Islamic Fanatics Continue to be Threat to All

Islamic Fanatics Continue
to be Threat to All

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Islamic Terrorism

     Islamic extremists – Isis, Hamas, Hezbollah, the Muslim Brotherhood, Iranian Fundamentalists, "Palestinian" Extremists and others - are a threat to all peace-loving peoples – Jews, Arab Christians, and moderate Muslims. In particular, they continually fan the flames of terror and war in the Middle East!

     Admit it – IT WAS WAR – in 2021. There is no other conclusion to be reached after the attacks on Israel’s citizens began in May of 2021 by the so called “Palestinians” with whom Israel is supposed to live side-by-side in peace and harmony.

     On 7 December 1941, Japan attacked military facilities at Pearl Harbor. On 8 December 1941, the United States declared war on Japan and America entered World War II. Nobody raised their voices in opposition to America’s defending itself or to America’s waging total war against the Empire of Japan that caused the deaths of millions of Japanese soldiers and civilians – including the atomic bombing of the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki! Over a half million Japanese civilians were killed in World War II.

     At the beginning of May 2021, Arabs in Gaza and the West Bank launched thousands, of rockets at civilian areas of Israel while “Palestinians” attacked Israeli civilians, homes and synagogues. Prior to this, the rocket attacks on Israel – nearly all of which were against Israeli civilians – had been going on for several years. When Israel responded by attacking the sources of the attacks on it, voices around the world were immediately raised in objection! When Israel destroyed the headquarters of the terrorists who were leading the attacks on Israel, they even gave advanced warning to the “Palestinian” civilians who were being used by the terrorists as human shields to allow them to vacate the building. Did America give advanced warning to the people in Hiroshima and Nagasaki before the atomic bombs were dropped? But as has always been evident, those who urged Israel to “use restraint” and called their retaliation “excessive” have always harbored anti-Semitic and anti-Israel prejudices and hatreds – either openly, or secretly. Israel has always been subjected to rules that were never applied to other nations.

     What would the United States do if a neighboring country fired rockets into New York, Washington, Chicago and San Francisco? What would the United States do if a neighboring country deliberately sent balloons into this country to set fires to our crops and forests? What did the United States do when Japan attacked Pearl Harbor? Why shouldn’t Israel have the right to do the same?

     The Islamic extremists in Israel - the “Palestinians” - have clearly demonstrated that they deserve to have no nation of their own. What they do deserve is to be eliminated once and for all – just as the Nazis and fascists who brought death destruction and misery to the world in World War II were eliminated. These “Palestinian” fascists deserve no place in today’s world – certainly not in a region where they can attack innocent Israeli civilians.

     In May 2021, the “Palestinian” terrorists of Hamas, Fatah and other Islamic terrorist organizations continued their attack upon the State of Israel and the Jewish people of Israel. By the second week of the month, Israelis were justly calling it "war” as the country was under massive attack. Rockets continued to fall, with over 700 explosions in one day.
     Violent Arab rioters torched portions of the Israeli city of Lod and roamed the streets with Molotov cocktails looking to break into Jewish homes. "It's another Kristallnacht," said the residents. "Nothing short of war" as Prime Minister Netanyahu declared a state of emergency!
     Men, women and young children were living in terror and fear. Two Israeli women were killed by direct hits on their home in Ashkelon, with a third in critical condition. Hamas said it fired 137 rockets within 5 minutes, apparently to overwhelm Israel's Iron Dome defense. A school house was hit. Over 100 rockets were fired into Tel Aviv. Hundreds of Israelis were injured.
     On the night of 11 May, during Jerusalem Day celebrations, rockets were fired at Israel's capital. Arab violence in Jerusalem spiraled out of control. Air-raid sirens blared throughout Israel.[1]

     In the city of Lod, normally a city where Jews and Arabs got along peacefully, violent Arab rioters torched portions of the city while threatening Jewish residents of the town.
     It was reported that Arab rioters were firing at Israeli forces with automatic weapons. Arab gangs were trying to break into Jewish houses. Arabs set fire to cars and stores throughout the city. “Muslim mobs attacked Jewish targets” in Lod “in an apparent show of solidarity with Hamas in the Gaza Strip, leaving behind scenes reminiscent of Nazi Germany in the 1930s”.
     On 10 and 11 May, terrorists in Gaza launched hundreds of rockets at Israeli civilians, killing three and wounding scores of other, including a five-year-old girl.
     Arabs had also launched a wave of violence in Jerusalem to coincide with the start of the Muslim month of Ramadan in mid-April. Later, confrontations erupted at the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound, which sits on top of the Jewish people’s holiest site, the Temple Mount.[2]

     Later, on the night of 10 May 2021, Muslim mobs attacked Jewish targets in the mixed Jewish-Arab city of Lod in an apparent show of solidarity with the Hamas terrorists in the Gaza Strip. As part of the attacks, the rioters pillaged synagogues, ransacked the houses of prayer and desecrated the Torah scrolls. The rioters also rampaged in the streets, leaving behind significant damage and destruction.[3]

     The scene in Lod showed that the hatred that had been allowed to grow over the years in the West Bank and in the Gaza Strip had now spread into Israel proper. Arabs set fire to synagogues and combed the streets looking for Jewish victims. Failing that, they attempted to break into Jewish homes. They burned cars and whatever else they could lay their hands on. These events, more reminiscent of the pogroms in the Pale of Settlement in Czarist Russia, were taking place in Israel proper, in the city of Lod, just a half hour’s drive from Tel Aviv.
     More than one eyewitness called it a pogrom. The city’s mayor compared it to Kristallnacht in pre-WWII Nazi Germany.
     Lod is a mixed city. Lod’s Arabs are Israeli-Arabs. They have grown up in Israel, not on the other side of some imaginary line, not in the so-called ‘occupied territories.’ Despite propaganda to the contrary, Israel makes enormous effort to help its Arab citizens feel a part of the country. In short, there was no excuse for the savagery of this ungrateful minority.
     Israelis were watching and no doubt reaching conclusions. “All the work we have done here for years [regarding coexistence] has gone down the drain,” Lod’s mayor said. Even the most dedicated peace advocates fell silent as Arabs, who a month ago were wishing their Jewish neighbors a Happy Passover, took to the streets with chants of “With blood and fire we will redeem Palestine.”[4]

     Elsewhere in Israel in 2021, explosions shook central Israel as scores of Iron Dome rockets were launched to intercept a barrage of 1,000 or more rockets fired by Palestinian terrorists in Gaza at the most heavily populated part of the country. Civilian deaths and injuries mounted steadily as the rocket barrage went on.[5]

     In the coastal city of Ashkelon, two residents were killed and dozens of people were injured after “Palestinian” terrorists in Gaza fired hundreds of rockets at Israeli towns and cities.
     The attacks began when terrorists in Gaza fired rockets at Jerusalem, claiming they were supporting the Arab rioters in Jerusalem who were “defending” the Al Aqsa mosque on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. They then fired dozens more at Israeli towns and cities closer to Gaza. The rocket fire continued all night with over 500 rockets fired at Israeli civilian centers.[6]

     With the uptick in Islamic violence by the Islamic/Arab extremists, the world should remember that Jews and Israelis are not the only victims of “Palestinian” and Islamic terrorism. Anyone who does not submit to their demands is an enemy and a potential target. This includes Christians and even other followers of Islam. Listen to the story of Brigitte Gabriel who was born in the Marjeyoun District of Lebanon to a Maronite Christian couple.

     Brigitte Gabriel is a survivor of Islamic terrorism. She was ten years old when Islamists blew up her home, burying her under the rubble. Her only crime was that she was a Christian. At 10 years old, she learned the meaning of the word “infidel.”
     Gabriel says she had a crash course in survival, living in a dark cold bomb shelter drinking stale water and having grass and dandelions for food. At the age of 13 she dressed in her burial clothes waiting to be slaughtered and by the age of 20 had buried most of her friends – killed by Muslims.
     In the Muslim world, genocide has begun. Fourteen of the world’s fifteen most repressive countries for Christians are Muslim countries: Somalia, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Sudan, Iran, Pakistan, Eritrea, Nigeria, Maldives, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Yemen, and Uzbekistan. Thirty-six of the worst fifty are Muslim countries, including Qatar, Egypt, the “Palestinian” Territories, Jordan, Algeria, Tunisia, Malaysia, Turkey, and Indonesia.
     Radical Islamists seeks to subjugate everyone who does not adhere to its version of “religion.” Just because we are not at war with radical Islam does not mean that radical Islam is not at war with us. While The Human Rights Council of the United Nations ceaselessly foams at the mouth about perceived Israeli violations of the rights of “Palestinians”, it doesn’t seem to notice documented massacres of Christians by Muslims all over the world. It’s ironic that Israel is the only country in the Middle East that has an increasing Christian population.
     in the words of Brigitte Gabriel “There must be no delay, no hesitation, and no compromise with our purpose to defeat Islamic radicalism. We cannot, we must not stand on the sidelines allowing genocide in our lifetime.[7]

     Back in 2017, one Israeli wrote realistically of how to treat the hardline “Palestinians” who have been bent on attaining one objective ever since Israel became the only free, democratic nation in the Middle East.

     Abu Yehuda wrote that a new approach to the “Palestinians” was needed. Being the “responsible adult” didn’t work. Hoping that - some day - they would come to their senses and understand that coexistence was more profitable than endless war didn’t work. Thinking that “after all, they were human beings too and that if Israel treated them fairly, they would act like human beings” didn’t work.
     Nothing rational had worked: Providing them with electricity so they could make rockets with which to kill Israelis with didn’t work; keeping their tribal enemies from killing them didn’t work; paying them didn’t work; giving them weapons “to fight terrorism” didn’t work; respecting their religious rights (to behave like 7th century barbarians) doesn’t work; treating their corrupt inciter-in-chief like a president didn’t work; letting them destroy Israeli villages and kicking Israelis out because they claimed the land (they claim everything) didn’t work; punishing israel’s soldiers for shooting theirs didn’t work; ransoming hostages didn’t work; and not having a death penalty for terrorist murder didn’t work.
     These things don’t work for several reasons. They don’t work because of the honor/shame culture of these barbarians; they don’t work because Islam tells them that they really ought to be on top, and Jewish sovereignty is a perversion of the moral order; and they don’t work because they believe in a historical narrative that is false from start to finish.
     Israel and others have been trying the old way since before the founding of the State of Israel. These “Palestinian” extremists have never accepted the presence of Jews – or anyone else - in the land, and they have always murdered these others (sometimes more frequently, sometimes less). Now, thanks to the idiocy of the many, these Islamic extremists have set up an indoctrination regime that produces child soldiers that they send to butcher Israeli families. They have created a generation of creatures that will slit the throat of a 4-month old baby or a 70-year old grandfather, and take pride in their work: the Arafat generation. And their parents, too, are proud.
     The more Israel has talked to them and tried to reason with them, tried to meet their demands, the more it fed their fury. Why should they talk to dogs, pigs and monkeys? There is nothing to talk about, especially not with the Arafat generation.
     The more concessions Israel and the world makes, the more they think they are winning and the harder they fight. It’s simple operant conditioning: every time they are violent, they get something. Violence works for them. Every time they are violent, the anti-Semites of the world blame Israel for the violence. Every time they are violent, bleeding-heart liberals of the world rush to reward them.
     So what can work? First of all, a fundamental change in our point of view: stop treating them as another people more or less like those in the civilized world, one with whom Israel must find a way to coexist. Coexistence is impossible with such animals. It’s not up to Israel; that is who they are. What will work is to see them as an implacable enemy that must be defeated by any means necessary. The lesson taught over seven violent decades clearly shows this to those who are not blind and those who are not prejudiced against Judaism and Israel.
     What can work is to stop talking and start fighting. Cut them off from everything Israel supplies them, money, food, water, electricity, communication, transport. Take control of Jerusalem and the holy places. Take control of all of Palestine. If they send their soldiers against Israel, even their child soldiers, kill them.
     If they’ve been conditioned to behave violently by having their violent behavior rewarded with concessions, this behavior can be extinguished. Take away the positive reinforcement and replace it with punishment.
     The alternative for Israel (and the world) is to keep on pretending that an accommodation can be reached with them, because after all they are (supposedly) human too, and so on. Israel can keep trying to satisfy them. Israel can rationalize: who really cares about the Temple Mount except religious fanatics? Why shouldn’t Israel cede more and more land in Judea and Samaria to them? Yes, they are unreasonable, but Israel has to be the rational ones.
     This is the path Israel has taken since 1948, more or less, and the path Israel confirmed in 1993 when it signed the Oslo agreements that caused the death of thousands of Israelis and gave birth to the Arafat generation. It is the path prescribed by Jew-haters who even today support Israel’s enemies in every possible way short of bombing Tel Aviv.
     It hasn’t worked. What works is to stop pretending, stop submitting to threats and violence, and start standing up against these enemies of Israel, Jews and civilized people. It’s a big job, but it has to start somewhere.[8]

     Islamic terror continues in 2022. A horrific attack carried out by a Palestinian terrorist in Bnei Brak in March resulted in the deaths of 5 Israelis.
     This was the third such attack at that time, all of which appeared to be connected to the Islamic State (ISIS) terror group.
     Police officer Amir Khoury, an Arab Christian, from the city of Nof HaGalil, was among the five killed in the shootout with the terrorist. Two other victims were Ukrainian citizens.
     Also in 2022, there were a series of terror attacks in the Jerusalem area and the murder of four Israelis in Beersheba and another two in Hadera by Islamist terrorists. These attacks occurred ahead of the Muslim month of Ramadan, which, as in 2021, usually results in an uptick in Muslim violence and acts of terrorism in Israel.[ 9]

     Can Israel live with a “Palestinian” entity in its midst? Only when pigs learn to fly!

     A new survey sheds light on “Palestinian” attitudes towards Israel, the peace process and their own leaders.
     “When asked how to break the current impasse, 68% of Palestinians choose violence, ranging from an all-out terror war (44%) to sporadic terror attacks (24%). Only 25% choose the path of negotiations,” reported Palestinian Media Watch in its analysis of the survey.[10]

     As further evidence that Islamic terrorists are a threat to all peace-loving peoples, Israeli Christians sent a letter on Tuesday to Israel’s Public Security Minister, Defense Minister, Police Commissioner, Foreign Minister and other officials warning of Muslim attacks on their Easter and the pre-holiday events and demanding protection.
     The letter, sent by the Jerusalemite Initiative organization, stated that “the past in Israel’s neighboring countries has taught us that Christians and their symbols have been a target for the Islamic State terrorist organization to the point of genocide.
     The letter was dispatched after two terror attacks in Israel in the previous week, carried out by ISIS-sympathizers in Be’er Sheva and Hadera, claimed the lives of six Israelis and injured about 20.
     The letter pointed out the potential harm to Christians in Israel during Easter by Islamic fanatics and asked Israel to provide maximum security to Christians and churches during the Easter period.
     During March 2022, Muslim terrorists carried out nine attacks across Israel, in which 25 Israelis were injured, and 6 were killed. Security tensions in Israel were high, after a series of terror attacks in the Jerusalem area and the murder of four Israelis in Be’er Sheva by an Islamist terrorist, and ahead of the Muslim month of Ramadan, which usually marks an uptick in Muslim violence and acts of terrorism in Israel.[11]

     Terrorists committed a number of shooting or stabbing attacks against Israelis in of March 2022, not counting the frequent episodes of hurling rocks and Molotov cocktails at Israeli vehicles in the West Bank. These attacks were encouraged and celebrated by terrorist groups like Hamas who urged such "resistance" against Israelis, There was a long pattern of increases in terrorism and incitement at the time of Ramadan, with the 2021 wave of violence culminating in Hamas's war against the Jewish state.[12]

     The wave of terror continued in Israel in 2022. “A Muslim terrorist {at the end of March} boarded a public bus in Judea, south of Jerusalem, and stabbed a passenger with a screwdriver several times, seriously wounding him.” (Ref. 13)

     “In the spring of 2022, Israel was struck by a series of Arab terror attacks. The attacks, in the cities of Beersheva, Hadera, Bnei Brak, and Tel Aviv, took 14 innocent Jewish, Arab, Druze, and Christian lives. . .
     “Stone throwing attacks by Palestinian rioters on Jerusalem’s Temple Mount led to violent clashes between the rioters and Israeli police officers. . .
     “In recent days, Palestinian rocket fire from the Gaza Strip escalated tensions, and threatened to incite broader fighting between Israel and the Hamas terror organization that rules the Gaza Strip.” (Ref. 14)

     During Ramadan 2022, celebrations were overshadowed by a dramatic surge in violence across Israel - with 11 people killed.
     Four people were killed and several others injured by a knife-wielding maniac in the southern city of Beersheba on March 22.
     The Arab attacker horrifically drove his car into a cyclist in his 60s before stabbing five people.
     Just five days later, an Arab assailant rained a hail of gunfire in southern Israel as an Israeli-Arab summit convened.
     The militant gunman fatally shot two police officers in Hadera, a city some 30miles north of Tel Aviv.
     Another five people were murdered by a Palestinian gunman in Bnei Brak on March 29, marking the third deadly attack in just a week.
     A regular scene of conflict was at the Al-Aqsa mosque where Muslims gathered each evening during Ramadan.
     Israeli-Palestinian tensions became sky-high amid the series of bloody attacks by Palestinian assailants.
     It seemed that no victims were off-limits either - as another Palestinian shooter opened fire in a tourist hotspot in Tel Aviv on April 8.
     The gunman fatally shot two childhood friends and injured eight others in the deadly assault - leaving four others in critical condition. He brazenly pulled the trigger while aiming at several spots on Dizengoff Street, which is one of the city's busiest walkways.[15]

     Not all Islamic terrorism is directed against Jews and Israelis. Islamic extremists are equal opportunity terrorists. A prime target of Islamic extremism are Christians. Here are examples of the world-wide persecution of Christians by Islamic fanatics in just one month, February 2022.

     In Iran, Authorities called on ten Muslim converts to Christianity, who were earlier cleared of all charges, to take "re-education" classes led by Islamic clerics. Earlier, the prosecutor in the case against these Christians had said that "apostasy" from Islam was punishable under Islamic law, or sharia.
     In a separate incident, three people who converted from Islam to Christianity - a married couple and a separate woman – were summoned to begin serving prison sentences of between two and five years for “acting against national security” by attending a house-church and “spreading Zionist Christianity.” The man is to serve five years in prison; his wife and the other woman are each to serve two years. A fourth member of the group is already serving a four-year sentence.
     In Egypt, a Christian was arrested on charges relating to violations of Egypt's cyber-crime law and using religion to promote extremist thought. The Christian and his defense team had no opportunity to respond. A law banning “insulting the heavenly religions”, criminalizing blasphemy, has been repeatedly used to silence Egypt's religious minorities.
     In Uganda, a convert to Christianity was accused of being an infidel by converting to Christianity, and that Allah would reward his killers in paradise if they would kill him. He was told that it was the right time for him to receive punishment from Allah, whereby he was going to be burned alive and the birds of the air would enjoy him as their meat. His Muslim attackers started beating him up as others gathered firewood, while another was sent to go for petrol because they wanted to use it to burn him alive. He was found behind his house, tied and with firewood around him.
     Also in Uganda, Muslims beat unconscious a Christian evangelist on his way to participate in an open air debate on Islam and Christianity. While beating him, one of his attackers said, "You have been terrorizing our religion. Today Allah has called you, and you are going to meet him." Two hours later, a passerby found the evangelist lying unconscious in a pool of his own blood.
     Finally, in Uganda, Muslims intercepted and beat a Christian convert as he was leaving church, where he had just publicly professed his newfound faith in Christ. When he and his friend exited the church, his family approached, yanked the new convert, who was carrying a Bible, to one side, and confronted his companion.
     One of them told the companion: “We know that you are a Christian, but our son is a Muslim - we do not want to see you here.” So, he left immediately. Just a little distance away, he heard loud screaming from the Christian convert crying for help.
     When another vehicle drove by and stopped, the Christian told them what was happening, prompting the Muslim attackers to place him in their vehicle and drive away. The evangelist said that he knew that they were going to kill his friend, so he alerted his pastor, who organized two vehicles immediately and drove to the new convert’s home. There were several people outside, but on seeing the Christian arrivals they fled. They found the convert outside his cottage lying in a pool of blood and half-naked, with serious head and leg injuries, but still alive. He was rushed to a hospital, at which point his relatives destroyed his living quarters.
     In Algeria, Jihadists came by motorbike and told Christians that "they don't want to see crosses." In another incident, a Christian remains in detention for anti-conversion charges brought against him. The threats to Algerian Christians come as a result of failure to comply with a 2006 ordnance that requires non-Muslim worship to operate only in licensed buildings. However, the licensing commission has yet to issue a single permit.
     Algerian authorities arrested a Christian man for preaching outside his sealed-off church and giving a passerby a Bible. This incident is representative of a pattern of persecution against the Protestant churches of Algeria.
     To date, at least 16 churches affiliated with the Protestant Church of Algeria (EPA) remain closed or have been threatened with closure.
     In Turkey, authorities gave permission to turn the historic and much venerated Panagia Soumela Monastery into a discotheque for the filming of an advertisement, which included people dancing to loud electronic music in the monastery's courtyard. Orthodox Christians responded with outrage at what they deemed the intentional desecration of a cherished site. The Monastery was founded in 386 AD and operated until the Turkish genocide of Christians, when it was abandoned, vandalized, used by smugglers, and eventually burned. After a lengthy rehabilitation in 2015-2017, the monastery was reopened for tourists - only to be immediately vandalized again, and now mocked in the context of filming an advertisement.
     Also in Turkey, local Muslim villagers transformed an ancient church, the Assyrian church of Mor Aday, built in the seventh century, into a horse stable, after it was left by local Turkish authorities to fall into ruin and decay. Sadly, the debasing and desecrating of Christian churches and monasteries by turning them into horse stables is an ancient Islamic practice. Ottoman Sultan Muhammad II, for instance, vowed to transform the churches of Constantinople into stables for his army's horses; in the years before the First Crusade, the Turkish ruler of the ancient Christian city of Antioch converted its main cathedral into a horse stable; and a Georgian chronicler wrote of how "holy churches [throughout Asia Minor] served as stables for their [Turkish invaders'] horses."
     In Nigeria on February 25, 2022, members of the Islamic State West Africa Province murdered three Christians during an attack on Chibok, in the nation's northeast. The terrorists also destroyed a worship building belonging to the Church of the Brethren in Nigeria.
     In Pakistan, as many as 200 Muslims slaughtered Pervez Masih, a 25-year-old Christian video game store owner. On the evening of February 13, he refused to gamble with some young Muslims who had entered his store. On the next day, a mob "of 150 to 200 Muslims came to the Christian area of Lahore, some with guns, and started insulting and beating people, including Pervez. Despite his uncle's attempts to stop the beating, the attackers dragged Pervez away to torture him with sticks and bricks, threatening that they would not leave him alive. Eventually one of the Muslims hit the young Christian in the head. When the latter fell to the ground, everyone fled the scene, firing into the air.
     In the Democratic Republic of Congo on 24 February 2022, Islamic terrorists, linked to the Allied Democratic Forces, murdered four Christians.
     In Burkina Faso, During the night of 10-11 February 2022, jihadists came by motorbike and attacked Saint Kisito de Bougui, a seminary that housed nearly 150 seminarians. Although no lives were lost, there was a lot of material damage. The attackers burned two dormitories, a classroom, and a vehicle. Another vehicle was stolen. A crucifix was destroyed. The invaders told the Christians that they don't want to see crosses. The terrorists also told the seminarians to "go now, that they will come back and if somebody remains there, they will kill them."[16]

     As if there weren’t enough “Infidels” in the world to attack, we have news of the frequent slaughter of Muslims by Muslims, particularly in Afghanistan and Iraq.

     A Taliban official said a bombing at a mosque and religious school in northern Afghanistan near the end of April 2022 killed at least 33 people, including students of a religious school. The bombing also wounded another 43 people, many of them students. Afghanistan’s Islamic State affiliate later claimed responsibility for killing the Muslim worshippers and wounding scores more.[17]

     In Iraq, three members of Sunni tribal forces were killed and eight others, including civilians, were wounded, following an attack by members of the Islamic State (ISIS) in April of 2022. This was the third time ISIS had attacked the area within a week’s span of time.
     ISIS also carried out two other attacks in the Iraqi province at the same time, targeting brigades of the Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF) and the Iraqi army.[18]

     Toward the end of April 2022, published a list of Killings in the name of Islam during the previous 30 days. This list reported 461 people killed and 741 injured. During these 30 days, there were 88 Islamic attacks in 18 countries. Most of these incidents were terror attacks while a handful were honor killings or Sharia executions. also reported that there were 41,269 terror attacks all over the world since 9/11.[19]


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