Whites Are Now the Victims of Racial Discrimination

Whites Are Now the Victims of Racial Discrimination

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Reverse Discrimination

Reverse Discrimination:the unfair treatment of members of majority groups resulting from preferential policies, as in college admissions or employment, intended to remedy earlier discrimination against minorities." (Ref. 1)

     “It is impossible to ignore the millions of white people who are left perplexed at the victim hierarchy promoted by groups like the Black Lives Matter (BLM). As former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani suggested, movements like the BLM are ‘inherently racist,’ because ‘it divides us.’”
     “Protests call for more protection for minorities pushing white people to the sidelines. The silent majority does not speak up in fear of being labeled as racist and publicly shamed.
     “Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall called out the illogic of civil rights advocates in 1976, claiming that laws against discrimination only protect minorities. Whites also deserve protection, and one group of people should not have preference over the other. Even if that group is perceived to be more disadvantaged than others, it does not justify preferential treatment. [Emphasis mine] Chief Justice John Roberts stated in 2007, ‘The way to stop discrimination based on race is to stop discrimination based on race.’ [Emphasis mine]
     “Many people are targeted, killed, and discriminated against in all races and groups. The government and activists should work on protecting all citizens regardless of their race - only then will there be a fair system and country.” [Emphasis mine] (Ref. 2)

     Reverse discrimination or “reverse racism” has been rapidly spreading throughout the United States in the last two years. The ultimate result of this phenomenon cannot be positive. The eventual outcome will be to cause considerably more trouble than any temporary and apparently positive effect.

     Consider the eventual impact of the following, which concerns Smith College, an ultra-liberal prestigious all-women’s college located in Northampton, Massachusetts. The toxic anti-white atmosphere reported at Smith College is all-too characteristic of the environments that exist at too many of America’s liberal institutions of higher learning.

     “A white employee . . . publicly resigned . . . over what she called a ‘toxic, racially hostile’ atmosphere.
     “Jody Shaw, who graduated from Smith College in 1993, worked at the elite institution as a library staffer and student support worker.
     “ ‘Under the guise of racial progress, Smith College has created a racially hostile environment in which individual acts of discrimination and hostility flourish,’ [Emphasis mine] Shaw wrote in her resignation letter, which she made public.
     “ ‘I was told on multiple occasions that discussing my personal thoughts and feelings about my skin color is a requirement of my job. I endured racially hostile comments and was expected to participate in racially prejudicial behavior as a continued condition of my employment.’
     “A lifelong liberal, Shaw said she had become increasingly uncomfortable with critical race-theory inspired training sessions for staff, which she said instructed employees to use race as the basis for interactions with students and colleagues.
     “ ‘[This] curriculum is dehumanizing, prevents authentic connection, and undermines the moral agency of young people who are just beginning to find their way in the world,’ she wrote.
     “Shaw said she was admonished for not submitting to the race-based agenda. During a mandatory workshop in which she was asked to share her thoughts on being white, she stated she was uncomfortable with the discussion.
     “The facilitator held up Shaw as an example of ‘white fragility,’ explaining that her refusal to discuss racially charged matters at work was a ‘power play.’
     “Rather than understanding her discomfort as genuine, the facilitator explained, her colleagues should realize that Shaw was manipulating the conversation, manifesting white supremacy.
     “Shaw filed complaints about that incident and a number of similar events, but was told that civil rights laws were ‘not meant to protect people like’ her {MEANING WHITE PEOPLE!}. [Emphasis mine]
     “In a podcast interview . . . Shaw said the person responsible for upholding racial civil rights protections at Smith College told her that the institution would need to hire an outside investigator to manage her complaints because she is white.
     “After waiting months for her complaints to be heard, Shaw decided to blow the whistle on the school’s policies and atmosphere in October 2020. In a YouTube video that went viral, she pleaded with the institution to change its modus operandi, as she did not want to leave her position.
     “ ‘I ask that Smith College stop reducing my personhood to a racial category. Stop telling me what I must think and feel about myself,’ she said.
     “ ‘Stop presuming to know who I am or what my culture is based upon my skin color. Stop asking me to project stereotypes and assumptions onto others based on their skin color.’
     “Shaw’s video drew significant negative publicity towards Smith College. The college’s president . . . responded with an open letter denying that Smith had a race problem. {Indeed, Smith College apparently does not have a race problem, what it does have is a is a REVERSE RACISM problem!}
      - - -
     “Last month, Smith College offered Shaw a cash settlement that would require her to keep silent about her experience. {Heaven forbid that any hint of ‘reverse racism’ be ascribed to that august institution! }
     “A divorced mother with two sons, Shaw’s salary at Smith was $45,000 – less than the cost of annual tuition at the college.
     “But she turned down the money, resigned from her position, and decided to speak out.
     “As Shaw’s story has attracted more attention, a GoFundMe for her living expenses raised nearly $200,000 in a matter of days. However, the account was placed under review.
     “ ‘There is now a hold on *all* funds,’ Shaw tweeted. ‘I fear it is for ideological reasons. If so, it shows what we are up against.’ ” (Ref. 3)

     Just how far has this reverse discrimination stupidity progressed? Pretty far, judging from the following.

     “The Oregon Department of Education earlier this month published a bulletin encouraging teachers to register for an online training course on ‘Math Equity,’ which informs teachers that many classroom practices once considered normal are actually aspects of white supremacy culture that must be systematically dismantled. [Emphasis mine]
     “The program is based on Education Trust-West’s toolkit, A Pathway to Equitable Math Instruction Dismantling Racism in Mathematics Instruction.
     “ ‘Only white people can be racist in our society, because only white people as a group have that power,’ says the Dismantling Racism 2016 Workbook, which is heavily referenced in the toolkit.
     “The Dismantling Racism 2016 Workbook contains a list of characteristics of white supremacy culture that are utilized in the Pathway to Equitable Math Instruction toolkit. The list includes traits such as individualism, objectivity, perfectionism, paternalism, power hoarding, and worship of the written word.
     “According to the toolkit, many common classroom practices are actually white supremacy. For example, ‘requiring students to raise their hand before speaking can reinforce paternalism and power hoarding.’ {My God! Just what evil did I perpetrate all those years in public school when I raised my hand to ask or answer questions or to request permission to go to the bathroom?}
     “The toolkit says that teaching math in a linear fashion and teaching skills sequentially also promote white supremacy culture.
     “ ‘While some mathematical skills and concepts build off each other, the forced construct of linear teaching reinforces objectivity,’ the toolkit says. {What in heaven’s name does all this gobbledygook mean???}
     “The practice of giving grades is also racist.‘Grades are traditionally indicative of what students can’t do rather than what they can do, reinforcing perfectionism,’ it says. {Of course, we should never show that one student is doing better than another or that a student needs to improve. To do so would be racist, wouldn’t it?}
     “The toolkit says that things as simple as getting the right answer are also a symptom of white supremacy culture. {Of course, it is. Better to get the wrong answer than to display implied symptoms of white supremacy! }
     “ ‘The concept of mathematics being purely objective is unequivocally false, and teaching it is even much less so. Upholding the idea that there are always right and wrong answers perpetuate objectivity as well as fear of open conflict,’ it says.
     “The toolkit says, ‘Teachers often treat mistakes as problems by equating them with wrongness,’ and that this ‘reinforces the ideas of perfectionism (that students shouldn’t make mistakes) and paternalism (teachers or other experts can and should correct mistakes).’
     “While the toolkit acknowledges that many teachers ask students to show their work in order to know what students are thinking, this too is white supremacy.
     “ ‘Requiring students to show their work reinforces worship of the written word as well as paternalism,’ the toolkit says.
     “The toolkit says that the white supremacy characteristic of individualism is reinforced in the classroom when independent practice is valued over teamwork.
     “ ‘This does not give value to collectivism and community understanding, and fosters conditions for competition and individual success,’ it says.
     “The toolkit says that placing an emphasis on ‘real world’ math “can result in using mathematics to uphold capitalist and imperialist ways of being and understandings of the world.’ {Aha! We finally get part of the message – Down with capitalism and up with Marxism and socialism!}
     “In keeping with this negative view of capitalism, teachers are encouraged to ‘limit or eliminate references to money, especially when transactional.’ “ (Ref. 4)

     Here in Boston, Massachusetts, we have numerous examples of reverse discrimination. One grievous example involved Boston’s exam schools, such as the prestigious Boston Latin School. These schools were established many years ago to reward and promote academic excellence by selecting the best and the brightest students for advanced schooling. Today, some Bostonians consider such actions to be racist. Instead of selecting the city’s best and brightest, they would select students on what they call “a random basis” thus obviating the basic concept upon which the exam school system was established. Once upon a time, the American ideal was to select, reward, and bring to the forefront its best and brightest. Today, there are those in America who would have as the American ideal, the mediocre, the non-descript and the faceless – all in the name of racial equality. A group of Boston citizens finally got up the courage to take action against this example of reverse racism.

     In late February 2021, a group of parents sued the Boston Public Schools (BPS) over its decision to replace exam-school exams with a system that uses Zip-codes to select students for such highly rated schools as the Boston Latin School and Boston Latin Academy.
     The suit was filed in US District Court in Boston by a group called Boston Parent Coalition for Academic Excellence Corp. It correctly alleged that the Zip-code based selection system was racially biased against White and Asian-American families because it was designed to give preference to students from the more heavily Black and Latino neighborhoods in the city.
     The suit requested that a judge declare the Zip-code based selection policy unconstitutional because it didn't treat everybody fairly and because it discriminated against Whites and Asian-Americans.
     More immediately, the group sought injunctions to prevent the BPS from using the new system for admission in the 2021-2022 school year and to prevent it from ever trying it again in future years. Although the School Committee emphasized its October decision was just for the upcoming school year, it also charged the task force that came up with the plan to continue working to come up with ways of reducing racial disparities at the exam schools, in particular Boston Latin School, at which a majority of students are White or Asian-American. Of course, the reason that the majority of students at Boston Latin School were White or Asian-American was that they scored the highest on the entrance exams and were unarguably the best and most qualified.[5]

     Imagine the winner of the Super Bowl being determined by the zip-code of the city which the football team represented instead of by the abilities of the players, coaches and ownership to produce the best team. Imagine that the selection by zip-code reflected the objective of rewarding the poorest and least productive city. Imagine a country that continually selected and rewarded its least qualified while ignoring its best qualified and productive. What kind of a country would that policy produce? Maybe another North Korea, or another failed Soviet Union.

     And just how far has this anti-white reverse racism penetrated into American society? Pretty far, considering this snippet about Coca-Cola, that world-wide icon of American superiority.

     “Can we agree that the period between, say, 1964 and 2008 represents the single fastest advance in race relations within one society in human history? America went from having the segregationist South on fire amid the prospect of Congress passing legislation to enforce the promise of the 14th Amendment to electing as president a man whose chief selling point was that he was black.
     “There is no real precedent in world history for a nation to peacefully go from actively oppressing a minority in much of its territory to electing, in a landslide, a member of that minority to lead it in the space of two generations.
      - - -
     “What accounted for this sea change? An idea, one the vast majority of Americans of all races bought into.
     “Credit the idea to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., though it existed prior to his rise. King popularized the notion that what America wanted was a color-blind society. ‘I have a dream,’ he said, ‘that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.’
     “America bought into that idea, first gradually and then all at once. It was a unifying idea that led to black entertainers and athletes earning untold fortunes courtesy of the patronage of often mostly white audiences, black entrepreneurs thriving, and the growth of a black middle class where none existed - all despite the sharp decline of the black family and the attendant waste of human talent resulting from it.
     “We want the color-blind society. But it isn’t what we’re getting. The people taking credit for selling it to us - though King would, one imagines, be horrified at the state of the modern Left in this country - are determined to go much further than that.
     “Take what happened at Coca-Cola {in February 2021}, for example. It was revealed that the company, one of America’s great worldwide brands, is conducting diversity and sensitivity training seminars, which fit under no possible concept of a color-blind society and should offend to the point of fighting words every single American. [Emphasis mine]
     “Among the messages on slides that emerged from the seminars:
      - - -
     “Try to be less white.
     “This is at Coca-Cola, not Ben & Jerry’s or Nike.
      - - -
     “It makes you wonder what else is being taught at those corporate seminars.
      - - -
     “We’ve gone . . . to Coca-Cola preaching outright anti-white racism in its employee seminars.
     “We aren’t talking about preserving segregation. We’re talking about preserving King’s color-blind society against a cadre of lunatics marinating in Critical Race Theory . . . Nobody seems to recognize that pretty much everything the anti-white crowd is using was invented by white guys.
     “When something like this has taken hold so completely that it happens at Coca-Cola, you’d better believe that you need some warriors to roll it back.
      - - -
     “We’re in a war for the survival of our very culture. And we’ve been in a fairly disorganized retreat for a long time. . . {If we are to win this war, then} let’s hear a plan to stop the Coca Cola-style corporate aggressions.
     “We already know . . . that they have no such plan. They’ve sat around for decades watching things progress to this point and even defended those cultural aggressions at times. They’ve lectured us that private companies can do as they please because that’s capitalism, they’ve squandered mountains of lucre on secondary schools and universities pumping out the worst sort of academic bilge, and they’ve refused to match the passion of the Left over the very future of America.” (Ref. 6)

     So, what we have here in 2021 are employees of Fortune 500 corporations, college students, and government workers being mau-maued into submission with anti-white racism, which will - in the end - only create a great deal more racism than it eliminates.

     Our recently elected Democratic president and his administration have shown their liberal bent by helping America in its rush to discriminate against Whites. “Congress allocated nearly $200 billion in COVID-19 relief funds for K-12 schools over the past year. While this money was intended to help reopen schools and mitigate learning loss, President Joe Biden’s Department of Education is encouraging school districts to spend some of it on a different purpose: providing ‘free, antiracist therapy for white educators.’ [Emphasis mine]
     “The American Rescue Plan requires districts to reserve 20 percent of funds for ‘evidence-based’ interventions that ‘respond to students’ academic, social and emotional needs’ — a very sensible charge. But the devil is in the definition, and Team Biden’s guidance booklet for spending ARP funds suggests that students’ social and emotional needs include the disruption of ‘whiteness’ and the propagation of critical race theory. [Emphasis mine]
      - - -
     “To {achieve this}, the document endorsed by Biden’s Department of Education urges districts to:
     “ ‘Partner with and compensate community members to develop and implement abolitionist SEL {Social and Emotional Learning} models.’
     “ ‘Remove all punitive or disciplinary practices that spirit-murder black, brown and indigenous children.’
     “ ‘Require a commitment to learning from students, families and educators who disrupt Whiteness and other forms of oppression.’
     “Offer ‘free, antiracist therapy for White educators and support staff,’ and ‘free, radical self/collective care and therapy for educators and support staff of color.’
     “Several of these recommendations are, of course, illegal under Title VI of the Civil Rights Act. Schools may not define a race as inherently oppressive or provide race-specific therapeutic services premised on race-specific mental illnesses. But the Biden DOE is proving that it cares less about safeguarding the spirit or letter of the Civil Rights Act than about advancing the tenets of critical race theory. [Emphasis mine]
     “{With all this, can there be any doubt remaining that the Biden administration, with Liberal Democratic backing, is pushing for a policy of racial discrimination against Whites?}
     “While parents are still waking up to the reality that Biden’s Department of Education wants to indoctrinate their children, no close observer should be surprised. After all, when Education Secretary Miguel Cardona served as commissioner of education in Connecticut, he insisted that ‘we need teachers behind this wave of our curriculum becoming ‘woke.’ ‘ When Deputy Education Secretary Cindy Marten led the San Diego Unified School District, she oversaw teacher training that accused white teachers of ‘spirit murdering’ black students.
      - - -
     "For their part, many Republican state leaders have shown admirable initiative by introducing legislation to prohibit racial stereotyping and scapegoating . . .
     “. . . No matter what the Biden administration recommends, schools may not use public funding for purposes that violate Title VI of the Civil Rights Act by racially discriminating against students or teachers.” (Ref. 7)

     What will Antifa and Black Lives Matter do now that America is no longer gripped by the 2020 madness? What changes – if any – will come among our teachers and academics? For the last 50 years, administrations have proliferated while the ratio of non-teachers to teachers has skyrocketed - much to the consternation of teachers’ unions. But in 2020, colleges went mad in hiring thousands of “diversity, equity, and inclusion” administrators. While their job descriptions might be vague, it is certain that they will not contribute to classroom education. Instead, they will monitor the speech and actions of those who do try to educate, i.e., America’s teachers.
     Before 2020, the left demanded “proportional representation” in hiring and admissions. And if minority groups and women were not represented in the workplace according to their percentages of the American population, then prejudice was automatically assumed, and reparatory measures were then taken to hire by race and gender.
     “Affirmative action” was the euphemism for such quotas. But in 2020, that changed. The foundations of the new “woke” race agenda became mostly anti-white. How else would one describe the following reports” (1) The African-American mayor of Chicago decided not to grant interviews to white reporters. (2) The city of Oakland’s entitlement payouts, like those of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, are designed not to be distributed to white people. Clearly, here in 2021 Whites in America have become the victims of racial discrimination!
     As Americans sober up this year and in the coming years, the question we must ask ourselves is: Will America institutionalize or will it reject the anti-White discrimination frenzy that took the country over the cliff in 2020 - one of the most unhinged years in American history?[ 8]

     Whites have now become the true victims of racial discrimination as our children are increasingly being forcibly indoctrinated with what’s called “critical race theory”. According to this theory, we Whites are irredeemable oppressors of Blacks who are the eternal victims that forever deserve all sorts of compensatory reparations and special privileges.

     “It’s hard to know what’s worse — brainwashing kids or lying about it.
     “Parents worried their kids are being indoctrinated with critical race theory can’t get straight answers. Local school boards and principals lie to them [Emphasis mine], claiming children are merely being taught to be ‘critical thinkers.’
     “{In June of 2021,} the truth came out. Teachers unions and activists held rallies in 22 cities to support critical race theory. What they said was eye-popping. They unabashedly declared that their goal is indoctrinating students in far-left causes. [Emphasis mine]
     “The Zinn Education Project, which organized {the} events, produces race-centric material for junior high and high schools across the country. Lesson plans are offered free for teachers to download.
     “Zinn was founded by the late Howard Zinn, a Marxist historian who said that teaching social studies wasn’t about dates and events. It was to make students want to change the world, overthrowing the status quo {and bringing Marxist socialism to the United States}
     "A Zinn lesson called ‘Students Design a Reparations Bill’ explains that students will be asked to improve on the ‘flimsy’ reparations bills currently in Congress. Critical thinking isn’t encouraged. This isn’t a debate about whether there should be reparations. This is one-sided indoctrination. [Emphasis mine] ‘As racial justice activists, students are all on the ‘same side,’ in this role play,’ says the Zinn website.
     “{And it’s} not just white families protesting {this brain washing}. {A} Black mother from Duval County, Fla., warned the Florida Board of Education that telling a child he’s the victim of oppression is ‘the essence of holding a child back.’ [Emphasis mine]
     “{A white } Virginian, explains that . . . ‘according to critical race theory, my son should have white guilt and white privilege.’
     “More than 500 people have signed a petition demanding a curriculum that allows students to learn ‘without the titles of racist and victim’ in Guilford, Conn. Yet the Guilford school superintendent insists schools aren’t teaching critical race theory. Does he think parents are lying about the homework in their kids’ backpacks?
     “In Greenwich, Conn., parents went to the microphone at a May 20 school board meeting to quote materials their children had brought home, including a “white bias” survey for seventh graders. The school board members and school superintendent sat silently. Last week, the superintendent sent out an email to parents explaining that Greenwich wants students to be ‘critical thinkers’ but deftly denying that critical race theory is part of the curriculum.
     “That may be technically true. Critical race theory originated in law schools. But what’s being taught in elementary and secondary schools across the country is a simplified version.
     “{Unfortunately,} school administrators will lie and obfuscate to push ahead with critical race theory . . .” (Ref. 9)

     So, are white Americans being discriminated against?
     Some might be aghast at the idea that one might have such a thought, and, considering the historic discrimination that people of color have endured throughout American history, some might dismiss the thought as a foregone conclusion.
     Today, the fact is that an increasing number of White Americans feel that they are being discriminated against. Many White Americans feel that the tide has shifted in the American consciousness whereby anti-Black was formerly the mainstream, and now the mainstream is anti-White. Just as Blacks appear to be making significant progress, Whites in America today feel themselves moving backward.
     These days, Whites cannot say things about Blacks that Blacks can say about Whites, no matter how vile and racist the statement may be. A joint survey found that “more than half of whites - 55% - surveyed say that, generally speaking, they believe there is discrimination against white people in America today.” These feelings only breed a sense of resentment, anger, and distrust that leads to further division and distrust between Americans of all races and all classes.[10]

     Nearly six decades ago, Martin Luther King Jr. fought for a better world, imploring us to judge others by “the content of their character.” He offered a vision of an America that united people across racial, political and economic lines.
     But, the proponents of Critical Race Theory (CRT) offer no such vision. They only propose a world of endless grievances and revenge, petty cons and abusing power to ruin lives.
     Where Dr. King saw a world of equals, CRT envisions only victims and vengeance. CRT perpetuates an “us versus them” mentality and makes Whites the new victims of racial discrimination in America.
     While the proponents of CRT insist their platform only serves to expose America’s racist past, nothing about it offers a way to shape a better future. It lays the blame at the feet of all white Americans.
     At the heart of CRT is the concept of “equity” (not “equality,” which is an important distinction). The proponents of CRT believe in equality of outcome, with all Americans ending up at the same place, rather than the meritocracy implied by equality of opportunity. In other words, CRT believes that everyone ends up at the same place whether or not they earned the right to be there.
     In effect, CRT only exists to empower a select few in acting out their perceived sense of grievance through vengeance against those whom they determine are better-positioned in life. CRT seeks to control the allocation of money - other people’s money. It is a revenge-based form of propaganda.
     The worst irony of all is that CRT does nothing to fight actual racism. Propaganda like Critical Race Theory programming cannot train people to be less racist. CRT is not meant to combat racism. Its fundamental premise rests on antiwhite racism being the only cure. CRT is not meant to bring Americans together or offer us a better vision of the world. It is meant to discriminate against Whites.
     At its core, Critical Race Theory is more of the age-old, ugly ideology of divisive, hateful racism. But, instead of Blacks being the victims of racial discrimination, CRT attempts to shift the onerous burden of racism from America's Blacks onto its Whites. With its broad brush strokes, it paints all Whites as being guilty of racism and seeks to collectivley punish them all. Innocence or guilt is not in question. Instead, what are in question are the penalties and the magnitude of the compensations. [11]

     Consider the following:

  1. “The U.S. Department of Education said that teachers should use reading material from the New York Times’ 1619 Project to reframe the country’s history about slavery {The 1619 Project accuses America of being founded on the basis of racial bigotry and goes on to imply that - even today - all non-Black Americans are guilty of vicious racial discrimination as a consequence}.
  2. "Critical race theory says everything in public and private life - your job, government, school - must be considered with respect to racial identities.
  3. “While progressives decide how to explain away CRT's bigotry, parents and policymakers should call the theory what it is – discrimination - and reject it.” (Ref. 12)
     One important question that is being ignored with all the anger and vituperation of the current wave of anti-white rhetoric is: “Will Blacks benefit from the Liberal left’s pro-Black anti-White actions?” History tells us that the answer to this question is a resounding NO! Giving people liberal handouts leads to a sense of entitlement that does not encourage hard work, social integration and societal advancement. Why work hard and strive for excellence when you can simply sit back and receive freebies? Why strive to achieve a color-blind society when you can be told that you are superior to your white neighbor and can get all those things that he has simply for the asking? Advancement in America has always come by working for what one receives – and working hard! Ask the Irish, the Italian, the Jewish, the Chinese and the Japanese immigrants who came to America and worked to make a better life for their children than they had. Their success was not attained by sitting back with their hands outstretched. It wasn’t achieved by taking from someone else or by simply claiming equality. They worked to achieve equality.


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