Will the World Come to the Aid of the People of Dafur?

Will the World Come to the Aid of the People of Dafur?

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Refugees in Dafur

    While Arab states and their sycophant supporters introduce and debate U.N. resolutions comdemning Israel, they either ignore or hypocritically wring their hands over the enslavement and ethnic extinction being perpetrated on the people of Dafur. As the American Anti-Slavery Group points out, the conflict in Dafur is racial - between Arab raiders and the black African people of Dafur. Since February 2003, the Islamist fundamentalist Sudanese government has recruited and sponsored Janjaweed (literally "armed men on horseback") militias to displace native black African civilians. These fundamentalist Muslim Arabs use slavery, rape, organized starvation, and mass murder to ethnically cleanse the region of inhabitants of the region who are not Muslim Arabs.

    The Janjaweed have killed an estimated 400,000 people (with 6,000 more in Dafur killed each month) and they have displaced more than 2.5 million black Africans. Five years ago, the Islamist fundamentalist government of Sudan conducted a similar campaign of genocide, rape, murder, enslavement, along with forced conversions to Islam of Christians and Animists in Southern Sudan. Now, Sudan is engaged in the current horrible and brutal campaign in Dafur and Chad.

    As with many conflicts within the Muslim world, the situation in Darfur also now finds Arabs massacring other Arabs. “Arabs in the Western Sudanese region of Dafur are usually depicted as the aggressors in a conflict with Black African ethnic groups, but many Arabs now find themselves caught up in the ethnic violence. . . . In the latest twist, Arab militias armed by the Sudanese government as part of its counterinsurgency strategy are turning their guns against one another.” (Ref. 1)

    While the U.N. and much of the "civilized" world continue to debate the "urgent" issue of whether or not the State of Israel is an apartheid and racist state, they conveniently close their eyes to the facts that the Sudanese Islamic fundamentalists are carrying out enslavement, genocide, murder, rape, mass starvation and forced conversions of anyone who does not submit to their form of religious tyranny.

  1. Darfur conflict is not clear-cut for Arabs caught up in violence, Edmund Sanders, Boston Sunday Globe, April 25, 2007, pg A15.

  25 March 2007 {Article 19; Islam_02}    
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