How the Palestinian terrorists can win

How the Palestinian terrorists can win

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Israel Traffic Accident

Hamas and other radical Muslim terrorist groups want no peace with Israel. They want to prevent all moderate Arabs from bringing peace to the region and they want to destroy Israel. In a misguided effort to achieve these results they have resorted to suicide bombings, the murder of innocent civilians and other acts of terrorism. As a result of these acts of terror, perpetrated mostly against civilians (Israelis, fellow Arabs, and citizens of countries other than Israel), these terrorists have gained more or less universal condemnation from rational people. Because of this condemnation by all civilized nations and peoples, the Arab terrorists are losing the public relations (PR) war. Terrorist acts against the United States have resulted in a “War on Terrorism” and an Arab terrorist act against Israel is frequently seen as no different than an Al Queda terrorist attack against the United States. As long as the Palestinian Arabs and their supporters resort to terror against innocent civilians, they continue to lose support from the civilized people and nations of the world. There is, however, a way in which they can continue their unholy war against Israel without losing the PR war.

In an article titled Israeli Terrorists on Wheels, by Cheryl Kupfer, which appeared in the September 27, 2002 issue of The Jewish Press, it was reported that by early August, “over 300 Israelis had lost their lives since January in vehicular accidents, with tens of thousands injured in the same way.” Extrapolating these numbers, it is projected that over 600 Israelis were killed in traffic accidents over a twelve month span of time in 2002. This total is nearly on a par with the number of victims of Arab terrorism that year. “Death by vehicle in Israel is a fact of life, like getting a cold, or being blown up while in line to buy pizza.” In Israel, “only those traveling by tank are reasonably assured of making it to their destination.” Every day, “Israelis are senselessly killed or injured as they walk, ride, scoot and drive; lives are snuffed out or changed forever by their fellow citizens whose weapons range from cars and busses to trucks, taxis and vans – just about anything motorized and on wheels.”

This brings us to a suggestion to Hamas and their fellow murderers on how to continue with their acts of terror while avoiding the bad press that follows their acts of terrorism, murder and suicide. Instead of shooting motorists on Israel’s highways and instead of sending suicide bombers to murder unarmed and innocent civilians on busses, in pizza parlors and in discothèques, the Arab terrorists should buy a car for every Israeli. They should let the Israeli citizens become the new “terrorists on wheels” as they kill and maim their fellow citizens.

Just think, by doubling the number of motor vehicles on the road in Israel, the number of people killed and injured every year can be as great as the total number annually killed and injured both in highway accidents and as the result of terrorist acts. All this and no blame placed on the Arab terrorists.

So come on Hamas and come on Islamic Jihad, get your act together and give a motor vehicle to every Israeli citizen that does not now own one.


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