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     Five years ago, the Massachusetts legislature, with the urging of then Senator Ted Kennedy, changed the law concerning the replacement of U.S. senators who were unable to complete their term in office. The new law took away the power of the governor of Massachusetts to appoint a temporary replacement and instead required an interim election by the Massachusetts voters. The reason for the change in law was purely political – Five years ago Senator John Kerry was running for President and if he had won election he would have to resign at which time the then current law would have allowed the then Republican governor, Mitt Romney, to name Kerry’s temporary replacement. Heaven Forbid that in Massachusetts, a Republican governor should be allowed to name a temporary senatorial replacement. Why he might even name a Republican to that office! In Massachusetts, perhaps the most liberal of states, Democrats rule the state legislature and its U.S. congressional office holders. The change in law passed easily.

     But that was five years ago, when Massachusetts had a Republican governor. Now, not only is the state legislature totally controlled by the Democratic party, but the governor’s office is also held by a Democrat, Deval Patrick. So, when Ted Kennedy passed away, the hue and cry from Washington arose to change the Massachusetts succession law so that Governor Deval Patrick could appoint a Democratic replacement immediately. Who are the ones in Washington that are so anxious to meddle in the conduct of the Massachusetts state government? They are none other than the national leaders of the Democratic Party: President Barack Obama; House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and Senate President Harry Reid. Why the panic to change a law in the State of Massachusetts? The answer: The Democratic leadership is fearful that its failing ObamaCare health reform plan might not pass in the U.S. Senate. They will do anything to prevent losing the health care reform battle – even to the point of telling the Massachusetts legislature and the Massachusetts governor what to do.

     It was Ted Kennedy’s deathbed wish that the senatorial succession law be changed. “Before he died, the lion of the Senate implored Deval Patrick to reverse the interim appointment law that Kennedy himself had asked the Legislature to change five years earlier. And the governor, along with the Legislature, complied.” (Ref. 1) After all, in Massachusetts, what Ted Kennedy or the Kennedy family wished was the same as an imperial edit. In his final years in office, Ted Kennedy achieved sainthood in the eyes of the liberal democratic citizens of Massachusetts.

     Over 200 years ago, the colony of Massachusetts led the fight to remove imperial rule and replace it with a democratic form of government. We were successful in throwing off the yoke of King George and the British royal family. It now appears that the citizens of Massachusetts have replaced the rule of Great Britain with the rule of the Democratic Party and the monarchy of the British royal family with that of the Kennedy clan.

     So, on the 23rd of September 2009, “the Legislature approved Ted Kennedy’s deathbed wish to repeal his 2004 nondeathbed wish to take away a (Republican) governor’s power to appoint an interim senator. See, now the governor is a Democrat, the law is an ‘abomination.’ ” (Ref. 2.)

     It wasn’t enough to simply change the succession law. The change had to go into effect immediately, lest there be a vote in the U.S. Senate that might go against the Democrat’s health care plans. In Massachusetts, “If the Legislature wants a bill to become law immediately, they have to attach what’s called an ‘emergency preamble.’ It takes a two-thirds vote to pass such a preamble, Otherwise the bill becomes law in 90 days” The Massachusetts Democrats didn’t have the necessary two-thirds majority. “But pay no attention to that pesky Constitution. We’ll just have the governor decide it’s an ‘emergency.’ ” (Ref. 2.) So, Governor Patrick dutifully declared that an emergency existed and appointed Ted Kennedy’s interim successor. The emergency apparently was so grave, that Massachusetts could not wait the 4 or 5 months until a “permanent” replacement was duly elected by the citizenry. So, what exactly was the emergency? Were we being attacked? Would government fall apart if Massachusetts only had one senator in Washington for a few months? Would some grave disaster befall us? We note that "Senator Kennedy missed 97 percent of the roll calls in the Senate before his death this year. None of the moonbats were braying about an emergency” (Ref. 2.) during this span of time. But now, we suddenly have an emergency. Five years ago, when the Republican governor had the authority to appoint an interim replacement, it was O.K. to change the law taking away this authority and thereby necessitating a five month wait till a replacement could be chosen in a special election.

     “Hypocrisy in lawmaking isn’t a pretty sight, and we had hoped the Legislature would not be bullied by the White House into reversing a position it took in 2004 – all just to assure an additional Democratic vote for a health care bill.” (Ref. 3.)

     We citizens of Massachusetts live in the People’s Republic of Massachusetts. As State Representative Brad Jones said, “First we shred the rules, now we shred the constitution.” (Ref. 2.) In Massachusetts there's one set of rules for Democrats and a different set of rules for everyone else - In the People’s Republic of Massachusetts, all men are created equal, except some are more equal than others.


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