Do unto others as they would do unto you

Do unto others as they would do unto you

David Burton 2008

Arab Terrorist

     Do unto others as they would do unto you. We've repeatedly tried turning the other cheek and all the Islamic fanatics have done is to return the favor by continuing the torture, rape, and killing of innocent civilians and the attacks against our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. This past weekend, President Bush vetoed a Democratic sponsored Senate intelligence authorization bill that would have tied the hands of our anti-terror organizations in interrogating foreign terrorists to obtain information to prevent terrorist attacks and to safeguard our troops that are fighting them. This came after the Democratic House leadership refused to extend an authorization bill that allows the intelligence community to monitor the phone calls of suspected foreign terrorists.

     The targets of the interrogations and phone monitoring are not legal combatants in war as the civilized world has known and defined war. These terrorists are not signatories of the Geneva Convention and they have monstrously ignored and mocked the protocols of war, the treatment of captured combatants, and the rights of innocent civilians as defined by the Geneva Convention and as adhered to by all civilized people throughout the world.

     Time and again these animals have demonstrated a total lack of respect for the laws of simple humanity and decency and for the laws and customs of the civilized world. They kidnap, torture, rape, behead, murder and send on suicide missions their women, their children, and the mentally disabled without any compunction whatsoever. They commit these atrocities against "infidels" and any co-religionist who does not conform to their definition of Islam. These creatures are worse than wild animals and deserve to be granted none of the rights afforded to all members of civilized society.

     It's time that the Bush haters, the egg-headed Liberals and the blind Utopians, sitting in their comfortable ivory towers with their heads in the clouds moved on to some other crusade to save mankind (as they see it and wish it to be). They need to allow those in the trenches and on the front lines of the war against radical Islamic terrorism to have the tools and support needed to win the war and to save the rest of us from the tender mercies of these conscienceless fanatics, their supporters, their apologists, and the rest of the liberal Utopians.

     We have no legal or moral obligation to give these miserable creatures any better treatment than they provide to their perceived enemies. We do have a moral obligation to use whatever means necessary to save the lives of our soldiers, our citizens and the lives of all civilized people who are threatened by this cancer. To do otherwise would be criminal and immoral.

     The Democrats in Congress do or should know all of this. But, they disingenuously claim to want to preserve personal freedom, the Constitution of the United States, and motherhood. What they really want is to embarrass the President and make points for the upcoming national election - our troops, our citizens and all potential victims of terror be damned! These Democrats are hypocrites of the worst kind - because their actions in this time of war give aid and comfort to a relentless enemy and place the lives of our troops and innocent civilians here and abroad at risk.

  10 March 2008 {Article 36; Islam_05}    
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