The INFERNAL Revenue Service

The INFERNAL Revenue Service

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The Infernal Revenue Service

     Once more into the fray! On the first week in February 2021, I electronically filed my federal and state (Massachusetts) income tax returns for 2020 (via Turbotax). In both cases, I was due refunds.

     Within two weeks, I received my Massachusetts refund (25 February 2021). I have made several attempts to contact the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to find out the status of my federal refund. As of today – 23 April 2021- I have not received my federal tax refund. I cannot find out when to expect my refund! I cannot find out why I have not yet received my federal tax refund! I cannot find out when to expect my federal tax refund. I cannot locate a live person at the IRS who can provide me with this information!

     Here is the history of what has transpired and my total inability to obtain any useful information from this agency that is supposed to be serving the citizens of these United States.

     My Federal and state income tax returns were prepared with the Turbotax tax preparation software. I have been successfully using Turbotax for some 30 years.

     Turbotax submitted my Federal and state income tax returns electronically during the first week in February 2021

          My Massachusetts income tax return was accepted by the Massachusetts Department of Revenue on 15 February 2021.

     My Federal Income Tax Return was accepted by the IRS on 16 February 2021.

     Several times since the beginning of April 2021, I have attempted to determine the status of my federal income tax refund for 2020. To do this, I have utilized the government website: “Where's My Refund?” at

     Each time I received the same response at: - Check Your Federal Tax Refund Status.

If you have filed your federal income taxes and expect to receive a refund, you can track its status. Have your Social Security number, filing status, and the exact whole dollar amount of your refund ready. You can also check the status of your one-time coronavirus stimulus check.

COVID-19 Mail Processing Delays
It’s taking us longer to process mailed documents including:

• Paper tax returns, and
• All tax return related correspondence.

We are processing all mail in the order we received it.

Do not file a second tax return or call the IRS.

     Each time I enquired I was asked to provide the following information which I did.

Your Personal Tax Data

Social Security Number:
Filing Status:
Your Expected Refund Amount:

Each time I enquired, I received the same canned and utterly useless response:

Your tax return is still being processed.
A refund date will be provided when available.
Please Note:
For refund information, please continue to check here, or use our free mobile app, IRS2Go. Updates to refund status are made no more than once a day.

     As of 23 April 2021, I also attempted to determine the status of any Covid stimulus payment from the IRS which might be due me. The results were the same.

Third Round of Economic Impact Payments Status Available -

Find out when your third Economic Impact Payment is scheduled to be sent, or when and how we sent it with the Get My Payment application. Get My Payment updates once a day, usually overnight.

Payment Status - Not Available
The IRS is working around the clock to deliver Economic Impact Payments to millions of Americans struggling with the pandemic. Payments typically roll out over several weeks.
We're unable to show your payment status because:
• Your payment has not yet been processed, or
• You're not eligible for a payment.
If your payment has not been processed, check back in the coming weeks. We continue to send payments and update the Get My Payment tool once a week.
For more information, see Frequently Asked Questions.

     I have tried to get in touch with someone at the IRS with whom to talk in order to get some information about my refunds: why haven’t I received my federal income tax refund for 2020 some six weeks after the IRS Accepted my federal income tax return? When can I expect my refund to be processed? Is there a problem with my income tax return?

     The phone numbers provided by the IRS that I have tries are: 1- 800-829-1040; 1- 800-829-4477; 1-800-829-1954; 202-622-5000. All I get are useless recordings and no way to contact someone to talk to. I have also tried to phone the local (Boston) IRS office (617-316-2850) with similar useless recordings and, again, no information on how to get a real live person with whom to speak.

     I can understand delays caused by the Covid pandemic. But, I cannot understand why a federal agency like the IRS cannot provide answers to simple questions concerning its operation. If there is a problem with my income tax return for 2020, tell me that. Tell me when any problems with my income tax return night be resolved. What if I were dependent upon the refund to pay critical living expenses? Is there anyone at the IRS who would give a damn? Maybe the IRS should be prohibited from using any recorded messages and should be forced to have all questions presented to it answered in real time by live employees. Maybe the vacation time of all IRS employees should be put on hold until they answer all questions posed to them. Maybe we should defund the IRS rather than the police! At least the police protect me while the IRS does nothing but aggravate me!


  23 April 2021 {Article 471; Govt_89}    
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