Crocodile Tears

Crocodile Tears

© David Burton 2012

Palestinian Terrorists

     The crocodile tears of the anti-Semites and the totally blind bleeding hearts of the world have started once again. According to them, Israel is once again murdering poor innocent Palestinian women and children in Gaza. The left-leaning news media are running non-stop programs, pictures and stories of the poor defenseless civilians that are being killed and injured by Israeli air strikes. They pontificate that Israel may have the right to defend itself, but Israel should not conduct ground operations in Gaza where thousands, not hundreds, of rockets have been indiscriminately launched against purely civilian and non-combatant targets in Israel. The media incessantly deplores the injuries and deaths caused by Israeli air strikes.

     Enough already! The Arab population in Gaza does not deserve once ounce of our sympathy. They voted Hamas into power there. They cannot be blind to the thousands of rockets that have been launched from their backyards into neighboring Israel. They tolerate a murderous regime that keeps them in poverty – unemployment rates in Gaza approach 50% and the ones lucky enough to work, work for either the Hamas government or UNWRA, the United Nations Welfare Relief Agency, whose main task has been to keep the Mid-East Arabs in refugee camps ever since 1948. Heaven forbid that UNWRA work to help them get out of the refugee camps. If the citizens of Gaza want to stop Israel from defending itself, let them throw out the animals that are the ones that are responsible for subjecting them to the return fire. Let the “peace-loving” population of Gaza stop Hamas from setting up rocket launching sites next to their homes and from firing rockets from the fields adjacent to their mosques. The people of Gaza remind me of the child that murdered his parents and then asked for mercy because he was an orphan. Hamas or other terrorist organizations may launch the rockets, but all the people of Gaza are facilitators. They allow the terrorists to run (and ruin) their lives. They tolerate the misery inflicted on themselves and on the really innocent citizens of Israel. Until the people of Gaza rise up themselves to get rid of the madmen in their midst and stop the carnage, they do not deserve one single teardrop of sympathy!

     The media coverage of the situation in Gaza is sickening. They are only too eager to show the collateral damage caused by Israeli air strikes that are targeted against rocket launching sites, weapons factories and storage sites, and the terrorist infrastructure. Where has the worldwide media been for the past few years while thousands of rockets were falling on purely civilian areas in Israel? It was interesting to note that while watching one of the tear-jerker interviews of Gaza residents by CNN yesterday (20 November 2012), one Palestinian who had just lost his apartment, told the interviewer that he and his family were not injured because they received a warning from the IDF (Israel Defense Force) that their building would be bombed in 15 minutes. They took the warning seriously and vacated their building. Fifteen minutes later the building was destroyed by the IDF. On the Israeli side of the Israel-Gaza border, in Sderot, residents, if they are lucky, may have 15 seconds warning of a rocket attack, and that warning comes from the Israeli authorities, not from the terrorists launching the rockets.

     Government officials and so-called experts in international diplomacy from around the world are shedding crocodile tears over the plight of the poor Gazans. They mouth platitudes that profess to support Israel’s right to defend itself, but warn Israel against taking the fight to the criminals in Gaza with a ground attack. They urge restraint and tell Israel to solve the problem by negotiating with a Hamas regime that has the stated objective of destroying Israel and ridding Israel of all Jews. They are too blind to the fact that: That dog don’t hunt no more. Israel has tried to negotiate. Israel has given the Arabs land of peace. Israel has given the Arabs of the West Bank civilian control of their territory. Israel returned Sinai to Egypt. Israel gave the people of Gaza complete control of the Gaza Strip. Israel returned control of southern Lebanon to the people of Lebanon. Has Israel received peace in return? A re-armed Hezbollah threatens Israel from Lebanon in the the north. Syria fires mortar shells into northeast Israel. Hamas launches thousands of rockets into southern Israel. Islamist murderers infiltrate southern Israel and kill Israeli civilians. The inconvenient truth which these government officials and so-called experts in international diplomacy either can’t comprehend or don’t want to acknowledge is that: There is nobody on the Arab side with which to negotiate! Hamas, Hezbollah and the other Islamic extremists have but one objective – the destruction of Israel! For them negotiations are simply a temporary means to achieve their ultimate goal. Agreements with them are meaningless – they have no intention of honoring any agreement that does lead to their end goal.

     Neville Chamberlain tried negotiating with Hitler and his Nazi cohorts. Ultimately, the civilized world recognized that there could be no negotiation with such creatures. The only solution was their total destruction. Ultimately the free world and even Germany benefitted from their elimination. The same is true of these Arab and Islamic extremists. The only solution is their total elimination from the face of the earth. The People of Gaza can save themselves continued misery by getting rid of these gangsters, or, they can continue to suffer under their tyrannical regime.

     The rest of the world needs to stop paying lip service to the myth that these terrorists can be trusted to abide by any agreement that they make or that they will forgo their stated objective of destroying Israel (and ultimately the rest of the non-Muslim world in their quest for world-wide fundamentalist Islamic domination ). Better now rather than later, that the Hamas regime in Gaza be eliminated. It would have been much better to have eliminated Hitler and the Nazis in 1933 than to have had to wait for the ultimate consequences of World War II and the murders and deaths of millions by 1945. Unfortunately, “History repeats itself because no one was listening the first time." – Anonymous; and "Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it." - George Santayana. If the free world is truly interested in brokering a peace in the Mid-East, let them start by working for a regime change in Gaza, by whatever means. Also, let the free world remember who is at the core of much of the unrest in the Mid-East – Iran. Much of the weaponry and the funding reaching the terrorist groups surrounding Israel originates in Iran. It does little good to treat the symptoms of a disease – it’s the source of the disease that must be eliminated. Simply taking a pain killer will not get rid of a cancer. The malignant tumor must be exorcised from the body to achieve a final cure. If the people of Gaza and/or the rest of the world won’t help to eliminate the problem, then let Israel do what needs to be done. And please, No more crocodile tears for the poor innocent people in Gaza! They have brought this misery upon themselves and they can get rid of it, but only if they truly want to. Save you tears for the people of Israel, who want nothing but the opportunity to exist as a free nation in peace with their neighbors and with the rest of the world. May it be so!


  20 November 2012 {Article 149; Israel_13}    
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