A Message to President Obama and Secretary Kerry About Gaza

A Message to President Obama
Secretary Kerry About Gaza

© David Burton 2014

Obama and Kerry

     I have a personal message for President Obama and Secretary of State Kerry concerning the fighting in the Gaza Strip. My message is: Stop interfering and let Israel finish the Job that you and the rest of the world should have done long ago! Letís make the fighting now going on in Gaza the last fighting to take place there.

     The last thing needed right now is for you and other world politicians to try and broker a cease fire. A cease fire would only allow the murdering terrorists in control of Gaza to regroup, reorganize and rearm for the next set of attacks on Israel.

     Hamas has been designated as a terrorist organization. Hamas has told the world that it will never make peace with Israel. It will never recognize Israelís right to exist. It will continue to be a terrorist organization with the goals of: a) destroying Israel, b) murdering Jews, and c) working toward the subjugation of the non-Moslem world to fundamental Islam through world-wide terrorism.

     Stop trying to broker a Mid-East Peace Agreement. It takes at least two parties to reach an agreement. Outside of Israel, there is currently no second party with whom to reach such an agreement. The Arabs never have, do not now, and will not in the foreseeable future come to a meaningful peace agreement with Israel. Trying to broker a peace agreement with Islamic terrorists such as Hamas is an exercise in futility and another example of total disregard of reality. Such an agreement is meaningless to Moslem radicals and terrorists. They will abrogate any such agreement whenever it suits their purpose. President Obama and Secretary Kerry, read your history books! Listen to what the extremists and terrorists have been saying and doing!

     President Obama and Secretary Kerry stop trying to broker the fallacy of a two state solution with the rulers of Gaza and the West Bank! Israel and the world have offered the Palestinian Arabs their own nation many times, dating back to the 1947 U.N. Partition Plan and before that, to the Peel Commission Partition Plan of 1938. All such offers have been rejected out of hand by the Arabs. Israel took the unprecedented step of evacuating all Jews from Gaza and handing Gaza to the Palestinians. In return, Gaza has been turned into a terrorist base for launching rocket, mortar and terrorist attacks against the people of Israel. The tunnels from Gaza to Israel now being discovered and destroyed were not built for bringing tourists to Israel.

     President Obama and Secretary Kerry, please stop the rhetoric about how the poor people of Gaza are suffering! The ordinary people in Gaza do not deserve one ounce of our sympathy. They voted Hamas into power. They arenít blind to the thousands of rockets that have been launched from their backyards into neighboring Israel. They tolerate a murderous regime that keeps them in abject poverty. If the citizens of Gaza want to stop the bloodshed, let them get rid of Hamas. Let them stop Hamas from setting up rocket launching sites next to their homes and from firing rockets from the fields adjacent to their mosques. Hamas may launch the rockets, but all the people of Gaza are facilitators. They allow the terrorists to run (and ruin) their lives. They tolerate the misery inflicted on themselves and on the really innocent citizens of Israel. Until the people of Gaza rise up and rid themselves of the cancer that infects Gaza, they donít deserve one single teardrop of sympathy!

     President Obama and Secretary Kerry, if you truly want peace in the region, let Israel eliminate the terrorist threat in Gaza once and for all. Then, make the commitment to send in a military force Ė not an impotent peace-keeping observer force Ė to keep the terrorists out of Gaza permanently! Let the citizens of Gaza get out from under the tyranny of the Islamic extremists.

     President Obama and Secretary Kerry, after Hamas is removed from power, work to provide the ordinary people in Gaza with the financial, technical and political aid they will need to develop a viable economy - not the handouts from UNWRA that are designed to keep them perpetually dependent upon UN charity!

     President Obama and Secretary Kerry, mobilize the international community to support the effort to permanently get rid of Hamas, to demilitarize Gaza, to end the rocket attacks on Israeli citizens, and to close off the tunnels from Gaza leading into Israel!


  24 July 2014 {Article 194; Israel_19}    
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