot speak honestly about matters of culture, race, and gender. Powerful censorship is at play across the entire society. The family is the source of life and growth. Families build values, encourage (or discourage) their children in school and out. Families — far more than schools — create or inhibit life opportunities.’
     “. . . In 2015, per Pew Research, 54% of black children compared with 19% of white children were living in a single-parent home.
      - - -
     “. . . the only systemic racism that poisons and divides our country is the insistence . . . to see everyone through the lens of race, placing one’s race ahead of one’s humanity. . .” (Ref. 12)

     And it’s not only White Liberals who are betraying America’s Blacks. There are also Black Liberals and hatemongers who are misleading their fellow Blacks. The Reverend Al Sharpton is one of the worst offenders.

     “Rarely a week passes without dramatic pictures on TV and in the press of sledgehammers taken to heroes of the Old Confederacy, along with new ‘replacement’ sculpture and statuary to Black Lives Matter (like the formidable slab within full view of the White House itself) and already on the list of Places to See in Washington, DC.
     “We will, no doubt, soon see statues of Rev. Al Sharpton alongside of, or even replacing, those of Martin Luther King, Jr. The Reverend Sharpton is the titular and also unchallenged leader of Black Lives Matter, now turning the country upside down to express its indignation over the murder in Minneapolis and its (supposed) epitome of police brutality towards black Americans.
     “The Rev. Sharpton was a constant presence in the White House during the presidency of Barack Obama, and has been treated with oily sycophancy by every major Democratic candidate for that party’s nomination. . .
     “He has taught leading Democrats, at nearly all levels of the party, to view crime as a problem of prejudiced and brutal police, not of ruthless and pitiless criminals.
     “Do Americans know much about Sharpton, the unquestioned leader of Black Lives Matter, an organization now carrying all before it, including governors of states and mayors of cities?
     “He first came to prominence for his central role in the assaults on Jews in 1991 in the Crown Heights section of Brooklyn. It has been called by {a} historian ‘the only antisemitic riot in American history.’
     “This has not prevented Senator Elizabeth Warren from calling Sharpton a paragon who has ‘dedicated his life to the fight for justice for all’ or ex-candidate Kamala Harris from exuding about how much he ‘has done… for our country.’ And, so on ad infinitum, ad nauseam.
      - - -
     “How different are the current crop {of sycophantic politicians} from the late Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan, who excoriated Sharpton’s thugs in 1991 as a ‘lynch mob’ identical to the white unionists who had assaulted blacks in Detroit for stealing’ their jobs.
     “That same Sharpton is today the darling of progressive America, Moynihan a distant memory.” (Ref. 13) And today, America is the worse for forgetting and ignoring the words of the late Senator Moynihan!

     When the furor over the George Floyd death dies down and as all the evils that have been perpetrated in retaliation for his death become apparent to everyone, Blacks will find out that they have been sold a bill of goods. They will also be subjected to a backlash when non-Blacks recover their wits.

     Protesters and rioters who took to the streets discovered that violence intimidates the rest of society into giving them what they want. What they didn’t know or what they wouldn’t admit was that the backlash to their violent protests would almost certainly come back to haunt the perpetrators and the Black community as a whole.

     “On a radio talk show shortly after the verdict in the O.J. Simpson case, a caller half-jokingly urged whites to riot. The talk show host and subsequent callers concluded that, of course, white people don’t riot. But in reality, if ‘to riot’ means something like ‘to wreak havoc on others,’ then white Americans have been rioting for some time. But when white people riot, they do it silently, almost invisibly, albeit painfully.
     “So how do white people riot? They riot by eliminating affirmative action so that jobs and education will be more readily available to whites; by voting to eny services like education and health care to illegal immigrants; by declaring English as the official language and attacking bilingual education; by leaving 38 million people in poverty — 30.6 percent of all African Americans and 30.7 percent of all Latinos.
      - - -
     “We all need each other to act within certain parameters for society to function, but we are {now} . . . deeply divided. We have a deficit of social trust that is as bad as the national debt. . . No community can function if swaths of the public feel contempt for the police, or if swaths of the police feel contempt for the public.
      - - -
     “We can’t resolve much of anything when we’re kept in a constant state of suspicion, fear, agitation, and anger. Maybe we shouldn’t have military bases named after Confederate generals. How many Americans even knew that Fort Benning, Fort Bragg, or Fort Hood were named after military leaders of the Confederacy? I’m sure if a new base was being built, few Americans would propose or support the honor of a base’s name going to someone who took up arms against the United States of America. (It’s not like American history lacks under-recognized heroes from the military and elsewhere.) But people are used to calling those bases Fort Benning, Fort Bragg, or Fort Hood, and many people are inherently resistant to changing anything they’ve always done. And many people are particularly resistant to someone else telling them they have to change something they’ve done their entire lives.
     “The discussion about renaming the bases is occurring at the same time as a lot of other arguments that are . . . well, pretty nonsensical: The children’s cartoon Paw Patrol is somehow an enabling force for police violence. Self-described anti-fascists defacing a statute of Winston Churchill. (‘Wait until they learn about the guys he fought!’) The establishment of an ‘autonomous zone’ in Seattle, complete with a demand for the abolition of police, retrials for all of those currently serving sentences, and ‘he abolition of imprisonment, generally speaking.’
     “It is difficult for an idea worth considering to stand out amongst the noise of nonsense . . .
     “There are probably quite a few Americans outraged by the sights of statues of Christopher Columbus or other figures from history being beheaded or pulled down, or the defacing of statutes of abolitionists in the name of racial equality. Whatever you think of Christopher Columbus or any other historical figure, we have a legal and democratic process to remove statues from public squares when a sufficient portion of the public deems them no longer acceptable. . . This is rule by force, the strongest forcing their will upon those who are weaker than them. This will not end well or anyone.
     “There will be a backlash to these actions, but not in the form of the ‘white people’s riot’ . . . That backlash may come at the ballot box, or it may come in some other indirect form. Some people aren’t interested in direct confrontation in the streets. They may simply prefer to express their opposition in a way that these protesters expect it least — businesses moving out, reluctance to hire, reluctance to visit a neighborhood, effectively abandoning a community. Not every wall that is built is physical and visible. But one way or another, the reaction is coming.” (Ref. 14)

     The backlash has already started. Here in Boston, division over the Black Lives Matter movement in Boston was on display as a frenetic pro-police demonstration near the State House was roiled by angry opposition to white supremacists in their midst and clashes with counter protestors.
     At the State House, an often charged scene unfolded as Super Happy Fun America held a ‘Restore Sanity’ rally in support of law enforcement and that was critical of the sometimes violent protests that had been ongoing. [1]

     When the reaction or backlash comes, and it will come, Blacks – some, at least - will realize that they have been played for suckers by many of the White Liberal Establishment and by far Right extremists. They may even come to realize that they have been taken for a ride by some of their own Black demagogues. The truth is that many Liberals really don’t give a damn about Blacks and Black lives except to selfishly push their own agendas. These Liberals are well aware of the fact that Blacks vote Liberal and Democratic.
     When all the mea culpas and breast beating have ended, the White majority will recoil at what has happened: Blacks being afforded special treatment and advantages; Blacks being showered with public dollars to relieve Whitey’s guilt feelings; disrespect being heaped upon cherished White American heroes and institutions. White resentment at all of this will not produce racial equality. In fact, Blacks may ultimately discover that the rush to obtain “racial equality” and to end “racism” may have just the opposite result with a White backlash of pent up anger.

POSTSCRIPT: Some 5 years ago, violent riots broke out in Baltimore Maryland, following the death of Freddie Gray after being in police custody.

THE FACTS: On April 12, 2015, Freddie Gray Jr., a 25-year-old black man, was arrested by the Baltimore Police Department and subsequently charged for possessing a knife. While being transported in a police van, Gray fell into a coma and subsequently died on April 19, 2015. His death was ascribed to injuries to his spinal cord. The circumstances of the injuries were initially unclear; eyewitness accounts suggested that the officers involved used unnecessary force against Gray during the arrest—a claim denied by all officers involved. It was reported that, contrary to department policy, Gray was not secured inside the van on the way to the police station. The subsequent jarring in the ride to the police station is reported to have caused Gray’s spinal injuries that led to his death.

     Criminal charges were brought against the six police officers who were believed to be involved in his death. Gray's death resulted in an ongoing series of protests. On April 25, 2015, a major protest in downtown Baltimore turned violent, resulting in 34 arrests and injuries to 15 police officers. After Gray's funeral on April 27, civil disorder intensified with looting and burning of local businesses and a CVS drug store, culminating with a state of emergency declaration by Maryland’s Governor, Maryland National Guard deployment to Baltimore, and the establishment of a curfew.

     All charges against the police officers involved were ultimately dropped.

     Freddie Gray had a criminal record, on drug and other minor crimes charges and had spent time in jail.

     What follows is an unedited piece written shortly after Freddie Gray’s death and resulting civil unrest. America’s Blacks were played for suckers then and they are again being played for suckers in 2020. Read on and see if anything has changed in the past 5 years.

     “Where are the black fathers in Baltimore? They don‘t exist. I saw black mothers in the streets. I saw black male teens. But no black fathers trying to keep their kids off the streets and away from violence.
     “Where is Barack Obama? Our nation’s first black president has been silent as blacks tear apart a major America city. He’s quick to weigh in and assign blame every time one black kid gets shot by a white cop. But not a word on the day thousands of blacks rampage and terrorize a city? Not a word ever about black-on-black crime? As of Tuesday, after most of the damage has been done, Obama finally issued a statement condemning the violence. A day late, a dollar short and still no interest in ‘boots on the ground’ to calm the crisis.
     “Where is the black mayor of Baltimore? Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake clearly ordered police to stand down, make no arrests and stop no crimes while her city was being destroyed, while the businesses she is sworn to protect were being looted and burned. She clearly said days before the riots went ballistic that she wanted to create a ‘space for those who want to destroy.’ Then she blamed the media for merely repeating her words verbatim.
     “Where are the black leaders? Where are Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson? Like Obama, his BFF Sharpton appears to be weighing in a day late and a dollar short too. He's arranging a meeting of community leaders. Once there he'll undoubtedly place the majority of the blame on ‘police violence’ against black citizens of Baltimore. But blaming black citizens for the violence and damage? Asking black citizens who committed crimes to take personal responsibility? It will never happen. I could write Sharpton's script.
     “How about the war on poverty? How’s that worked out for black America? The longest and most expensive war in American history has been in place since President Lyndon B. Johnson and inner cities like Baltimore look exactly the same. Same poverty. Same hopelessness. Same anger and violence. Same rioting and blame and excuses. After $22 trillion has been spent - more, by far, than all the wars in the history of America combined, the results are ... nothing.
     “I hear plenty of excuses from black America. I hear they feel powerless. Really? With a black president, the first black attorney general, another black (female) attorney general, a black mayor of Baltimore and a black city council? All that and you still feel powerless?
     “How has having the first black president helped black America? With black unemployment double that of whites, who is to blame?
     “I heard {an} ultra-liberal (and pathetically politically correct) CNN analyst {rail against} white America today. She wished white America would be half as outraged over ‘police violence’ as they are over the riots.
     “Well I have a message for {that analyst}:
     “I wish black Americans would be half as outraged over black-on-black violence, black-on-black murders, black gangs, black drug dealers, black looting, black burning of black small businesses and black rioting as they are about one white cop killing one black kid.
     “And one more thought for {the analyst} and liberals like her:
     “What has 50 years of black rule, liberal welfare and entitlement policies, excuses and blame towards white people done for black Americans in nner cities like Baltimore and Detroit? Where’s the progress in those cities under 100 percent Democratic politicians and policies?
     The sighting of a white Republican on the streets of cities like Detroit and Baltimore is just a rumor. There were no whites or Republicans among local leaders at the podium in Baltimore yesterday. There was 100 percent black leadership - black mayor, black city council members, black police chief, black community leaders and clergy. Yet urban inner cities like Baltimore and Detroit are in ruins.

     “It’s time to take personal responsibility. It’s time to move on.
     “It’s time to fight for jobs, not welfare. It’s time to look within yourselves. It’s time to stop blaming others. It’s time to blame black fathers. It’s time to blame black leaders. It’s time to blame a black president. It's time to ask what the Democratic Party has ever done for you except ensure you're helpless, hopeless and dependent on government to survive. It’s time to blame the war on poverty.” (Ref. 15)

     In one more example of our Democratic politicians pandering to Black voters, but not really doing anything substantive into help them, we can look at the action Democrats in Washington have taken with regard to police reforms.

     “With all the hot rhetoric about race and police, we would hope that we would be having a sober, serious national discussion on the issue that would shine light, understanding and answers.
     “But, unfortunately, light and understanding are not what drives Democrats.
     “And thanks to Democrats, we won’t see any federal legislation this year dealing with policing.
     “The Democratic-controlled House passed a bill — the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act — that has no prayer of passing in the Republican-controlled Senate.
     “The Republican bill sponsored by South Carolina Republican Sen. Tim Scott — the Justice Act — was killed by Senate Democrats.
      - - -
     “There was enough common ground between the Republican and Democratic efforts to allow for debate and amendments that could have led to legislation being sent to the president.
     “But politics is more important to Democrats than solving problems, and in this topsy-turvy election year, they did not want any Republican to get credit for weighing in on policing, certainly not a Black Republican . . .
      - - -
     “{According to the Democrats,} their bill will ‘begin to address and root out deadly systematic bias — and, yes, racism — in policing.’
     “Is there ‘deadly systematic bias’ resulting, in their words, in ‘the killing of Black Americans at the hands of law enforcement … again, and again, and again’?
     “Harvard economist Roland G. Fryer Jr., who happens to be African American, has studied the issue.
     “He summarized his work and conclusions recently in a Wall Street Journal opinion piece.
     “ ‘We didn’t find racial differences in officer-involved shootings,’ writes Fryer.
     “ ‘No matter how we analyzed the data, . . . we found no racial differences in shootings overall, in any city in particular, or in any subset of the data.’
     “He sums up saying: ‘When a shooting might be justified by department standards, are police more likely actually to shoot if the civilian is black? … The answer appears to be no.’
      - - -
     “If there is anything systemic going on, it is Democrats systemically misrepresenting the nature of our problem regarding race and police behavior.
     “Not only do Democrats misrepresent the problem; they misrepresent the solution.
     “{The} Democratic leaders have criticized {the Republican} bill for not going far enough. They pretend to go beyond the ‘middle ground’ to aggressively make ‘real change,’while, in actuality, they expand federal controls that could actually hamper effective policing. At the same time, they ignore where a major part of the problem lies.
     “That is in local governments’ negotiations with police unions. {Let’s remember that Democratic politicians are significantly beholden to unions - public employee unions in particular - for votes, significant financial contributions and election time volunteer workers.}
     “. . . {A} Duke Law Journal study . . . concluded, ‘[A} lack of corrective action in cases of systemic officer misconduct is, in part, a consequence of public- employee labor law.’
      - - -
     “Public employee unions shield public servants from the public they are supposed to serve. Police unions enable and protect the very behavior we want to stop.
     “Maybe disproportionate union contributions to Democrats conveniently produce a blind eye.
     “Sure, it’s time for answers and actions. But there can be neither without honesty. And, unfortunately, Democrats’ lust for power far exceeds their interest in pursuing honest solutions to our problems. (Ref. 16)

     The fact the Blacks and the rest of us being played for suckers was partially addressed by Joyce Ferriabough Bolling, an African-American media and political strategist and communications specialist. She begins to focus on the real problems of Blacks – not on the red herring being fed to us of police killing multitudes of unarmed Black Americans. Here is an my edited version of what she wrote in early July 2020.

     “As I celebrate the Black Lives Matter signs painted on streets here in {the renamed} Nubian Square {in Boston} and in cities across the country such as Washington, D.C., Atlanta and New York, it is hard not to notice a bitter irony.
     Not far from Nubian Square, there has been a rise in gunfire on our streets. Since June 21, there have been 23 non-fatal shootings. In the last seven days, according to Boston Police Commissioner William Gross, there have been seven homicides, including that of a 15-year-old. I am astonished that there are also more women victims than ever before. And there have been too many children who have been collateral damage as a result of indiscriminate and reckless gunplay in communities of color.
     “ . . . I can’t help but wonder if this is not an opportune time to break the horrific cycle of violence in our own backyards. It has long been a pandemic in Black and brown communities across this country.
      - - -
     “But as we work to save lives lost and diminished by racism as part of a growing national movement, itself a long time in the making, we must continue working to find a way to stanch the ruthless taking of lives in our own neighborhoods.
     “It has gotten so out of control, mothers fear for the welfare of their children. . . from random gunfire from gangbangers competing for turf or from those seeking to wield their own vigilante style justice and executions for sometimes the most petty of reasons. Too many errant bullets have found their way through walls and doors, either narrowly missing innocent children or hitting them. . .
     "Today as we . . . fight a pandemic that takes more Black and brown lives than any other demographic, the shootings in our neighborhoods continue with wild abandon, taking life after Black and brown life.
      - - -
     “. . . The rash of violence in neighborhoods of color is like a disease that has been allowed to fester, many times quarantined to our neighborhoods. Recently, the outbreaks have become even more brazen, as in the recent shooting in the South Shore Plaza shopping mall, wounding a 15-yearold caught in the crossfire.
      - - -
     “. . . no community deserves to be held hostage to unbridled and unrelenting violence. " (Ref. 16)


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