Reverse Discrimination IS DISCRIMINATION

Reverse Discrimination IS DISCRIMINATION

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     Discrimination remains a curse in America in this, the twenty-first century. Today, the discrimination that has come into vogue is not the discrimination of the twentieth and earlier centuries – the discrimination that segregated Blacks from whites, that was evidenced in the lynching’s of Blacks and the inequality that was seen in the low pay for women, and only manual labor jobs for Hispanics and Asians. Back then, we openly discriminated against gays, lesbians and homosexuals.

     Here in the second decade of the twenty-first century we are experiencing a different form of discrimination – it’s called reverse discrimination and/or reverse racism. But, make no mistake – whatever it is called, it is DISCRIMINATION and it is also wrong!

     “Reverse racism or reverse discrimination is the concept that affirmative action and similar color-conscious programs for redressing racial inequality are a form of anti-white racism. The concept is often associated with conservative social movements and the belief that social and economic gains by black people in the United States and elsewhere cause disadvantages for white people.” (Ref. 1)

     At work, white people are being told to check their privilege at the door. But a court ruling in early April of 2022 indicated there was still hope for fair treatment in the corporate world.
     On April 1, 2022, a California court struck down a state law mandating that corporate boards seats be reserved for people of minority groups. The court said quotas violated the state’s constitutional guarantee that everyone is treated equally under the law.
     Equal protection isn’t just for minority races. It’s everyone’s right.
     Justice Thurgood Marshall, the first African American on the U.S. Supreme Court, wrote in 1976 that discriminating against white employees in favor of nonwhite employees was just as wrong and contrary to the Constitution as the reverse. That is still the law today!
     In 2020, California passed a law requiring public companies headquartered in the state to have at least one board member who is a racial minority or LGBTQ+ by the end of 2021, and increase that to two or more “diverse” board members by the end of 2022.
     The law was challenged by Judicial Watch which also challenged another California law enacted in 2018 mandating that all public companies reserve nearly half their seats for women. Both lawsuits attracted national attention because several other states are considering similar quotas.
     In August 2021, the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) approved a rule that Nasdaq-listed companies must have at least one female board member and another who identifies as an “underrepresented minority” or LGBTQ+ or explain in writing why they have failed to meet that goal. Judicial Watch and other advocacy groups are challenging the Nasdaq rule in federal court.
     The diversity Gestapo have shown themselves to be quite willing to trample constitutional rights and ignore the impact on nonminority people - especially white men - as if a worthy goal justifies any means.
     It should be remembered that corporate boards need diversity of skills and experience. The average board chooses one new member a year, at most. Quotas will force them to prioritize race, gender and sexual preference ahead of merit.
     The California ruling is important beyond corporate board selection. Deliberately discriminating against white people to meet race, gender and sexual preference targets violates federal civil rights law and the Constitution. It’s odious and divisive.
     Quotas are a mistake. The boardroom door was swinging open without them. An impressive 72% of all new corporate directors at S&P 500 companies in 2021 were from underrepresented groups. Now already, 11% of directors are Black, and 30% are women.
     America can achieve inclusion without discriminatory quotas like the one slapped down in California.[2]

     Kelanji Brown Jackson was recently confirmed by the Senate to be a United States Supreme Court judge. Her nomination and confirmation will forever be clouded by the announcement of the president in nominating her that he would chose that person because she was a woman and was black, rather than the most qualified person. President Biden and - to some extent - the senators that voted to confirm have demonstrated what many progressive politicians have become. They are players of Identity Politics, trying to serve the interests of one group or the other at the expense of other groups. Ability and real qualifications have little to no relevance for them.

     Here in 2022, the social justice crowd thinks skin color is more important than merit in finding people to place in positions that will have significant consequences for others. This mindlessness belittles the selected group by assuming its members cannot otherwise advance. It cheats the unselected groups that may include people who attained exceptional capabilities through exceptional effort. There are far better ways to confront racial prejudice than smashing the principle of fair play. In short, President Biden should have been looking for the person most able to serve with wisdom in the hugely important position of Supreme Court justice, whatever race or sex that person may have been. If that most qualified person was a Black woman, then hurrah.[3]

     Here in these United States of America in 2022, in many ways, discrimination is increasing rather than decreasing. BUT the discrimination we are witnessing today is discrimination not against Blacks or homosexuals or women. Instead, it is discrimination against white heterosexual men.

     “The expansion of pervasive discrimination has been a shocking violation of more than seven decades of effort. That effort [was originally} to end segregation and move forward an integrated America with opportunity for all. [But] In federal and state government agencies, and a growing number of corporations and associations, being white [is increasingly becoming] a liability. Being a white male is a guarantee of discriminatory treatment. We are in the process of repudiating Martin Luther King Jr.'s call for focusing on the content of our character rather than the color of our skin. None of this has been supported by the American people. It has been imposed by a militant minority of radicals who believe in discrimination based on [race, gender and sexual orientation].” (Ref. 4]

     Here is one example of this disturbing trend.

     “David Duvall worked at Novant Health Inc. in Michigan as a marketing specialist. During his time at the company, he performed well and received strong performance reviews.
    ”Five days before his five-year anniversary, Duvall was fired. The five-year mark was significant, because Duvall would become eligible for a better benefits package as well as a higher severance amount. The company also had a 30-day termination notification policy, which it disregarded in Duvall’s firing.
     ”Duvall was told his firing had nothing to do with his performance, and that he had done ‘everything asked of him, and more.’ After his firing, Duvall’s position was filled by two female employees — one white, one African American.
     “Duvall then sued for race and sex discrimination.
     “The company tried to fight the lawsuit, claiming Duvall’s performance wasn’t up to par. It said he had communication and delegation problems, and that Duvall’s stellar performance reviews had been incorrect.
     “But the court didn’t buy this. The company had documented Duvall’s excellent performance for years, so there was very little chance of an error being made on that. The court rejected the company’s reason for firing Duvall. That, combined with the fact he was replaced by two women, gave merit to his discrimination claim.
     “The jury awarded Duvall $10 million.
     “This case acts as an important reminder on a number of fronts. One, it shows that, while rare, discrimination against white and/or male employees can occur in the workplace - and it’s just as illegal as discrimination against minorities.” (Ref. 5)

     Let’s face it - white Americans being discriminated against. “Reverse racism,” as highlighted by researchers at Tufts University, reveals that America is not living in a “post-racial” society.
     Despite the outcry from many members of the public and their political allies regarding our society’s horrid obsession with race, many still regard race as a critical way to classify others. BUT many white Americans now feel that the tide has shifted in the American consciousness. Anti-black was formerly the mainstream, and now the mainstream is anti-white. Retributive racism can only cause an endless cycle of back-and-forth hatred and further degrade our society.
     Racism, America’s original sin, continues to plague America from making true progress as a united nation, free of racial division and bias. Just as one group appears to be making significant progress, another finds itself moving backward.
     Rather than viewing racism as judging others by the color of their skin, racism has been modified to be about power dynamics; the powerful class is the only class that can be racist and less powerful classes cannot. In practice, that means white people cannot say things about colored people that colored people can say about white people, no matter how vile and racist the statement may be. Most Americans would hopefully agree that one should be judged by the content of their character as opposed to the color of their skin.
     Yet, despite our nation’s praise for the late Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., it seldom happens that we practice what we preach.
     A joint survey from National Public Radio and Robert Wood Johnson Foundation/Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health found that “more than half of whites - 55% - surveyed say that, generally speaking, they believe there is discrimination against white people in America today.”
     These feelings can only breed a sense of resentment, anger, and distrust that leads to further division and distrust between Americans of all races and all classes. The United States must rid itself of racism if it is to remain a dominant and prosperous nation; otherwise, our focus will remain on race and not what matters.
     It is as if the sins of our forefathers and slavery have come full circle. Many white Americans are beginning to feel that being white is a negative thing. This subjective feeling has taken an objective stance in the hiring field, where many companies are overtly advertising positions, and choosing employees for positions, based on their race. It is easy to see the irony in this: that hiring - or not - someone based on the color of their skin is the very definition of racism.
     We can only hope that our nation leaves the issue of race in the past to focus on what really matters: each other.[6]

     The issue of reverse racism in today’s America was raised by Whoopi Goldberg when she talked about the Holocaust on the ABC’s The View program. While she did not actually say that “all white people look alike to me,” she implied it during her comments.

     Goldberg was temporarily suspended from The View after receiving backlash for comments she made about the Holocaust while on air on January 31, 2022. Goldberg claimed that the Holocaust, which involved the murder of six million Jews and other victims, was not "about race."[7]

     The tenor of her remarks was that the Holocaust could not be an act of racism because it was done by white people to white people. By implication, the Holocaust was of far less significance that events such as the George Floyd killing since only white people died. This put the woke management of ABC in a dilemma. They could cancel Goldberg and run the risk of angering her considerable following among progressive women - particularly women of color - or bring down the wrath of the Jewish Anti-Defamation League (ADL). In a predictably chin-dribbling liberal response, ABC split the difference. Goldberg got a slap-on-the wrist two-week suspension from the show, and the ADL got an apology from Goldberg. In her subsequent attempts to clarify her remarks in an apology tour, Goldberg only dug herself in deeper as a reverse racist. She didn’t go so far as to claim that “some of my best friends are white,” but she came close.
     Today, there is a mindset among many in America that white people are inherently bad, and that attitude is not confined to people of color. This may be justly called reverse racism.
     There are two kinds of reverse racism. The first is straightforward; it consists of blacks who hate whites. That is understandable, and it is the result of people who think that their own problems are a result of someone else discriminating against them because of their skin color. There is some truth in that, but it does not explain the horrendous increase in black-on-black murder or the meteoric rise in crime in predominately black urban areas in our country.
     The second, and more perverse form of reverse racism, is Critical Race Theory, which encourages whites to hate themselves for being the root cause of all the problems for black Americans. This causes people like Joe Biden to promise to consider only a person of one race and one gender to be nominated to the Supreme Court. Pandering to one very small minority group will not bridge the racial animosity in America; it will only exacerbate the division.
     The worst of both types of reverse racism blame whites, including Jews - and in some cases Asians - for all the problems of African Americans in this country while exonerating their own community of any culpability.
     The reality is that most Americans are willing to tolerate their neighbors of other races. Toleration does not equate with love, but it does mean that people are willing to work and live alongside one another. The obsession with race is the proverbial self-licking ice cream cone; it feeds on itself until it becomes an end unto itself.[8]

     Martin Luther King, Jr., once described racism as being as dumb as hating someone for the color of their eyes. It wasn’t about skin color or eye color, but for the content of your character that you might be judged. Now, public schools in the USA, including from elementary grades through college, are teaching that all white people are born racist, ego-centric, arrogant, privileged, spoon-fed and you get the message.
     If you are white, you should be ashamed of yourself. You are the cause of riots in America. You are the reason the whole country had to deal with a white supremacist president for 4 years. You are the nationalist, the Nazi, the extremist, the domestic terrorist. White people. You. Or so they’d have us believe.
     The radical Left is preaching, teaching and embedding this in the curriculum, that White people are to blame for everything that’s wrong with America right now, just the way Hitler blamed the Jews for the pitfalls of the German economy in the 1930’s. The parallel is deafening. History does repeat itself.
     Take a close look at the Antifa/BLM/Democrat platform and you’ll see everything but the swastika. Hate Whitey, right? Hate Jews, right? White has become the only race (color) in America that you can legally discriminate against.
     Reverse-racism justifies and makes it LEGAL to discriminate against whites, all whites, while demanding that they forfeit everything they’ve ever earned in their life, all in the name of reparations for past crimes. The goal of the anti-White racists is to remove our rights as Americans.[9]

     Racism is reported to be alive and well in Hollywood, but the racism of today is the “reverse” of the racism of the past. While the racism of the past targeted minorities, the racism in today’s Hollywood is aimed at middle-aged whites, according to a group of actors, writers and producers.
     “A new wave of what has been termed by some as anti-white prejudice is causing writers, directors and producers to fear they will never work again. One described the current atmosphere as ‘more toxic than Chernobyl’, with leading actors afraid to speak out amid concern they will be labelled racist,”. Meanwhile, some high-powered black directors are allowed to blatantly discriminate against whites.
     The climate in Hollywood is now toxic to any “white, middle-aged man in show business.” One studio executive said that, “We’re only hiring people of color, women or LGBT to write, star, produce, operate the cameras, work in craft services. If you are white, you can’t speak out because you will instantly be branded ‘racist’ or condemned for ‘white privilege,'”. Also, “The pendulum has swung so far, everyone is paralyzed with fear by the idea anything you say could be misinterpreted and your career ended instantly. There are a lot of hushed conversations going on, but publicly everyone is desperate to be seen to be promoting diversity and too terrified to speak out. It’s imploding: a total meltdown.”
     This is the same phenomenon sweeping corporate board rooms, media companies, colleges, universities and every other subset of American life thanks to the exponentially growing intersectional/Black Lives Matter cult and religion.
     In Hollywood, it’s reportedly all about being down with “Bipoc,” an acronym for Black, Indigenous and People of Color. “Directors normally have a say about who is in their project. Not any more. It’s all about ‘Bipoc hiring’. And it’s coming directly from the heads of the studios who know their jobs are on the line. White middle-aged men are collateral damage. They are the Menemy,” an Oscar-nominated insider said. ‘Menemy’ is short for a white male enemy.
     One veteran actor in his 50s described how he’d been told during an audition that he was “perfect for the part” but was rejected anyway because of patently discriminatory “Bipoc” hiring. People won’t admit it, they can’t admit it, but reverse racism is definitely going on,” a studio insider said.
     This studio insider went on to say, “You could argue that it’s a good thing, that this swinging of the pendulum so far the other way is only fair after years of white privilege. But at what cost? Surely it is best for everyone if people are hired on the basis of talent and ability? I can tell you, we are hiring people based purely on their ethnicity, gender and social-media profiles.”
     Being white is literally seen as being “evil” these days in Hollywood.[10]


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