Let’s End the Palestinian Temper Tantrums

Let’s End the Palestinian Temper Tantrums

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Temper Tantrums

     For some 70 years now, the useful idiots of the world have been taken for a ride by “Palestinians”, their Arab and Moslem brethren, the Jew-haters of the world and the anti-Israel crowd. Most recently, these do-gooders have allowed themselves to submissively give in to the tantrums that make up the demands of the “Palestinians”. These do-gooders are not simply naďve - they are unbelievably stupid, or they are realistically closet anti-Semites. These supposedly intelligent people have gleaned nothing from the long-learned upbringing of children or the responses that are appropriate when immature children go into temper tantrums in an effort to brow-beat their parents into giving them their way.

     The following is a heavily edited version of how to handle tantrums in young children that can be found on the Web MD web site. (Ref. 1)

     Those of us who have brought up children undoubtedly know what temper tantrums are. Those who haven’t bought up children have most likely seen temper tantrums thrown by young children in stores, supermarkets, and elsewhere.

     Dealing with such tantrums may be unpleasant or embarrassing for the parents. One fact about a young child’s tantrum - A child is more likely to have temper tantrums if the parent gives in to the child's demands. Another fact is that after a tantrum starts, ignoring it may work best, and, again, don’t give in to his or her demands.

     Some children have temper tantrums that last longer and are more severe than normal. They may destroy things or hurt themselves or other people. This violent behavior may be a sign of a more serious problem.

     As a very young and immature boy, when I would start one of my temper tantrums, my mother would respond by telling me to “Gei, klopf dem kopf am vand und shrei bravo!” which, in Yiddish, means, “Go bang your head on the wall and shout bravo!” In other words, she was telling me that my temper tantrum was useless and having a tantrum was not going to get me what I wanted. I learned quite quickly that a temper tantrum would get me nothing in return, except possibly a swift hand to my rear end.

     With respect to the ongoing conflict between Israel and the so-called “Palestinian” people over the past 7 decades or so, we have witnessed a growing number of “temper tantrums” by the “Palestinians”. Their tantrums have escalated and become more frequent as their attempts to get their way by violence have produced only negative results. These tantrums have continued because, instead of being ignored or punished by the international community, the “Palestinians” have been rewarded for their tantrums by being given what they could not obtain otherwise.

     The “Palestinians” throw a tantrum over Israeli settlements – the anti-Israel nations of the world rush to pressure Israel to tear down the settlements. The “Palestinians” throw a tantrum over Israel trying to get the world to acknowledge Jerusalem as its eternal and undivided capital - the Israel-hating nations of the world rush to deny any Jewish identity with the Temple Mount, the Western Wall and other undeniably Jewish religious and historical sites. The “Palestinians” throw a tantrum over Israel killing “Palestinian” terrorists who murder innocent civilians - the anti-Semites of the world rush to condemn Israel for using unnecessary force in protecting its citizens. The “Palestinians” throw a tantrum over Israel responding to rocket attacks from Gaza - the Israel-bashers of the world rush to indict Israel for using “disproportionate force” in defending itself. The “Palestinians” throw a tantrum over Israel establishing check points to keep terrorists out of Israel - the Israel-bashers of the world rush to charge Israel with being an apartheid nation. The “Palestinian” temper tantrums continue and the world rewards the “Palestinians” for their behavior. Indeed, if shouting, screaming and breaking things can get the “Palestinians” what they want, they would be stupid to discontinue their behavior. Those who are stupid, are the ones that give in to their tantrums and reward their bad behavior.

     As with a stubborn child who isn’t getting his way and goes into hizzy fit, West Bank dictator Mahmoud “Abbas refused to back a U.S. effort to lay down the future terms of peace in a United Nations Security Council resolution that would have supported Palestinian territorial claims. Why the refusal? Because in order to get the land, the Palestinians would have to acknowledge Israel as a Jewish state and end the conflict for all time. That is something the Palestinians continue to refuse to do no matter where Israel’s borders might be drawn.” (Ref. 2) In response, the nations of the world tell Israel that they are the obstacles to peace because they are allowing Jews to add housing for their expanding families in their established towns in the West Bank. Never mind the Palestinian Authority’s blatant policy of fomenting hatred against Jews and Israel and its encouragement of terrorism. Never mind that the PA and the Fatah Party that controls the West Bank continues to treat terrorism against Jews as a heroic endeavor and glorifies them by calling them martyrs and naming streets after them.

     It’s time for the EU, the U.S. and other nations with a semblance of sanity to stop telling Israel, “don’t bother me with facts and truths, just give the Palestinians what they want.” And it’s time for these nations give up the pretext that they won’t compromise Israel’s security - the unfortunate truth is that they don't give a damn about Israel's security, they just want to give the "Palestinians" whatever they want in the vain hope that the "Palestinians" and their Islamic terrorist brothers will leave them alone. It’s time for these nations to stop telling Israel that they must give “Palestinians” what they want or else.

     The time is long overdue for honest nations of the world to start punishing the “Palestinians” for their temper tantrums. Ignoring the tantrums is not enough. Rewarding them for the tantrums at the expense of Israel is reprehensible. Let’s make “Palestinian” bad behavior painful. First, let’s stop playing lip service to the demand for Israel to give the “Palestinians” a territory within the meaningless “pre-1967 borders”. Instead, if the “Palestinians” continue to refuse to negotiate border arrangements in good faith, let Israel unilaterally define the borders it wants, based upon its defense needs and the presence of existing Jewish communities in the disputed territories. For every rocket or mortar fired into Israel, the United States and other like-minded countries should provide Israel with material and financial aid for defense, or they should just give Israel a modern tank or fighter airplane each time there is a terrorist attack. Let’s get honest nations of the world to move their embassies to Jerusalem. Let’s get the message out that outrageous lies and distortions of historical and archaeological facts will not be accepted and, indeed, will be refuted. Let’s make sure that the “Palestinians” understand that their “temper tantrums” are unacceptable and that the longer they continue with such unacceptable bad behavior, the more they will be punished and the less they will end up with. As with children, tantrums by nations or potential nations should first be ignored and if that doesn’t work, then their temper tantrums should be punished. Only good behavior deserves to be rewarded.

     “Palestinian” tantrums have long since pushed beyond the first boundary and, after some seven decades or so, it’s time to stop rewarding and/or ignoring them. The time to mete out some well-deserved punishment for their tantrums and bad behavior is now. Like a petulant and ill-behaved child, they must be taught good behavior. As with a child, rewarding the bad behavior of the “Palestinians” only encourages more bad behavior on their part which has proven to be highly destructive.


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