The Insanity Continues

The Insanity Continues

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Virginia Beach Shootings

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Attributed to Albert Einstein (Ref. 1)

     “Four people remained hospitalized Saturday, three of them critical, after a gunman opened fire on a government building in Virginia Beach, Virginia, killing 11 government workers and a contractor.” (Ref. 2)

Mass Shootings in the United States

  1. 1949: Camden shootings - 13 killed, 3 wounded
  2. 1966: University of Texas tower shooting - 17 killed, 31 wounded
  3. 1975: Easter Sunday massacre - 11 killed, 0 wounded
  4. 1982: Wilkes-Barre shootings - 13 killed, 1 wounded
  5. 1983: Wah Mee massacre - 13 killed, 1 wounded
  6. 1984: San Ysidro McDonald's massacre - 21 killed, 19 wounded
  7. 1984: Palm Sunday massacre - 10 killed, 0 wounded
  8. 1986: Edmond post office shooting- 14 killed, 6 wounded
  9. 1991: Luby's shooting - 26 killed, 20 wounded
  10. 1999: Columbine High School massacre - 13 killed, 24 wounded
  11. 2007: Virginia Tech Shooting – 32 killed, 23 wounded
  12. 2009: Fort Hood shooting- 14 killed, 32 wounded
  13. 2009: Binghamton shootings - 13 killed, 4 wounded
  14. 2009: Geneva County massacre - 10 killed, 6 wounded
  15. 2009: Santa Fe High School shooting - 10 killed, 14 wounded
  16. 2012: Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting – 27 killed, 2 wounded
  17. 2012: Aurora theater shooting - 12 killed, 70 wounded
  18. 2013: Washington Navy Yard shooting - 12 killed, 8 wounded
  19. 2015: San Bernardino attack - 14 killed, 24 wounded
  20. 2016: Orlando Nightclub Shooting - 49 killed, 53 wounded
  21. 2017: Las Vegas shooting - 58 killed, 851 wounded
  22. 2017: Sutherland Springs church shooting - 26 killed, 20 wounded
  23. 2018: Stoneman Douglas High School shooting - 17 killed, 17 wounded
  24. 2018: Thousand Oaks shooting - 12 killed, 25 wounded
  25. 2018: Pittsburgh synagogue shooting - 11 killed, 6 wounded
  26. 2019: Virginia Beach shooting - 12 killed, 5 wounded
     Data compiled from: (Ref. 3)

     How do we start using our common sense and put an end to this insanity?

     “We start by repealing the second amendment to the Constitution!” . . . “Next, we get rid of the guns. We collect and destroy most of the guns out there and we severely restrict the number of guns legally available” . . . ” “The remaining step is the passage of laws to severely punish all illegal activity associated with the use, possession or trafficking of guns.(Ref. 4)

     Following the Pittsburg synagogue shooting in 2018, there was “an outpouring of sympathy and platitudes from politicians, accompanied by phony tears and breast-beating. But, as usual, no politician {had} the intestinal fortitude or the desire to identify the only practical solution and to initiate the process of implementing that solution. And what is that solution? THE ONLY REALISTIC WAY TO END GUN VIOLENCE IN AMERICA IS TO GET RID OF THE GUNS! The solution consists of three steps: 1) Repeal the second amendment to the Constitution, 2) Ban the possession of all guns except by law enforcement, the military and those who need guns to protect the public, . . . and, 3) Severely punish anyone who illegally possesses or traffics guns. Increased background checks and refusing to issue gun permits to the mentally unstable is nothing but a sick joke, designed to give politicians the appearance of taking action while actually doing nothing!” (Ref. 5)

     “Politicians spout bromides and pontificate, but do nothing meaningful while the carnage continues. They go through the motions of seeming to act, but, in reality do nothing constructive. They dance around the issue, mouth ineffective bromides, and issue sad-faced expressions of sympathy for the victims and their families, but they refuse to take the one brave, bold and necessary step to end the death-spiral of gun violence in America - the repeal of the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. The time has come to find and elect politicians who will not shy away from finally instituting the one step that has yet to be tried and which can begin the process of reducing gun deaths and injuries in America! Continued inaction is no longer an option!” (Ref. 6)

     Following the 2018 Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Parkland, Florida, the following was written: “How truly sad it is when 16- and 17-year old high school students have to take the lead in calling for a solution to a problem that is causing the deaths of their fellow students and other Americans while our elected public officials refuse to take the bold and necessary steps to once-and-for-all rid us of this growing calamity! . . . Where do we start to end gun violence and mass shootings in America? We start by repealing the second amendment to the Constitution! . . . The Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution is not sacred and it is not sacrosanct – it can be changed and it can be repealed! The time has now arrived when it must be repealed! (Ref. 7)

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