Far-Left Democrats Working Towards a Marxist America

Far-Left Democrats Working Towards a Marxist America

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NOTE: Much of this article uses material taken from the book American Marxism by Mark R. Levin.[1]. Rather than clutter up this article with numerous page references to that book, I have chosen not to include the references to the pages in the book. If interested in the subject matter, the reader is strongly urged to read the book.

     One weekend during the summer of 2021, far-left Congressional Democrats Cori Bush (Missouri), Ilhan Omar (Minnesota) and Ayanna Pressley (Massachusetts) slept on the Capitol steps, surrounded by cases of bottled water, pizza boxes, staffers and fawning press. These Democrats, who are part of a group who call themselves “the squad,” were protesting the end of the federal moratorium on evictions during the Covid-19 pandemic, which expired that Saturday night, and they were warning of soaring homelessness.
     “The squad” was playing on this public concern over homeless to demand Congress enact a new eviction moratorium. It would not only suspend rent and mortgage obligations but actually cancel them until the pandemic was over. When would that be? In their view, maybe never.
     These Marxist-Democrats and other far-left Democrats have a socialist agenda, which can be seen in their message: Don’t pay rent, we’ll block evictions; don’t pay back college loans, we’ll cancel them; don’t work, we’ll take money from those who do work and give it to you.
     Before she set up camp, Marxist Omar introduced a bill in the House of Representatives for guaranteed incomes. Everyone would receive $1,200 a month from the government whether you worked or not. Utopia, unless you happen to be one of the people toiling to pay for it.
     The truth is there was no need for an eviction moratorium. Congress had provided $47 billion in rent relief with generous terms. A New York City household of four earning as much as $95,450 was eligible. There were delays in getting the money out, but in New York, California, Massachusetts and several other states, any renter who applied for aid was protected from eviction while waiting.
     That federal rent aid was on top of stimulus checks and unemployment benefits with federal add-ons.
     The White House had said “Money is available in every state to help renters who are behind on rent and at risk of eviction.” The White House and the U.S. Treasury were pressuring states to get the money distributed.
     The economic problem was not that tenants were unable to find work. It was that too few workers willing to take the jobs available.
     “America’s employers can’t fill a record 9.2 million jobs because the government has been paying people more in unemployment to stay home,” Rep. Nicole Malliotakis told the New York Post. “So why aren’t they paying their rent?”
     Continuing the moratorium would clobber mom and pop landlords who need revenue to pay mortgages and repair buildings. They’ve been hardest hit during the pandemic, according to the University of Pennsylvania Housing Initiative. Prolonging the moratorium threatened their survival, putting housing supply at risk.
     Republicans and Democrats alike supported a temporary moratorium on evictions during the pandemic, when millions were forced out of work. By the summer of 2021, that time had passed. Layoffs were way down from the pandemic peak in April 2020, and it was time to get the capitalist engines humming. Unfortunately, that was not what our left-wing Marxist-Democrats wanted.[2]

     The effects of the ongoing policies of the Marxist-Democratic agenda of the Biden administration were clearly shown by the incontestable fact that Government welfare policies are clearly keeping millions of Americans from taking jobs. Even though there are millions of retail and restaurant jobs open, these industries lost employment in August of 2021. Same for construction: A loss of jobs, even though nearly every construction company in America is desperate for workers. The same is true for unfilled warehousing, manufacturing, trucking, engineering and business services jobs. These aren’t “dead-end” or even minimum wage jobs in most cases. Open factory and truck driver jobs pay $50,000 to $100,000 a year with benefits.[3]

     “But economist Casey Mulligan of the University of Chicago has found that when counting all government benefits, a family of four in high welfare benefit states such as New York and Connecticut and with two unemployed parents can receive up to $100,000 in government assistance. [Emphasis mine]
     “Why work? In some cases, workers would see a cut in their income if they returned to their jobs.
     “Former President Donald Trump’s economic adviser Larry Kudlow noted that President Joe Biden and the Democrats in Congress have ‘done away with the successful bipartisan welfare reforms of the 1990s. Those required work.’ They also had time limits of about 26 weeks. We now have Americans who have been collecting unemployment benefits and other government payments for a year and a half.
     “Now, it is almost as if Washington is intentionally discouraging work, even though COVID’s worst is behind us. Biden recently recommended that states such as New York and New Jersey with high unemployment rates continue to extend bonus unemployment benefits for more months past the Labor Day deadline. He also increased food stamps by 25%.
      - - -
     “Biden says the solution to the jobs problem is to pass his $4.5 trillion debt bill and $2 trillion tax hike. This would only raise the taxes on those who are working, fan the flames of inflation and pass trillions of dollars in more costs on to our kids. And despite his promises, most of the bill’s spending has nothing to do with job creation. [Emphasis mine]
     “For years, conservatives, and even many progressive Democrats, advocated a policy of ‘make work pay.’ Now we have a de facto federal and state policy of ‘make sitting on the couch pay.’ (Ref. 3]

     We already have a number of Democrats who are Marxists – Communists in sheep’s clothing! Perhaps, most prominent is Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders. Then there are the closet Marxists, like Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren. And now we have the self-proclaimed Marxists like the “the Squad”. “This far-left congressional ‘Squad’ is nothing more than a ‘cabal of Marxists who hate this country’ “.[4]

     These Marxist politicians have found a home in the Democratic party. And the Democratic party has no intention of doing anything about it. What has House Speaker Nancy Pelosi done? NOTHING! These closet communists are at war, with our American democracy right there in the halls of Congress, against our own country and the leadership of the Democratic party closes its eyes and covers its ears.[4] “There is clearly a growing radicalization of the [Democratic] party's elected membership, including the likes of the so-called Squad members – Representatives Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Ayanna Pressley, and Rashida Tlaib.”

     The move toward a Marxist America is evident in the actions of the federal government which is working to centralize all power in Washington – control that will be wielded by the “The American Marxist Party”, America’s version of the discredited communist parties scattered around the world. In 2020-2021, supposedly because of the Covid-19 crisis, the federal government in typical Marxist or Communist fashion sucked money out of the private sector, redistributed it to state and local governments minus a cut for all three levels of bureaucracy and then spent the remainder - often wastefully - according to political desires and special-interest dreams.
     State dependency on federal largesse was a growing problem well before the pandemic. As originally designed, the federal government was to have responsibility for areas that were national in scope (e.g., common defense) with everything else left to the states (e.g., education, policing). But whereas federal aid to the states in 1940 was only $13 billion in today’s dollars and “only” $239 billion in 2000, it’s projected to be over $1 trillion for 2021 and to continue rising as the Biden administration and congressional Democrats aim to have the federal government finance yet a greater share of overall government spending.
     With the federal government accounting for roughly a third of total state spending prior to the pandemic, it’s fair to wonder what the future holds for the relationship between the federal government and the states. The Constitution gave the states sovereign powers and limited (or at least tried to limit) the propensity for federal domineering. Today, the federal government not only dominates the states, it often does so with the encouragement of state and local officials who are all too happy to cash Uncle Sam’s “free” checks. The strings attached are a mere inconvenience. As a result, we’re continuing to move even further down the road toward the states effectively becoming administrative units of the “The American Marxist Party” ensconced in our nation’s capital.[5]

     “[U]nder the guise of the coronavirus pandemic, the Democratic Party has widely expanded the scope and reach of the welfare state, not only doling out trillions of dollars to shore up its political and ideological base, but also ensnaring an ever-large pool of individuals to government subsidies and transfer payments.”

     The core elements of Marxist ideology are now thoroughly pervasive in our American society and culture. “American Marxism has made great progress toward instituting its goals over the past several years.” The proponents of this Marxist philosophy cloak themselves in innocuous sounding phrases like “progressive”, “democratic socialism”, “social activism”, “community activism”, etc., while infiltrating and co-opting organizations and movements such as “Black Lives Matter (BLM)”, “Critical Race Theory” and the “green New Deal”. At the same time, these American Marxists are guilty of escalating repression and using censorship to silence opposing voices - an all-too-familiar characteristic of repressive communist regimes around the world.

     Our closet communists are led by openly Marxist professors and activists and supported by zombie-like “woke” followers. They have attracted “ideologically indoctrinated college and university students, particularly among the Ivy School elite, teachers’ unions, or the increasingly radicalized Democratic Party.” In recent years, they have resorted to using “the tactics of propaganda and indoctrination, and demand conformity and compliance, silencing contrary voices through repressive tactics such as ‘the cancel culture,’ which destroys reputations and careers, censoring and banning most patriotic and contrary viewpoints on social media . . . and attacking academic freedom and intellectual interchange in higher education.”

     Unfortunately, too many Americans today, particularly those among our youngest generations, are ignorant of and blind to the lessons of history. “Historical and present-day experience shows that Marxism and its supposed ‘worker’s paradise’ are responsible for the death of tens of millions of human beings, and the impoverishment and enslavement of over a billion more.” On the other hand, “capitalism has created unimaginable and unparalleled wealth for more people in all walks of life than any other economic system.” But there are those who are either ignorant of these facts or, for some unfathomable reasons, choose to ignore these historical facts. These ”true believers” have the ability to shut their eyes and stop their ears to facts that are not in agreement with the fairy tale being sold to them. “When the fanatic is confronted with facts, statistics, history, experience, ethics, faith, or what have you, it is of no consequence."

     With American Marxism, as with all forms of Marxism, democracy would disappear in their utopian fantasy world. ”Marxism does not tolerate the competition of ideas or political parties.”

     And who are these “progressives” and “reformers” attracting? Just who wants to replace democracy and opportunity and a proven economic system with conformity, totalitarianism, repression and a failed economic system? The lure of Marxism “is especially seductive to the malcontented, disenchanted, disaffected and dissatisfied. For them, individual liberty and capitalism expose their own shortcomings and failings, and their difficulty and perhaps inability to function in an open society. Marxism provides a theoretical and institutional framework through which they can project their own limitations and weaknesses onto ‘the system’ and their ‘oppressors’ rather than taking responsibility for their own real or perceived plight.” “These are America’s ‘useful idiots’ on whom Marxists rely – that is, individuals and organizations that are unserious and unaroused by the ominous clouds of tyranny, and even worse, are participants in their own demise and that of the country.”

     An enthusiastic Marxist intelligentsia is engaged in spreading utopian fantasies and is today indoctrinating and brainwashing these useful idiots. American Marxism exists. Today it is rapidly spreading influence throughout our nation. It now inhabits most of our institutions and menaces from within. As noted, a large number of these “experts” are found among the tenured faculty in our colleges and universities and, today, in these “colleges and universities, there is no limit to how professors can and do use Marxism as a doctrinal tool.”

     And the teaching of Marxist socialism has not been confined to our colleges and universities. It has also spread to our pre-college schools where “[t]he classroom provides a captive audience of millions of children, a perfect setting for Marxist-oriented indoctrination.” In the United States today, we are experiencing “the radicalization of the culture through education and media propaganda with radical, Marxist-based ideologies, such as Critical Theory. . . Rather than learning allegiance to the nation’s founding and ideals, and celebrating a free and civil society, successive generations of students are taught disdain for their own country, its history and its founding, and are encouraged to renounce it.”

     “Indeed, America’s college and university faculties have turned their classrooms into breeding grounds for resistance, rebellion, and revolution against American society, as well as receptors for Marxist or Marxist-like indoctrination and propaganda. Academic freedom exists first and foremost for the militant professors, and the competition of ideas is mostly a quaint concept of what higher education used to be and should be. But Marxism is not about free speech and debate, it is about domination, repression, indoctrination, conformity and compliance. The existing society and culture and those who prosper within it (intellectually, spiritually and economically), as well as those who defend it, must be denounced and defamed. Disillusion with the status quo is key. Marxism presents a ‘new faith,’ if you will, which promises a new and better society, for which a passion if not obsession is inculcated in future generations – despite its trail of mass death, enslavement and impoverishment.”

     What is being sold to America’s useful idiots are “glorious claims of a paradisiacal future and the perfectibility of man, if only the existing society and culture are radically transformed or abandoned altogether, and the individual surrenders more of his liberty, free will, and security to the cause.”

     One of the prime objectives of the Progressive Democratic politicians has been the push for “free college education for all and the cancelling of student loans to encourage more attendance at colleges and universities.” WHY? Perhaps the answer is the “indoctrinating as many young people as possible to support their radical dogma” – a dogma of radical Marxist socialism!

     Following the rioting that took place after the death of George Floyd, attention began to be focused on the connection between the liberal Democratic legislators in Washington, Marxist Socialism and the increase in Marxist-inspired violence in America. The following is a response to this turn of events.

     It has been said that Washington politics is like a NASCAR race, everyone is constantly making left turns. Democrats are turning left at 180 miles per hour while Republicans take the left turns at 120 miles per hour. If you don’t understand the implication, “turning left” means embracing the concepts of socialism at the expense of capitalistic democracy.
     Some might justifiably say that Liberal or Progressive Democrats were kicking in the door to Marxist, totalitarian rule, while Republicans are just turning the doorknob to a Marxist-Socialist world.
     In mid-2021, we were watching cities burn, CEO’s genuflect; elected officials facilitate elimination of police departments and order the police to stand by as criminals rioted, looted and vandalized property and committed violent crimes.
     This “social unrest” left the realm of peaceful protests when the Minneapolis mayor ordered his cops to vacate their police precinct building. Democrats were accelerating into the left turn. When Democrats claimed that there was institutional racism in our police agencies, what wasn’t reported was the reduction in police on African-American shootings by more than 300% over the previous five years. Republicans didn’t point out the 8,000 murders of African-Americans in 2020 and only 10 police on black shootings (six of whom were attacking officers).
     Instead, we accepted the premise of violent leftists. We acquiesced to their demands to nationalize local police tactics, and effectively inserted the national government into local policing, in a move characteristic or Marxist police states.
     Liberal Democrats in Washington accelerated their left turn toward socialism. They introduced a bill that would effectively emasculate local police agencies. And, while they repeatedly stated in the hearing in 2020 that they don’t want to defund police departments, their bill would effectively eliminate local policing without formal defunding measures. A congresswoman from Minnesota referred to the Minneapolis Police Department as a cancer that must be amputated. She unabashedly urged the dismantling of the police department.
     Those violent rioters who were vandalizing property, tearing down statues, murdering, assaulting and attacking the innocent were making demands to eliminate the police. In fact, that was a stated goal of the corporate entity of Black Lives Matter (BLM). The left-leaning Democrats in Congress didn’t bother to oppose the demand. How could they? They and BLM are joined at the hip. Both are self-professed Marxists!
     So, we see that - from the violent, radical base of the Democrats, right up to the highest political leaders of that Leftist political party - those "progessive" and "liberal" Democrats are turning left as hard and fast as they can.
     Those of us who believe in the virtues of democracy and free enterprise must fight back, instead of acquiescing to the premises of the hard left. Our history and our institutions are under attack by a lawless mob who seek to undermine and overthrow this nation.
     Can the American people see what is happening? The “Progressive” Democrats are facilitating the left turn toward socialism; these “Liberal” Democrats and groups like Black Lives Matter are all in on the attack on our police, our history and our institutions. Make no mistake, these far-Left Democrats are working towards a Marxist America![4]

     Let thinking Americans ask themselves the following two questions. (1) Why are individuals by the millions seeking refuge in America, risking their lives and the lives of their families, particularly those fleeing so-called communist paradises throughout the world, for a better life? and (2) Where are the concomitant examples of the opposite – that is, individuals “escaping” the “inequalities of American capitalism” for a better life in communist regimes? The entire ideology of Marxism is built on a fairy tale, yet delivers a nightmare of horrors.


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