Anti-Semitism Hiding in the Closet!

Anti-Semitism Hiding in the Closet!

© David Burton 2013

8-year old Israeli Victim of Palestinian Rocket Atack

     Recently, my wife passed on, via the internet, a report of Christians being attacked in Egypt and of Christian churches being burned and vandalized. One of the recipients of my wife’s e-mail responded back: “and what about Gaza and the fact that Israel hasn’t accepted a U.N. nuclear inspection.” Talk about a non-sequitur!

     This incident brings to light the ugly fact that anti-Semitism is alive and well in these United States – probably no great surprise to any thinking person who watches, reads and listens to the media. Our skin-heads, neo-Nazis and several other extremist organizations make no secret of their hatred for Jews, Blacks and whatever other ethnic, religious or civic groups are the objects of their bigotry, anger, anti-social behavior and shear ignorance. They, at least, make no effort to hide their bigotry, prejudices, and intolerance. I consider them to be blatant, ignorant extremists who have no place in American society and wish them all the same ending as their proclaimed hero, Adolph Hitler. They can all get together in the afterlife and commiserate about the extreme heat that they will hopefully be enduring for eternity.

     There is only one group that I consider to be even lower than these miscreants and that group is composed of closet anti-Semites. They don’t have the guts to come out and simply admit that they hate Jews, Zionists, and the State of Israel. Instead, they cloak their bigotry in supposed indignation over the unfair treatment that the Jews and Israel are meting out to the poor downtrodden Arab residents of Gaza and the West Bank. They place all the problems of the world on those miserable Jews and Israelis who won’t give in to the demands of the peace-loving Islamic fanatics – the demand that Israel and the Jews there disappear. When these terrorists destroy the World Trade Center in New York, it was a Zionist conspiracy. When the peasants in Gaza can’t find work, it’s the fault of those arrogant Jews and Israelis who pulled out of Gaza, gave the Arabs there control of Gaza, and even gave them greenhouses in Gaza so they could grow crops and make a living. Never mind the fact that these grateful residents of Gaza destroyed the greenhouses, thereby eliminating a major possible source of income, gave control of Gaza to a terrorist organization, Hamas, that basically enslaved the population of Gaza, murdered their co-religionist Fatah opponents, and then proceeded to fire some 10,000 mortars and rockets into civilian populated areas of Israel.

     Our Closet anti-Semites either ignore these facts or they simply blame everything on the Jews.

     These Closet anti-Semites with their phony bleeding hearts choose to ignore the truth about Gaza. In an article titled Egypt Blockades Gaza, With No Flotilla In Sight by Khaled Abu Toameh, an Arab Muslim, that appeared in the Gatestone Institute website (, he wrote that “Hamas has finally admitted that it is the Egyptians, not Israel, who have turned the Gaza Strip into a ‘big prison.’ . . . While Egyptian authorities are tightening the blockade on the Gaza Strip, dozens of trucks loaded with goods and construction material continue to enter the area through the Erez Terminal from Israel.” Since the beginning of 2013, “Nearly 34,000 trucks carrying more than 950,000 tons of goods entered the Gaza Strip through Israel. The Egyptians, like most Arabs, do not care about the Palestinians. They want the Palestinians to be Israel’s problems and to continue relying on handouts from Western countries. The Arabs do not care if the residents of the Gaza Strip starve to death as long as Israel will be blamed.

     What the phony bleeding-heart Israel bashers won’t say tell you is that, under its 2005 disengagement agreement, Israel provides nearly all of Gaza's water and electricity. Under the terms of the Oslo II Israeli-Palestinian Interim Agreement, Israel agreed to provide water to the Palestinians. In actuality, it provides 30% more water to the Palestinians than required under the Oslo agreement. Indeed, even during the worst periods of the bloodshed between Israel and the terrorists in Gaza, the electricity and water systems there operated normally. On the other hand, the terrorists in Gaza fired a number of rockets at Ashkelon and Ashdod where the Israeli water and power plants that supply most of the water and electricity to the residents of Gaza are located. Why? They did this so they could then blame Israel for shutting off the water and power to people of Gaza – just as the willing idiots of the world are doing now in complaining about Israel’s purported poor treatment of the residents of Gaza. Both groups could care less about the people in Gaza. To them, the people in Gaza are nothing but cannon fodder in their war of annihilation against Israel and all Jews.

     The truth is that our closet anti-Semites and other Israel-bashers don’t give a damn about the Palestinians’ suffering as much as they are interested in advancing their anti-Israel and anti-Semitic agenda. Their goal is to continually condemn Israel and to hold it solely responsible for the largely self-inflicted miseries of the Palestinians.

     Our closet anti-Semites rant about the inhumanity of Israelis when they require goods passing into Gaza to be inspected to ensure that rocket-making materials don’t reach the bloodied hands of Hamas terrorist who make these home-made weapons. But, our closet Jew-haters never bother to mention the 10,000 rockets and mortars fired indiscriminately into Israel – all of which are launched into areas of no military significance, areas populated only by Israeli civilians. Instead, they cry crocodile tears over the plight of the poor “innocent” residents of Gaza – never mind the innocent Israelis, including women and children, that are the targets of the these weapons. What do you suppose would be the response of the United States if a foreign country fired 10,000 rockets into this country? But to our Jew-haters, Israel – and all Jews – are supposed to be subject to a different set of rules – rules that do not apply to any other country or any other people.

     Our vitriolic anti-Semites rail about the inconvenience and indignity of Israeli check-points around the disputed areas of Samaria and Judea. But, they won’t talk about the need for these checkpoints. They don’t dare to mention the Israel family burned to death by terrorists who fire-bombed their car. They don’t care to talk about the innocent members of the Israeli family who were murdered as they sat down to celebrate the Passover holiday. Our closet anti-Semites don’t want to talk about the fact that these checkpoints were created to put an end those senseless atrocities – and they have in large part been successful.

     David Meyers, in the The Daily Caller of 7 March 2011 wrote an article titled Don’t use anti-Zionism to legitimize anti-Semitism. Abstracted below, with my own added comments, is what he wrote.

     One closet anti-Semite, “Louis Farrakhan was at it again last week, claiming that ‘Zionists dominate the U.S. government and banks’ and that American Zionists are going to push the U.S. into war. But he tried to sanitize his statements by noting that he doesn’t have anything ‘out for the Jewish people,’ just Zionists.” It’s bullshit when he claims that he doesn’t have anything ‘out for the Jewish people!’

     “These comments illustrate the recent and disturbing trend of anti-Semites masking their prejudice behind the guise of ‘anti-Zionism.’ Hatred of the Jews is nothing new. From the crusades, to the pogroms, to the Holocaust, people have always found ways to express this hatred. And many modern-day anti-Semites are claiming to be merely anti-Zionists in an attempt to justify their bigotry.

     These closet anti-Semites disingenuously “say they are anti-Zionists. They don’t hate all Jews, just the Jews in Israel. (Never mind that more than one-third of the world’s Jews live in Israel, and that the country has become the international symbol for Judaism).

     “To be sure, reasonable people can and do object to Israel’s policies. And many people who oppose Israel’s policies are not anti-Semitic. But it’s clear that most anti-Semites like Farrakhan have now turned to anti-Zionism as a euphemism for anti-Semitism.

     “The state of Israel has only existed for 60 years. Anti-Semitism has existed for thousands. Anti-Semitism has not vanished overnight, and anti-Semites everywhere should have the courage to espouse their hatred without masking it behind the guise of anti-Zionism.

     To the closet anti-Semites among us, I have the following message. You are cowards! Instead of standing up and admitting that you hate Jews, you hate Israel and you wish for nothing less than their elimination, you hide under a mantle of feigned indignation over make-believe illegal actions by Israel. You perpetuate the “great lies” philosophy of Adolph Hitler and his propaganda minister, Joseph Goebbels. You don’t have the courage of today’s homosexual athletes who have publicly announced that they are gay. Instead, you play the false-blame game. You blame the victims instead of the perpetrators. You spew out your anti-Semitism behind the cover of false and erroneous accusations instead of standing up and admitting the real truth, which is – You hate Jews and you hate Israel for being the homeland of the Jews. You are one with the madmen in Iran who daily clamor for the destruction of the State of Israel, strive to develop nuclear weapons to accomplish this end and call for death to all the Jews in the world. You are almost worthy successors to Adolph Hitler – almost because he never hid his true feelings and aims while you are too cowardly to do the same.


  3 September 2013 {Article 175; Undecided_30}    
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