You Are Not Jewish – You Are Stupid!

You Are Not Jewish –
You Are Stupid!

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Rally in Support of Israel Rally in Support of Israel

     Hamas has been waging a brutal war against Israel’s very existence. The tunnels uncovered between Gaza and Israel were intended to inflict terror and death on Israel’s southern border communities. Hamas has indiscriminately fired thousands of rockets and mortar rounds at the civilian population of Israel - Jews, Muslims, and Christians alike. Israelis, Jews, and all fair-minded people everywhere realize that these threats must be permanently ended. Indeed, Jews worldwide are expressing their solidarity with Medinat Yisrael, the State of Israel.

     Late Thursday afternoon, a large group of mostly Jewish supporters of Israel’s war against the Hamas terrorists that have been attacking Israel from the Gaza Strip gathered on Boston’s City Hall Plaza in a show of support and solidarity with their Israeli brethren.

     The rally at city Hall Plaza - convened by more than 100 area synagogues and Jewish organizations - took place with the New England Holocaust Memorial’s six imposing glass towers in the background. Up to 3,000 Israel supporters demonstrated their support for the Jewish state. The rally audience began the rally with the singing of the Star Spangled Banner, listened to several speakers with varied backgrounds expressing the need for supporting Israel, joined Rabbi Yossi Lipsker in the singing of a number of Hebrew prayers and songs calling for peace, and concluded with the singing of Hatikvah, the Israeli national anthem,

     Shortly before the rally closed to the sounds of a shofar , a rainbow appeared directly behind the Holocaust Memorial’s six glass towers (A sign from above?).

     The goals of the rally were expressed in many of the signs present at the rally. Among the signs were these: “Rally in Solidarity with Israel.” “Stop Terrorism! Stop Hamas!” “Stand up for Israel’s right to self-defense.” “Rally for the right of millions of Israelis and Palestinians alike to live in peace, free of Hamas' brutality and terror.”

     “More than 120 synagogues and organizations from across Massachusetts showed their support for Israel at the {Boston} rally.” (Ref. 1)

     Notably absent from the Boston rally in support of Israel was one organization that claims to be pro-Israel - J Street. “The Boston chapter of the George Soros-funded group infamously pulled its sponsorship from {the} Boston communal pro-Israel rally just a few weeks ago.” (Ref. 2)

     In addition to the expected line-up of communal leaders and diplomats, a reserve officer who fought in Gaza and the mother of a local lone soldier drew warm responses from a crowd waving hundreds of American and Israeli flags.

     Quotes from the speakers included the following:[3]

     “Israel has the right to defend itself, just as America has this right.”, “In the battle against terrorism, we stand united as one.” - former US senator William “Mo” Cowan

     “As Ronald Reagan said, we will not negotiate with terrorists,” - Brian Richardson, director of organization for New England’s carpenters union, who asked rally attendees to envision a scenario where Massachusetts was subject to ongoing rocket attacks, suicide bombings and kidnappings perpetrated by neighboring New England states.

     “It is high time that the [Palestinian] people are put ahead of the rulers’ blind ambition.” - Patrick Binns, Canada’s consul general in Boston. Binns also praised Egypt for “its tireless and honorable efforts in advancing the ceasefire.”

     “No army would have done as moral a job in Gaza as we did.” The IDF’s commitment to morality “is not out of fear of the international community, but because we were told at home and in school that every life is precious.” - Brandeis University student and IDF reserve officer Ohad Elhelo. Fresh back from fighting in Gaza, Elhelo called Protective Edge a “test of morality,” the 24-year old Elhelo spoke about Hamas terrorists taking cover in ambulances and among civilians, “forcing 18-year-old Israeli soldiers to make the hardest decisions possible.”

     Iris Frisch, the mother of 20-year-old Jacob Frisch - urged Israel supporters to push back on “the anti-Semitic poison that masquerades as BDS on campuses.” Frisch's son is a Boston native who has been serving in Gaza. He decided to join the IDF following “a promise to God” made during a visit to Auschwitz-Birkenau 2 years ago. Never again!

     Also speaking at the rally were Barry Shrage (head of Boston’s Combined Jewish Philanthropies) Karen Nahary (a campus programmer for Hillel Council of New England, Perry Newman, (senior director of Israel advocacy at Boston’s Combined Jewish Philanthropies), and Yehuda Yaakov (Consul General of Israel to New England). A strongly supportive message from Massachusetts Governor, Duval Patrick was read to the crowd.

     Boston area Jews were not the only attendees at the rally. I personally thanked one person holding a sign reading “Christians in Support of Israel” for attending the rally and for supporting Israel.

     Unfortunately, also present at City Hall Plaza, were several anti-Israel protesters with signs proclaiming them to be Jews opposed to the civilians casualties in Gaza. Police officers enforced a conspicuously large zone of separation between protesters and the rally, possibly due to recent assaults on pro-Israel students at anti-Israel demonstrations in Boston.

     To these supposed Jews who are opposed to Israel responding to the unprovoked attacks from Gaza on its civilian population, I say, don't claim to be Jews. “You are not Jews – You are stupid!”

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