Lies, Lies and Damned Lies

Lies, Lies and Damned Lies

© David Burton 2017

Funding Terrorism

     Let’s start by getting a few facts straight. The term “Palestinian” is just one of many propaganda lies generated by Israel-haters for the benefit of the gullible. Palestine historically referred to the entire country of Israel – including what is today called the “West Bank” and Gaza. The West Bank was Biblically called Samaria and Judea. Fact: Palestinians are correctly anyone living in Palestine – Jews, Arabs, Christians, Druze, etc. I have seen a British identity card of a Jew who fought against the British between World War II and the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948 that described the man as a “Palestinian Jew”. So, rather than buy into the ongoing propaganda lie, I will correctly refer to Arabs living in the West Bank and in Gaza as West Bank Arabs and Gaza Arabs, or “WB&G Arabs” for short.

     The useful idiots of the world continue to believe in fairytales. They fantasize that they can bring peace to the ancient Land of Israel by magically declaring the existence of a “Palestinian Nation” consisting of the West Bank and Gaza, i.e. the WB&G. These do-gooders are not simply naïve; they are unbelievably stupid. They have gleaned nothing from the facts of history that stare them in the face every single day - either that or they are, in reality, anti-Semites and anti-Israel Jew-haters.

     While the willing dupes of the world call for a two-state solution to the Palestinian-Israeli impasse, the reality is that there can never be peace with the WB&G Arab extremist that rule those unhappy territories. The simple fact is: They hate Israel and Jews and their undying objective is to eliminate both. Their lie about wanting Peace with Israel is only another step in their plan to destroy Israel and to kill or drive out any and all Jews living there. Ultimately, they are part of the larger Islamic extremist movement that looks to convert the entire world to fundamentalist Islam.

     It’s now nearly 7 decades or more than 3 generations since the State of Israel was created. In that span of time, the militancy and hatred of the “Palestinian” leaders has only intensified. The dream of a 2-state solution has become a nightmare of murder and terror and there is no current hope of the “Palestinian” leadership moderating. Even in 2017, they are still fighting the war of 1948.

A Proposed Solution

     Start by getting rid of the “Palestinian” leadership and begin the process of educating the new generations of WB&G Arabs to stop hating Israel and Jews. If this has not occurred during the last 7 decades and more than 3 generations of WB&G Arabs, it will not happen overnight. It may well take another 7 decades and another 3 generations before there can truly be peace between WB&G Arabs and Israel, before the WB&G Arabs can either govern themselves or learn to live in peace under someone else’s flag, be it Israeli or Jordanian or Egyptian or some other nation.

     If there is ever to be peace between the WB&G Arabs and Israel, the currently ruling dictatorships in the West Bank and Gaza must be removed. Realistically, that can only be done by external force. The international community should do this now rather than later. The longer the current situation festers, the more lives will be taken and the more difficult will be the final resolution. WB&G Arabs are incapable of doing this and Israel won’t do it, unless some unforeseen cataclysmic event forces them to do so.

     Once the governments of the WB&G are brought under external control, they must remain so for many decades. The poison that has been injected into the Arab populations in Gaza and the West Bank must dissipate and that will not happen with the current generations living there.

     The schools, mosques and local media must be cleansed of the Jew- and Israel-hating rhetoric that has been foisted upon the peoples in the WB&G. The Imams that preach hatred and intolerance must be removed. The schools can no longer be allowed to teach lies, hatred and to glorify violence. The media has to provide the truth instead of propaganda. All this must be overseen by the caretaker government which must remain in place until all vestiges of the current regimes fade from memory. This will not happen overnight. It will take two generation or more and the international community must be prepared to stay the course.

     For more than 70 years, there has not been an independent and free press in the “Palestinian” territories. The “Palestinian” press can only publish what the Palestinian Authority (PA) or Hamas approves. The PA and Hamas are nothing but corrupt and evil entities that rule the masses under them with terror, intimidation, and the scapegoating of Israel as the source of the “Palestinian” people’s misery.

     There is precedent for the solution I am proposing. One example of a solution that worked is that related to the United States and the Philippines. The U.S. took control of the Philippines in 1898 and ruled it until 1946 – nearly 5 decades. American rule was originally opposed by Filipino insurgents and violent fighting raged until the insurgents were largely defeated by 1902.[1]

     The U.S. did not simply defeat the previous rulers of the Philippines, the Spanish, and then leave. Instead we stayed and helped the Filipinos construct a viable economy and democracy. Following the expulsion of the Spanish and the “military victory” over the Filipino insurrectionists, America instituted a policy of “Attraction and Chastisement”, what today we would call a “carrot and stick” approach.

     President William Howard Taft and his General in the Philippines, General Arthur McArthur, “pursued a complementary two-pronged approach. Taft emphasized the policy of 'attraction' that, from the very beginning, had been an integral part of the army’s occupation strategy. Soldiers built schools, ran sanitation campaigns, vaccinated people, collected customs duties, set up courts run by natives, supervised municipal elections, and generally administered governmental functions efficiently and honestly. A thousand idealistic young American civilians even journeyed to the Philippines to teach school in a precursor of the Peace Corps. Despite the use of increasingly harsh methods against the guerillas and their suspected sympathizers, most U. S. soldiers remained on good terms with most civilians.
      - - -
     “All this was part of the struggle for what a later generation would call ‘hearts and minds.’ But it was clear to privates and generals alike that, although such positive steps might help to reconcile the Filipinos to American rule in the long run, the insurgency could only be defeated in the short term by military means. There were plenty of Americans willing to play ‘bad cop’ to Taft’s ‘good cop.’ “ (Ref. 1)

     The same approach must be taken with the “Palestinians”. The international community must be the pacifiers and the “temporary” rulers over the “Palestinian” territories much as America was in the Philippines. It took more than two generations for the Philippines to achieve independence and it will likely take even longer to rid the “Palestinian” territories of the hatred, corruption, and violence that permeates the territories today. A two-state solution between Israel and the “Palestinians” is a pipe-dream and is impossible until the current conditions in the West Bank and Gaza are totally and permanently eradicated.

     After an appropriate span of years, the WB&G Arabs will be able to determine their own future, as an independent nation, as a bi-national part of Israel, as parts of Jordan and Egypt or as some other entity. Over this span of time, they will hopefully be cleansed of Jew-hated and the refusal to agree to Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish nation. By then, they will have grown democratic leaders and a real desire for an independent and democratic form of government. They will have established a free press and an honest judiciary. Religious fanaticism will be expunged from their society. Their economy will have grown and they will possess independent businesses capable of operating without government or foreign aid. It’s been done before and it can be done again. But, it will require the international community to assume the burden of making it happen. It won’t necessarily be inexpensive and it will cost lives. The alternative of proceeding as the world has done for the last seven decades is likely to be much more expensive in terms of money and human lives. It’s long past the time when the nations of the world need “to climb out of the decrepit two-state box and open their minds to the realities . . . in which they live” (Ref. 2, Page 301)

     Here in these United States, failing cities and towns are sometimes placed in receivership. These communities are managed by appointed administrators until such time that the failing communities’ problems are resolved and it is judged that the failed communities can resume management of their own affairs. This process is what is required of the West Bank and Gaza. Let’s not forget that following World War II, the Axis nations underwent this process. Germany was de-Nazified, the Fascists were expunged from Italy and the militaristic leaders who led Japan into war were removed. The Axis nations were governed by the allied powers until it was determined that the people in the defeated countries could resume civilized control of their governments.

The Currently Proposed 2-State Solution is a Delusion

WB&G Arabs Can’t Govern Themselves Democratically

     The WB&G Arabs, as in nearly all Arab countries, have clearly shown that they are incapable of sustaining a democratic form of government. In Gaza, Israel totally pulled out and gave the Arabs living there complete autonomy. The Arabs living in Gaza then allowed Hamas terrorists to take over the government and Hamas has ruled over them with an iron fist ever since. Hamas has clearly stated and shown that its sole objective is the destruction of Israel, no matter the cost in material and lives to the people of Gaza. Fact: The Gaza Arabs are nothing but cannon fodder for Hamas in its unyielding war with Israel.

     In the West Bank, more than 90% of the Arabs living there are under the control of the Palestinian Authority (PA) and Fatah. Fact: Mahmoud Abbas, the “elected president” cancelled the 2009-2010 elections in the West Bank and is essentially “president for life”. Abbas has provided ample proof that he will not and cannot make peace with Israel. Instead, Abbas and the PA leadership, along with Fatah, spread hatred of Israel and Jews and incite the WB&G Arabs under their thumb with innuendoes, fabrications and glorification of murderers and terrorists.

     Being humane is an oxymoron to these extremists. They have no sense of humanity. They punish even their own who demonstrate a basic sense of compassion and humanity. “A Palestinian who offered assistance at the scene of a terrorist attack in which a rabbi was killed has been dismissed from his public service job in the Palestinian Authority.
     “{He} was the first of two Palestinians who provided assistance to the {Rabbi’s wife and young daughter} after they were attacked . . . by Palestinian terrorists . . .
      - - -
     “Another Palestinian, {a doctor}. Also stopped at the scene within minutes of the attack and provided medical care to the family.
      - - -
     “{The} Israeli Justice Minister . . . said the ‘decision to fire the person who helped the . . . family is the behavior of [an organization] that encourages terrorism. . .” (Ref. 3)

     The Palestinian Authority’s (PA) President, Mahmoud Abbas, is a leading contributor to hate and terrorism in the territory under his control. The Fatah movement, led by Abbas, honored a Palestinian terrorist by bringing soil from near the al-Aqsa mosque on the Temple Mount to his grave. On Oct. 8, 2015 this terrorist murdered two Israelis and stabbed the wife of one and their 2-year old child in Jerusalem’s Old City before he was killed by Israeli police. Here is a WB&G Arab leader who glorifies and honors a murderer of innocent Israeli civilians. Who in their right mind could expect this WB&G head to lead a nation that would live in peace with Israel?

     Illustrating their continued use of the “al-Aqsa” libel, Fatah officials said they brought the soil to the terrorist’s grave, so that the dead body of the martyr could hug the soil for which he died a martyr. Some martyr – he stabbed unarmed civilians and a 2-year old child!

     Abbas justified then current terror attacks by “Palestinians” against Israeli civilians and security forces, saying, “We have to protect our holy sites” — again falsely implying that the al-Aqsa mosque and other Islamic shrines were in danger from a Jewish conspiracy.

     Abbas similarly lied and incited violence in a PA-state television speech in which he claimed that Israel had executed an Arab child “in cold blood, just like they do to other children in Jerusalem and other Palestinian territories”.

     In fact, the boy was not executed, but was being treated in an Israeli hospital for injuries sustained from being hit by a car. He was hit while fleeing, after he and his cousin stabbed a 13 year-old Jewish child on a bicycle. Abbas, conveniently did not mention this fact.

     In October of 2015, the PA Ministry of Education announced that it would plant olive trees and place signs with the names of terrorists who have died killing Israelis. The PA Ministry of Education said it is planting trees and placing signs to honor “martyrs”, claiming doing so would “instill national and humanitarian values in the minds of the young, and respect for the symbols of the struggle.”

     The PA Bar Association, which receives funds from the European Union and the United Nations, also honored a terrorist’s memory by awarding him posthumously an honorary law degree. The association called the killer a “heroic Martyr” on its website, paid a condolence visit to his family and decided that it would name its swearing-in ceremony for the next class of lawyers after the murderer. By naming a graduating class of lawyers after a dead murderer, what kind of state does the PA Bar Association, Abbas, and the Palestinian Authority expect to build?

A Palestinian Nation Is Economically Unfeasible

     Without outside support, an independent Palestinian nation cannot succeed economically. This is true in large part because of the current leadership in the WB&G. Hamas has made Gaza a basket case with inadequate infrastructure, no economic development and the use of foreign aid to fund its terrorist activities. Unemployment in Gaza is rampant and the economy would implode without UNRWA and foreign contributions. The West Bank is in somewhat better shape, but barely so. Many of the employed there are public employees. West Bank products are noncompetitive in world markets. Today, “it’s all about donors’ willingness to keep the Palestinian Authority afloat.” (Ref. 2, Page 246) While WB&G leaders call for statehood, the fact is that their economy is so bad, they can’t even pay salaries in the public sector. Weaning WB&G Arabs off of foreign assistance will be like successfully detoxing a drug addict.

     Because of Hamas, Gaza’s jobless rate is among the most severe in the world. About half of Gaza’s population depends upon UNRWA for housing and food allowances. The Hamas run government is considered to be totally corrupt and is believed to be siphoning off much of Gaza’s foreign aid to maintain itself in power.

     To succeed as an independent entity the WB&G will have to depend upon foreign aid and an economy that operates cooperatively with one or more of its neighbors, i.e., Israel, Jordan and/or Egypt. Under current leadership in the WB&G, that’s impossible.

Another Gaza in Israel’s Heartland Won’t Happen

     A two-state solution with borders based upon an armistice line drawn up in 1949 would be national suicide for Israel! Giving the “Palestinians” the territory they are demanding, right in Israel’s heartland, with West Bank elevation providing the “Palestinians” with the ability to fire on Israel’s international airport and most of Israel’s industrial and economic center would be utter folly. Israel gave Gaza to the “Palestinians” and look at what has transpired since!

     Former U. S. Ambassador to the UN Ambassador, John Bolton, summed up the reality of a 2-state solution when he stated that “the two-state solution for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict ‘has failed.’  . . . ‘no government in Israel or any other country would willingly acknowledge the creation of a state on its borders that’s run by terrorists – which is what you would have with Hamas in the Gaza Strip.’ “ (Ref. 4)

     Bolton suggested giving Gaza back to Egypt and dividing the West Bank between Jordan and Israel. But the problem with this solution is that “neither Jordan nor Egypt want the Palestinians, which is a pretty sad commentary on what the anti-Israel forces have done to the poor Palestinians. But if you care about them, if that’s really a motivating factor, the only way they’re ever going to provide for their families in the future is to be tied into a real economy … you’re never going to make a viable quote-unquote Palestinian economy.” (Ref. 4)

     Bolton is absolutely correct! A “Palestinian nation”, under current terrorist leadership is economically unviable. They could never support themselves and the resulting lack of jobs for the WB&G Arabs would drive the youth further into despair that would result in terror attacks against the WB&G leaders’ scapegoats, Israel. Not a recipe for peace and stability!

The Carrot and the Stick

The Carrot

     The carrot offered to WB&G Arabs is quite simply their freedom, their dignity, and their right to eventually become a member of the international community, if they so desire when they come out from under the yoke of their terrorist leaders. Under Hamas and PA rule, they have suffered considerably, and they will continue to suffer if these oppressors are not removed.

     Under the temporary international stewardship I propose, the WB&G Arabs can learn to run their own democratic form of government, can learn to develop an economy, that in coordination with its neighboring nations, can allow them to prosper and make a better life for their children. Most of all, they can enjoy peace.

The Stick

     In mid-2016, Israel announced the institution of a "carrot and stick" policy towards “Palestinians”. But, the policy didn’t go far enough.
     The Israeli policy was “designed to demonstrate that Israel intends to provide benefits to Palestinians pursuing coexistence, while punishing anyone instigating violence.
      - - -
     “The plan {was} to give {peaceful} towns a number of rewards, such as infrastructure improvement and an increase in permits to work in Israel. Punitive measures to be imposed on {terrorist} towns were to include revocation of work permits and increased arrests . . .
     “{At the same time, Israel} announced a number of measures {to} improve direct communication with Palestinians, such as a website . . . to be run by the Israeli Civil Administration. The goal {was} to communicate with Palestinians without speaking with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. (Ref. 5)

     The WB&G Arabs that are committed to violence need to be treated with the ruthless punishment that they deserve. Murder will to be punishable by death. The opponents of the death penalty can go preach elsewhere, but not in the land of the Bible. An eye for an eye should be the rule until terrorist violence is eliminated.

     WB&G Arabs, like nearly all members of the Arab world, hold strong tribal allegiances and they are very family oriented. Palestinians who commit terrorist acts should know that not only will they suffer when caught, but so will their families. Terrorists who murder innocent civilians will have the houses of their families destroyed. As opposed to policies of Hamas and the PA, families of terrorists will receive no money from the government as rewards for the acts of their family member. There will be no streets or squares named in honor of murderers.


     The 2-state solution making the rounds in the United Nations and infamously pushed by former U.S. president Barack Obama and his Secretary of State, John Kerry, is a delusion! It will never happen! The current concept of “a two-state solution would require uniting of a ward of the international community (the West Bank) with a failed state (Gaza)” (Ref. 2, Page 288) Israel will never accept another terrorist state on its borders bent on murdering its citizens and threatening its very existence. Israel will not commit national suicide! The reality is that there is actually “not even a glimmer of hope for a two-state solution here. The Palestinians know it, and the Jewish Israelis are moving inexorably to this truth as well.” (Ref. 2, Page 90)

     The 400,000 Jews and 125 Jewish communities in the West Bank are not all going to be removed if and when a “Palestinian nation” is formed, no matter how many anti-Israel resolutions the United Nations passes. The borders of such a “Palestinian nation” will not be determined by the 1949 armistice agreement that resulted in the “green line” on a map. There will be no “right of return” for Arabs in UNRWA’s refugee camps. The Jewish holy sites in Jerusalem and elsewhere will remain Jewish holy sites in spite of the United nations. Jerusalem will remain Israel’s undivided capital. These are realities that WB&G Arabs will have to learn to live with. Face it, “Israel will not divide Jerusalem and it will not evacuate settlers from the West Bank. Period.” (Ref. 2, Page 220)

     The current leaders of the WB&G do not want peace with Israel and they don’t want a two-state solution. They are seeking a one-state solution and the state is not the State of Israel! The WB&G leaders want to eliminate Israel and remove all Jews from all Arab lands, especially the West Bank and Gaza as well as the current State of Israel!

     An interesting fact to consider is that “polls suggest that a majority of “Palestinians” in East Jerusalem would rather stay in an Israeli state than be in a Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital.” (Ref. 2, Page 278) Even rational “Palestinians” don’t want any part of a nation the looks anything like the current WB&G!

     The United Nations has irrefutably become captive to the Israel-hating nations and people of the world. They too, do not care to see the State of Israel continue to exist as the only free and democratic nation in the Middle East. The U.N. and a great many nations will not support any realistic and practical solution to the WB&G and Israel dispute. They will pontificate and castigate Israel, while drawing up innumerable impractical and unenforceable resolutions against the Jewish state that fly in the face of common sense and history.

     Unfortunately, recent events tell us that instead of imposing a practical solution, similar to what John Bolton or I propose, the nations of this earth will continue to avoid the hard truths and will not take the meaningful steps needed to achieve a lasting, equitable and realistic Israeli-Palestinian peace. They will force the WB&G Arabs to continue their suffering under their tyrannical leaders. These smug nations are unwilling to face the difficult consequences of such action, much as they refused to face the realities of emerging fascism in the 1930s and failed to head off the impending disaster that was staring them in the face. For these spineless countries, it’s easier for them to take the cowardly route, by blaming little Israel for all the Middle East Problems, closing their eyes, and letting the anti-Israel and anti-Semitic forces in the world drag them along in their quest for a modern Islamic Caliphate, without a Jewish nation to oppose them. These countries choose to close their eyes to the terrorism that is already engulfing them and that will only get worse as long as they refuse to accept the challenges being posed by the evil facing them. Their hope is to sate the appetite of the evil forces confronting them by feeding them Israel. As history has taught us over and over again, they won’t succeed. Evil has no limit to its appetite. Such action only whets the appetite of evil for more and bigger victims.

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