Politics and Pandering

Politics and Pandering

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Buying Democratic Votes

     Massachusetts is totally under the control of the Democratic party. As a result, Democratic politicians pander to the base of their power, those on welfare, public employee unions, undocumented immigrants and anyone else whose votes they can “buy”.

     Signed into law early in August of 2012 by Democratic Governor Deval Patrick was legislation approved by the Democratic controlled State Senate and State House of Representatives. This legislation “allows home-based day-care providers that accept state-subsidized vouchers from low-income families to join unions”, like the Service Employees International Union (SEIU). “It’s a surefire way to drive up costs. . . . Former Gov. Mitt Romney vetoed a similar bill {when he was in office} . . . and Bay State voters in 2006 rejected a ballot question that would have authorized this state-sponsored union drive. “But the SEIU and its patrons on Beacon Hill {interpret this to mean Democratic Legislators} were undaunted.” Unionized day-care is guaranteed to cost more than traditional non-unionized day-care. Someone will have to pay the piper – either low-income families receiving state-subsidized vouchers or you and I, the ordinary taxpayer. I'll give you one guess as to who will end up paying the bill - certainly not those low-income families who are major supporters of the Democratic party here in Massachusetts. (Ref. 1)

     “In the latest example of Beacon Hill machine politics, . . . the state of Massachusetts is using hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxpayer money to finance a massive voter registration drive targeting nearly half a million welfare recipients - that's about 1/3 of the votes necessary to win {the upcoming election for the U.S. Senate seat now held by Republican Scott Brown}.
     “The registration drive is in response to a complaint from a left-wing offshoot of the now defunct group, ACORN, and another liberal group funded by billionaire financier and convicted insider trader George Soros called Demos.
     “The kicker? The chairman of the board of Demos is none other than Elizabeth Warren's daughter. And the board of Demos is chock full of Warren donors. {Elizabeth Warren is the Democratic candidate opposing Brown for the senate seat once held in essential perpetuity by the Kennedy family – John (Jack) and Ted.} Nothing to see here, right?
     “This is what {Republicans, independents, and 3rd party candidate} are up against in {Democratic and liberal controlled} Massachusetts, where years of one-party rule has perpetuated a culture of corruption and sleaze. . . . This latest incident shows that the far-left powers that be . . . want to use . . . taxpayer dollars to tilt the field even more in their direction.” (Ref. 2)

     The state’s voter registration drive is nothing but a waste of money and another example of a politically motivated outreach to welfare recipients who are most likely to support Democratic candidates for office, especially Elizabeth Warren in her bid to unseat Senator Scott Brown.

     The voter registration drive for welfare recipients follows closely another Massachusetts election scandal. Former Massachusetts Treasurer Timothy Cahill, a Democratic, and two top aides have been indicted on public corruption charges stemming from allegations that they orchestrated a taxpayer-funded television advertising campaign for the state lottery that was really intended to boost Cahill's failed 2010 campaign for governor.

     “The ethics charges stem from a $1.5 million lottery ad campaign that began airing in September 2010 and highlighted the success of the lottery in helping provide funding for local communities” while Cahill was State Treasurer and head of the Massachusetts Lottery Commission. “Prosecutors {alleged} that the ads were framed after a series of focus groups designed to identify a message that would resonate with voters in the governor's race.
     “As a result of those focus sessions, the Cahill campaign identified the treasurer's leadership of the lottery, considered one of the most successful in the nation, as ‘the major selling point for him as a candidate for governor,’” (Ref. 3) said the Massachusetts Attorney General.

     We won’t bother to go into the story of the 3 Democratic Massachusetts House Speakers who preceded the current Speaker of the House: Charles Flaherty who had to resign and plead guilty to tax evasion, Thomas Finneran who was forced to resign because of allegations of perjury and obstruction of justice, and Salvatore DiMasi who resigned and is now serving a jail term for conspiracy, honest services fraud, and extortion. Power does truly corrupt.

     What we have here in Massachusetts is nothing more than an example of the corrupting alliance between liberal Democrats and the countless millions of people receiving taxpayer-funded handouts from the government. There is also the allegedly illegal use of state funds to benefit a candidate for public office. And if that is not enough, we have the unholy alliance between unions and politicians. The unions provide campaign funds and union support for Democratic candidates while the Democratic politicians pass laws to ensure that unions receive preferential treatment in obtaining contracts for their members. These Democratic and so-called liberal politicians vote to take billions of dollars from the pockets of hard-working citizens and hand this money out to the so-called needy and other sycophants. In return, these handout recipients, public employees, and union members are expected to help finance the campaigns of these politicians, work to get them re-elected, and vote for these people who have given them our tax dollars. If you or I tried to do what these liberal Democratic politicians are doing, we would be criminally charged with bribery, extortion, and election-rigging. This is nothing but thievery with a velvet glove – but thievery it still is. Money has been stolen from the American taxpayer and used by unscrupulous politicians and their backers in a blatant attempt to buy the votes of the needy and the not-so-needy. This is nothing more than a death-spiral that must end or America will turn into another example of European style socialist disaster.


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