An Inconvenient Truth – Part 2

An Inconvenient Truth – Part 2

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Trayvon Martin Killing is a False Issue

     With the not-guilty verdict in the George Zimmerman trial in the killing of Trayvon Martin, the ever-present demagogues eager to once more play the race card have come back out of the woodwork and have once again raised the old time-worn charges of racism, racial profiling, oppression of blacks, and the rampant murdering of blacks by whites. Lost in all this rhetoric, innuendo and demagoguery is the inconvenient fact that while the killing of Trayvon is truly a tragedy, the much greater tragedy lies is the horrendous number of blacks killed on a daily basis in this country – and the inconvenient truth that most of these killings of blacks are committed by other blacks – not by white vigilantes or white supremacists.

     “Black-on-black crime is a sensitive subject in this increasingly polarized nation. While covered in academia and occasionally addressed by talking heads on television, some believe it rarely, if ever, receives the type and depth of attention it deserves. Instead, critics argue that this national tragedy is usually swept under the rug by powerful interest groups and individuals more concerned with elevating their own racially-driven agendas than addressing the real issues at hand. The Trayvon Martin case is only the most recent example of this grim hypocrisy.
     “Indeed, statistics support a very different narrative than the one usually offered by ‘race hustlers,’ . . . who routinely portray an America where members of the Black Community are selectively targeted and brutalized by white racists.
     “A 2007 special report released by the Bureau of Justice Statistics, reveals that approximately 8,000 — and, in certain years, as many as 9,000 {and more recently, 10,000} African Americans are murdered annually in the United States. This chilling figure is accompanied by another equally sobering fact, that 93% of these murders are in fact perpetrated by other blacks. The analysis, supported by FBI records, finds that in 2005 alone, for example, African Americans accounted for 49% of all homicide victims in the US — again, almost exclusively at the hands of other African Americans.
      - - -
     “In response to President Obama’s decision to raise the profile of the Trayvon Martin case, {the} president of the Urban League of Greater Miami, recently told The Daily Caller that the ‘the outrage should be about us killing each other, about black-on-black crime.’
      - - -
     “Recently, The Blaze featured a report on Rep. Corrine Brown, who, after professing in an interview to care about ‘all the children’ who fall victim to murder, could not remember the name of a little girl from her district who was murdered and then dumped into a Georgia landfill. While Brown fumbled to find the words, she ultimately could not recall Somer Thompson’s name. She did, however, have much to say about racial profiling and how Trayvon Martin was selectively targeted for his race. For some reason, Brown and others who have followed suit in this case have failed to address or acknowledge the epidemic of murders occurring within their very own communities.
     “But Brown is not alone. Not by any stretch. Which begs the questions: where is the outrage from prominent members of the African-American community? Where are the words of condemnation and sorrow from Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, or Rev. Al Sharpton, over the fact that members of their own communities are summarily executing each other? Critics believe that acknowledging the unfortunate, irrefutable statistical truth negates the left’s narrative about a Black Community selectively exploited and targeted by white racists. Some might also argue that fanning the flames of racial discontent, especially in an election year, serves a useful and powerful campaign purpose.
     “Thus far, hundreds of thousands of African Americans have been slaughtered at the hands of each other since the dawn of the Civil Rights movement. Is this the realization of Dr. King’s Community of Man?” (Ref. 1)

     While the killing of any teenager, white or black, is deplorable, far more deplorable are the daily killings of young and old members of the black communities in many of America’s large cities. And, these killings are rarely committed by members of the white community. These murders are blacks killing blacks. Where is the real outrage? Where is the call to action to stop these thousands of killings each year? Instead, we have the professional agitators and the real racists railing against a non-black killing a person of color in what a jury has decided was a matter of self-defense. With this attitude, the real problem of blacks killing blacks is being swept under the rug and this will preclude a solution being found to this very real problem. It’s much easier to deny the truth, scream racism, than to face the ugly truth and work to once-and-for-all solve the problem. It’s up to the Black Community and their liberal supporters to ignore the race-baiting of the true hate-mongers, to look at the facts, and to take action to solve the real problem – not the imaginary problem being foisted upon them.

     It should be apparent to any open-minded person that a large segment of the Black community in the United States is mired in poverty, crime, and drug dependence. The inconvenient truth is that much of this failure is self-inflicted. Further, the attempts by American society to help, in general, have been misguided and are proving to be nothing but abject failures. Let’s ignore the rhetoric and lies being thrown about. Let’s face reality.

     “Minorities are involved in more violent crimes than whites, both as offenders and victims. Young black American males are eight times more likely to commit homicides than young white males and eleven times more likely to be arrested for robbery. Homicide was the leading cause of death for black males between fifteen and twenty-four years of age. - - -
     “The impact of crime on minority communities is major, both economically and psychologically. . . . Unemployment rates are generally higher, as are crime rates. These factors contribute to what has been labeled the ‘subculture of violence’ in poor communities.” (Ref. 2).

     Someone once said: “Keep your eye on the prize!” George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin are not the Prize! The prize, in this case, is a way to stop the annual killing of thousands of Blacks (more than 10,000 in 1995[3]. George Zimmerman may or may not have killed Trayvon Martin in self-defense. An apparently unbiased jury has decided that he did. But, whether or not he did should no longer be the focus. It is a distraction from the much larger issue of how to stop 10,000 blacks from being killed each and every year – most of them by other blacks.[3]. This is the real prize – and this is the prize that should be far more important to the Black community and their supporters than the shooting, justified or not, of one black teenager, as tragic as his death may be.

     Those who are spreading the venom of racism and demand the punishment of George Zimmerman - even after his acquittal - are no friends of the Black community. They distract the Black community and their supporters from attacking and solving the real problem. While they rant and rave and stir up racial animosity, thousands more of young Blacks are being killed each year. These professional hate-mongers keep the pot of racial hatred boiling. Their divisive actions direct attention away from the real issues and waste the energies of the Black community and their well-intentioned, but blissfully ignorant supporters. Vilifying George Zimmerman does nothing to prevent the annual slaughter of thousands of other Black youths. We all need to ignore and condemn those trouble-making vultures who are always in need of a cause – and, in this case, that cause in disunity and race-based animosity.

     The nature of this problem was discussed in 2005, when CBS discussed a Justice Department report that presented the following facts:

     “Nearly half of the nation's murder victims in 2005 were black, and the number of black men who were slain is on the rise.
     “A majority of the black murder victims were relatively young — between 17 and 29 . . .
     “The department's Bureau of Justice Statistics report offers a snapshot of racial disparities among violent crime victims. Black people represented an estimated 13 percent of the U.S. population in 2005, the latest data available, but were the victims of 49 percent of all murders and 15 percent of rapes, assaults and other nonfatal violent crimes nationwide. [Emphasis mine]
     “Most of the black murder victims — 93 percent — were killed by other black people, the study found. About 85 percent of white victims were slain by other white people. [Emphasis mine]
      - - -
     “- - - more than half of black murder victims — 51 percent — were in their late teens and twenties. - - - “ (Ref. 3)

     If the condition of Blacks in America is to improve, how do we, as a nation, and Blacks, as a community, attack this, the ral problem? Some of the answers to this fundamental question are addressed in An Inconvenient Truth[4]. But, there is one certainty – the answer to this question is not to be found in the rabble-rousing instigation of hatred and animosity toward the alleged (but acquitted) killer of Trayvon Martin! It is not to be found in deflecting focus away from the real problems facing America’s Black community and by misdirecting attention to the false and irrelevant charge of racist America being a contributing factor to the killing of Trayvon Martin!


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