Welcome President Biden – 2021!

Welcome President Biden – 2021!

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President Biden

     Well, the elections are over and this past Wednesday, 20 January 2021, Joe Biden was sworn in as America’s 46th president of these United States of America. Mr. President, you are now the president of the United States and you are now my president.

     Some four years ago, I didn’t vote for your predecessor, but following his election, I congratulated him, welcomed him as my president and wished him well.[1] Eight years ago, I didn’t vote for his predecessor, but following his election, I also congratulated him, welcomed him as my president and wished him well. [2] I sincerely wish you every success. The time for politicking and political fighting is over. In the American way, let me welcome you to the office of the presidency in the same vein.

Welcome Mr. President!

     America is emerging from a very difficult period in its history and needs to have some measure of tranquility restored. Hopefully, you will be able to preside over a period of recovery and tranquility. This past year was the year of the Corona Virus. In 2021, we are beginning our recovery from the pandemic - medically and financially. America has suffered through four years of the most disruptive presidency in its history – that is now past. During Donald Trump’s four years in office, our government has been helplessly embroiled in political warfare. This must end if America is to move forward. Hopefully, you and our other elected officials will now stop viewing themselves as Republicans and Democrats and, instead, focus on being representatives of America and the American people. Let us hope that the darker aspects of Donald Trump’s presidency will be quickly forgotten and that you will lead in moving forward.

     Donald Trump lost the popular vote by 5 million votes. He was handily trounced in the electoral college, too. There is no real question that he lost the election and you, Joseph Robinette Biden Jr., won. Welcome Mr. President!

Mr. President, don’t rush to reverse all that was accomplished under Donald Trump.

     The last four years have been tumultuous. There have been many excesses, rants, and imprudent actions that came out of the oval office. Many of those actions need to be reversed or negated, but, please, don’t “throw out the baby with the bath water!” just because they bear the imprint of your predecessor. Retain and improve those actions which are beneficial. For example, the Trump legacy with respect to Israel, Iran and the Middle East is exceedingly positive and must be continued if peace is ever to be achieved in that region of the world. The kowtowing to the unreasonable and irrational demands of the “Palestinian” leadership in the West Bank and Gaza was decisively ended under Trump and needs to remain ended.

     Former U.S. ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley has correctly pointed out the remarkable progress of Arab-Israeli peace achieved by President Donald Trump. She noted the resultant blooming friendships that have developed between Israel and numerous Arab countries in the past four years. While there will be strong partisan pressure to reject most, if not all, of President Trump’s foreign policy, she urges you, Mr. President, to ignore such pressure. “That would be a mistake. Sweeping away the achievements and strategies of the past four years would endanger American safety and interests.” “The Obama administration said such a peace would never happen. But it did — because of U.S. leadership.” “Trump refused to accept the tired thinking that the Palestinian cause was the key to broader regional peace.” (Ref. 3)

     Mr. President, another extremely positive outcome of Donald Trump’s time in office has been the resurgence of the American natural energy market. Partly, as a result of President Trump’s actions, America is now energy independent.

     “The U.S. is now the largest oil and natural gas producer in the world.
     “{In August of 2019,} the Energy Information Administration announced that U.S. petroleum and natural gas production increased by 16% and by 12%, respectively, in 2018, and these totals combined established a new production record.
      - - -
     “Last year’s increase in the U.S. was one of the largest absolute petroleum and natural gas production increases from a single country in history, according to the EIA press release.” (Ref. 4)

     Similarly, under the aegis of president Trump, corporate tax rates were reduced from 35% to 21%, thereby making U.S. companies more competitive with the rest of the world. This reduction in corporate tax rates needs to be left in place so U.S. companies can recover from the economic effects of the Covid-129 pandemic and remain competitive in the international marketplace.

     So, Mr. President, consider carefully before reversing any actions of your Republican predecessor.

Mr. President, reject the blandishments of socialism advocated by some of your Democratic Cohorts.

     Mr. President, the socialist leanings within the Democratic party by Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and others were rejected with your nomination as the Democratic Presidential nominee. Please continue this rejection of socialism. It is not the American way. As has been consistently proved, socialism is nothing but an idealist failure! Similarly, the anti-Semitic and anti-Israel proclivities of certain Democratic politicians need to be strongly opposed and forcefully rejected as totally un-American.

Mr. President, don’t succumb to the demands of the environmental extremists.

     Mr. president, don’t let the environmental whackos drive you to having America rejoin the Paris climate agreement. Without any impact on global temperatures, Paris was the open door for egregious regulation, cronyism, and government spending that would have been as disastrous for the American economy as it is proving to be for those in Europe. Heritage Foundation analysts projected that this agreement would have raised energy prices, killed jobs and cost the average family of four $20,000 by 2035.
     Research showed that the Paris plan would have created a shortfall of 400,000 jobs, a total income loss of $20,000 for a family of four by 2035, and an increase in household electricity expenditure by 13 to 20 percent.
     Realistically, the Paris agreement was basically an attempt to halt climate change on the honor system, a system that internationally rarely, if ever, succeeds. Its only legal requirements were for signatories to announce goals and report progress, with no international enforcement mechanism. Under the agreement, it is highly likely that the United States and wealthy developed nations would have implemented severe climate change rules while many other countries would have avoided doing anything that would slow their own economies. The agreement basically made the U.S. economy and other nations’ economies sacrificial lambs to the cause of climate change.
     The Paris climate agreement was negotiated badly and signed out of desperation. In fact, there was enough bipartisan opposition to the pact in Congress that President Obama bypassed sending it to the Senate for ratification as a treaty. The American agreement rests on nothing more than the former president’s handshake. That is why America’s agreement was based upon an executive order and not a formal treaty.
     In spite of all the noise from the environmentalists, the Big Con at the heart of Paris Agreement is that even its supporters concede that meeting all of its commitments wouldn’t prevent more than a 1/3 degree Fahrenheit increase in global temperatures by 2100, far less than the five degrees that is supposedly needed to avert climate doom. That’s right: Both MIT and the UN’s own Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change have projected that full adherence to the Paris deal would have little or no impact on global temperatures. Meanwhile, even without being part of the Paris Climate Agreement, the U.S. is cutting greenhouse gas emissions faster and farther than the European nations that are denouncing the U.S. for pulling out of the agreement and for destroying the Earth.[5]

     America’s position on the environment should be one of common sense, based upon scientific facts, not blind and irrational emotions. The consideration of the environment must be balanced by other relevant and equally important considerations, e.g., the economy and national security. Please, Mr. President, keep the environmental Gestapo out of your administration and consider all sides of the issue before taking any precipitous action with regard to the environment.

Mr. President, retore bipartisan cooperation!

     Mr. President, we need a return to the days of bipartisan cooperation if this country is to see an end to government inaction, political stagnation and overt animosity in the houses of Congress. It will not be enough for you, President Biden, to be civil in a way that Trump is not, whilet also promoting extreme progressive policies. That would have the same effect as Trump’s language has had: deep division.

Mr. President, restore the prestige and dignity of the office of president of the United States.

     Mr. President, your predecessor has degraded and debased the image of the office to which you have been elected. Americans look to you to restore the prestige and dignity of this office. I have no doubt that that your time in office will result in the removal of the stain that has emerged over the past four years. Please keep in mind the luminaries that have occupied the office of President before you and that have established the respect in which the office of President of the United States of America has been held in the past – both domestically and internationally.

Mr. President, be truthful and consistent.

     Mr. President, for the past four years, America has had to endure an endless stream of lies, misrepresentations and inconsistent statements emanating from the office in the White House. What is needed is an end to such erratic and unpresidential behavior. Please, be truthful in all that you say, try to avoid misrepresenting facts, policies, and issues, and - importantly – be as consistent as possible. America wants to know just where you will be leading this nation and they don’t want to see this direction change with the wind or with presidential whim.

Mr. President, ensure that America’s military continues to be the most powerful on the planet.

     Mr. President, As President of these United States and Commander in Chief of our armed forces, make it a prime objective to ensure that the United States military has the services of the best and brightest Americans and that it has the most modern and most advanced weapons and technology on the face of the earth. This world is simply too dangerous and there are too many evil people who wish us harm to do otherwise. "Walk softly and carry a big stick. Attempt peaceful negotiations while also being prepared for confrontation by displaying one's power, especially elements of force." (Ref. 6) The phrase is a variation on "speak softly and carry a big stick," a phrase popularized by President Theodore Roosevelt in a 1903 speech. More than 100 years later, his advice still applies.

     Mr. President, I welcome you and sincerely wish you the best of luck in all your efforts to govern this great nation.


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